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From Ben Walding <>
Subject Re: Repository Upload question
Date Thu, 05 Jun 2003 23:34:18 GMT
One project template per group id is ok for now.  We will get more 
regimental as time goes by.

The important thing is the license that for new groups.

So we'd create



That being said, I usually do my uploads on Saturday morning which is 
24hours from now, so the backlog should be cleared - especially if they 
are in JIRA and tagged with the right category.



Kevin Ross wrote:

>I'm a commiter on the Xindice project and want to start mavenizing the
>dependencies.  In particular, the xmldb*.jars are from  I can
>of course make the descriptor template for xmldb.  My question is, with
>4 jars, do I need separate project template for each jar?  They all use
>the same license.  Can I just list all artifacts in the one project xml,
>or is that a no-no?
>-Kevin Ross

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