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From Mike Bowler <>
Subject Re: Unable to build Linkcheck on OS/X
Date Mon, 02 Jun 2003 00:23:27 GMT
Ben Walding wrote:
> This typically is not the fault of LinkCheck. You can remove the 
> LinkCheck dir and it will just fail on the next one.

That's the behaviour I was expecting but is not actually what happens. 
I deleted the linkcheck directory and the bootstrap build completed 
successfully.  Unless linkcheck is taking up more memory than all the 
following plugins combined, I'd guess this isn't the problem.

> Typically it is caused by running out of memory (I couldn't bootstrap 
> until I added 1000M of VM to my box).  Later builds increase the memory, 
> but if your OS doesn't have it available, then you'll get odd JVM crashes.

I've regularly seen that on windows but I've never seen it on OS/X.  No 
idea what the difference is between these.

Mike Bowler
Principal, Gargoyle Software Inc.
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