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Subject patch for maven xdoclet plugin
Date Thu, 05 Jun 2003 11:36:06 GMT
Hi all,

I know it's the wrong list to send this info to, but hopefully some people with 
a better link to the xdoclet guys read this and forward to a xdoclet committer..

I had my problems with the maven xdoclet plugin (wanted to generate <jboss> 
output) because I missed to configure the "xdoclet+jboss-module" dependency in 
project.xml :-(  [It was a hell finding this]

So I patched plugin's plugin.jelly that it now complains if <jboss> is 
encountered and dependency declaration is missing.  Pretty easy patch, hopefully 
someone applies it...  Here it comes:

[msk@localhost maven-xdoclet-plugin-1.2b2]$ diff -u -w plugin.jelly.orig plugin.
--- plugin.jelly.orig   2003-06-05 13:16:16.000000000 +0200
+++ plugin.jelly        2003-06-05 13:21:00.000000000 +0200
@@ -6395,6 +6395,9 @@
   <j:forEach begin="0" end="20" indexVar="subelement_index">
     <j:set var="subelement_index_var_name" value="maven.xdoclet.ejbdoclet.
     <j:if test="${context.getVariable(subelement_index_var_name) == 'true'}">
+      <j:if test="${plugin.getDependencyPath('xdoclet+jboss-module') == null}">
+        <echo>Missing dependency 'xdoclet+jboss-module': "jboss" ignored!
+      </j:if>
           <j:set var="prop_name" value="maven.xdoclet.ejbdoclet.jboss.
           <jelant:setProperty name="createTable" value="${context.

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