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From GitBox <>
Subject [maven-site] Diff for: [GitHub] hboutemy closed pull request #61: Recommend users to directly specify dependencies when using them directly
Date Tue, 15 Jan 2019 15:33:17 GMT
diff --git a/content/apt/guides/introduction/introduction-to-dependency-mechanism.apt b/content/apt/guides/introduction/introduction-to-dependency-mechanism.apt
index 4d89d948..0b451c1f 100644
--- a/content/apt/guides/introduction/introduction-to-dependency-mechanism.apt
+++ b/content/apt/guides/introduction/introduction-to-dependency-mechanism.apt
@@ -104,6 +104,16 @@ Introduction to the Dependency Mechanism
+ Although transitive dependencies can help you to include desired dependencies, it is a good
practice that you directly
+ specify the dependencies you are directly using in your own source code. This best practice
proves its value especially
+ when the dependencies of your project constantly changes their dependencies. Assume that
your project A specifies a
+ dependency on another project B, and project B specifies a dependency on project C. If you
are directly using components
+ in project C, and you don't specify project C in your project A, it may cause build failure
when project B suddenly
+ updates/removes its dependency on project C. Another reason to directly specify dependencies
is that it provides better
+ documentation for your project: one can learn more information by just reading the POM file
in your project. Maven also
+ provides a plugin {{{}dependency:analyze
+ for analyzing the dependencies and making this best practice more achievable.
 * {Dependency Scope}
  Dependency scope is used to limit the transitivity of a dependency, and also to affect the
classpath used for

With regards,
Apache Git Services

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