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Subject Re: RE: Setting up Maven-New
Date Wed, 04 Jun 2003 08:18:12 GMT
> Jason,
> > Maybe you should think about what your company policy is. What is your
> > company policy on the use of software components? Do you use your own
> > standard or something like a J2EE or Avalon standard? I think in most
> > cases people gravitate toward a standard. As developers we demand
> > standards: APIs, interfaces, components. Only recently, with 
> > Maven, has
> > there been any movement toward standardizing building, artifact
> > location, documentation production and many other aspects of
> > development. If your policy is to roll your own, that's cool. If you
> > follow standards then why not move that way with your development
> > environment.
> The answer is quite simple: our division doesn't control how our company
> repository looks like. Ever thought of that?
I think that every company should care to adapt a standard.
The thing is that there was no standard before in this domain..and maven
is just trying to propose one. The number of advantages for
the project which are following this standard will grow. 

In your case if you are unable to directly profit from this standard..
instead of bending maven to your particular (nonstandard) requirements
you can think about bending the requirements to maven.
What stops you from writing simple programs which will synchronize 
the repository of your division with your company-wide repository?
It is even safer to make it like this, as you have no guarantee that Maven
API will be stable.

BTW: If any company/person has different organization of the repository
and feels that it is superior to what Maven propose... please share 
your experience.  As popular (Polish?) aphorism says: "The best is the enemy of the good".
I would add: "even the average standards are much better then no standard at all"

> Ringo



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