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Subject [jelly] maven CVS HEAD broken site:generate fix
Date Tue, 31 Dec 2002 03:48:44 GMT
I think I've fixed this bug for Windows, but not for Unix/Mac (or any os 
with / starting paths).

I didn't want to break the existing behaviour which treats any 'uri' 
starting with '/' as a resource, rather than as a file.

I can always put the file check before the resource if this wont break 
anything else in jelly.
dIon Gillard, Multitask Consulting

robert burrell donkin <> wrote on 
25/12/2002 12:48:07 AM:

> when i rebuilt maven from CVS HEAD, i found that the betwixt 
> was broken. i run macOSX and java 1.3.
> i found that the same problem occurred when i tried to execute 
> site:generate for maven and so i debugged it there. here's the messages 
> containing the exception:
> xdoc:jelly-transform:
>      [echo] Generating 
> /Volumes/gSpecials/library/jakarta/jakarta-turbine-
> maven/target/docs/changelog.html from 
> /Volumes/gSpecials/library/jakarta/jakarta-turbine-
> maven/target/generated-xdocs/changelog.xml
> [ERROR] /Volumes/gSpecials/library/jakarta/jakarta-turbine-
> maven/Volumes/gSpecials/library/jakarta/jakarta-turbine-
> maven/xdocs/navigation.xml (No such file or directory) Nested exception: 

> library/jakarta/jakarta-turbine-maven/xdocs/navigation.xml (No such file 

> or directory)
> i tracked the problem down to the plugin.jelly for the xdocs plug in. 
> navigation file is searched for in various locations and ends up with an 

> absolute path. it's then passed into a parse tag from the jelly xml 
> library. this assumes that all paths starting with a '/' are relative to 

> the jelly context base directory. that would seem to explain the 
> above.
> the attached patch create the path into a proper file URL. it fixed the 
> problem for me. i can't think of a good way to test this so i haven't 
> created a test case.
> - robert
> [attachment "plugin.patch" deleted by dIon Gillard/Multitask 
Consulting/AU] --
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