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From Ben Walding <>
Subject Re: getting involved again
Date Sat, 07 Jun 2003 04:43:34 GMT
Here are some easy things to do that we are too lazy to do. I'm also 
wary of allocating anything that would be redone in maven-new. No point 
reinventing the wheel.

MAVEN-419 - Perhaps a migration to the new tigris style might be in 
order as well /
MAVEN-159 - Not sure what this is about, but pretty simple and 
MAVEN-396 - Someone with a pint of XSL skills could fix the hack I did here
MAVEN-395 - Will probably clash with maven-new

MAVEN-386 Work out a good way to get & into navigation and xdoc pages
MAVEN-367 Might be simple, looks like some kind of transformation problem
MAVEN-272 Velocity hack

That'll keep you busy

If it turns out that they are already fixed, let me know so I can close 

Brett Porter wrote:

>Now that I have a bit more time on my hands again, I'd like to get involved
>in improving Maven (last time I said that it promptly disappeared of
>I'm just wondering if there are any particular areas I could focus on, or
>any reading I can do about maven-new. I've been working through a few things
>on JIRA, but a lot I can't replicate, can't fix without making significant
>changes, or are likely to disappear just due to the maven-new structure.
>For now I'm just going to try and fix the things that affect me when I use
>maven to build my "real" work - but with any luck that will run out soon ;)

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