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From <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] Maven POM re-org to address deps + test issues
Date Fri, 06 Jun 2003 09:27:52 GMT
Hi Bret,

IMHO, your proposal is the way maven should go. This is a generic way to
express any new kind of project topology.
I think Micha's proposal is just another extension that describe what
should be done, which is NOT good. I think maven's first essence was to
describe a project and not what should be done to build/document/... it!
So specifying what integration unit tests should be run is not the good
way. But specifying what is available for testing is a better way.
> <sets>
>   <set>
>     <name>required-name</name>
>     <extends>
>       <extend>set-name</extend>
>       <extend>other-set-name</extend>
>     </extends>
>     <src>
>       <directory>...</directory>
>       <includes>
>         <include>...</include>
>       </includes>
>       <excludes>
>         <exclude>...</exclude>
>       </excludes>


> * Not that comfortable with the extends syntax - bit too similar to POM
>  inheritance. Could be used to fold subprojects. However, need a way to
>  include deps and classpath built sources of other sets without
> duplication. Any thoughts on this?

Maybe you additionnaly need something like restriction, the other form of
specialization. But then we must find how we would process this ? But this
is not wasted time as I do think too that POM needs a redesign.
A+. Didier.

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