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Subject svn commit: r1826660 - in /maven/site/trunk/content/apt: developers/retirement-plan-plugins.apt guides/development/guide-testing-development-plugins.apt guides/mini/guide-maven-classloading.apt plugin-developers/common-bugs.apt
Date Tue, 13 Mar 2018 17:54:05 GMT
Author: hboutemy
Date: Tue Mar 13 17:54:05 2018
New Revision: 1826660

removed obsolete Codehaus urls references


Modified: maven/site/trunk/content/apt/developers/retirement-plan-plugins.apt
--- maven/site/trunk/content/apt/developers/retirement-plan-plugins.apt (original)
+++ maven/site/trunk/content/apt/developers/retirement-plan-plugins.apt Tue Mar 13 17:54:05
@@ -42,7 +42,7 @@ Retirement Plan for Plugins
     [[A]] Move to another Apache project
-    [[A]] Move to, or another forge
+    [[A]] Move to, or another forge
@@ -58,7 +58,7 @@ Hi,
 A paragraph giving the reasons why the plugin should be retired. Make a note of
 how long it has been since the latest release.
-I therefor propose that we retire maven-foo-plugin.
+I therefore propose that we retire maven-foo-plugin.
 If this vote is successful I will make one final release of the plugin, making
 it clear on the plugin site that it has been retired. After that the source code

Modified: maven/site/trunk/content/apt/guides/development/guide-testing-development-plugins.apt
--- maven/site/trunk/content/apt/guides/development/guide-testing-development-plugins.apt
+++ maven/site/trunk/content/apt/guides/development/guide-testing-development-plugins.apt
Tue Mar 13 17:54:05 2018
@@ -45,7 +45,7 @@ Guide to Testing Development Versions of
   <Note:> Currently, this is not done automatically by our continuous integration setup.
This is coming soon.
-  Other sites may publish there own - for example, the Mojo project hosts theirs at {{}}
+  Other sites may publish there own - for example, the MojoHaus project hosts theirs at {{}}
   The first step is to include this in your project:

Modified: maven/site/trunk/content/apt/guides/mini/guide-maven-classloading.apt
--- maven/site/trunk/content/apt/guides/mini/guide-maven-classloading.apt (original)
+++ maven/site/trunk/content/apt/guides/mini/guide-maven-classloading.apt Tue Mar 13 17:54:05
@@ -46,7 +46,7 @@ Guide to Maven Classloading
 * 1. {System Classloader}
- Maven uses the {{{}Classworlds}} classloading framework with
which we
+ Maven uses the {{{}Plexus Classworlds}}
classloading framework with which we
  create our classloader graph. If you look in your <<<$\{maven.home\}/boot>>>
directory you will see a single JAR
  which is the Classworlds JAR we use to boot the classloader graph. The Classworlds JAR is
the only element of
  the Java <<<CLASSPATH>>> and Classworlds then builds the other classloaders
or realms in Classworlds terminology.
@@ -65,12 +65,12 @@ Guide to Maven Classloading
  The second classloader down the graph contains the core requirements of Maven. More precisely,
the core classloader
  has the libraries in <<<$\{maven.home\}/lib>>>. In general these are just
Maven libraries, e.g. instances of
- <<<{{{}MavenProject}}>>>
+ <<<{{{/ref/current/apidocs/org/apache/maven/project/MavenProject.html}MavenProject}}>>>
  belong to this classloader.
  We hope to further separate these in the future to just be Maven APIs and have 
  the implementations selected at runtime as required by the system.
- You can add elements to this classloader by {{{}extensions}}.

+ You can add elements to this classloader by {{{/ref/current/maven-model/maven.html#class_extension}extensions}}.

  These are loaded into the same place as <<<$\{maven.home\}/lib>>> and
hence are available 
  to the Maven core and all plugins for the current project and subsequent projects (in future,
  plan to remove it from subsequent projects).
@@ -82,7 +82,7 @@ Guide to Maven Classloading
  The classes in this classloader are taken from the dependencies in the plugin's dependency
  Users can add dependencies to this classloader by adding dependencies 
- to a plugin in the <<<{{{}plugins/plugin}}>>>
+ to a plugin in the <<<{{{/ref/current/maven-model/maven.html#class_plugin}plugins/plugin}}>>>
  section of their project <<<pom.xml>>>.
  Here is a sample of adding <<<ant-nodeps>>> to the plugin classloader
of the Antrun Plugin and hereby enabling the use
  of additional/optional Ant tasks:
@@ -105,14 +105,14 @@ Guide to Maven Classloading
  Plugins can inspect their effective runtime class path via the expressions <<<$\{plugin.artifacts\}>>>
  <<<$\{plugin.artifactMap\}>>> to have a list or map, respectively, of
resolved artifacts injected from the
- <<<{{{}PluginDescriptor}}>>>.
+ <<<{{{/ref/current/maven-plugin-api/apidocs/org/apache/maven/plugin/descriptor/PluginDescriptor.html}PluginDescriptor}}>>>.
  Please note that the plugin classloader does neither contain the
- {{{}dependencies}}
+ {{{/ref/current/maven-model/maven.html#class_dependency}dependencies}}
  of the current project nor its build output. Instead, plugins can query the project's compile,
runtime and test class path from the 
- <<<{{{}MavenProject}}>>>
+ <<<{{{/ref/current/apidocs/org/apache/maven/project/MavenProject.html}MavenProject}}>>>
  in combination with the mojo annotation <<<requiresDependencyResolution>>>
from the
- {{{}Mojo API Specification}}.
For instance, flagging a
+ {{{/developers/mojo-api-specification.html}Mojo API Specification}}. For instance, flagging
  mojo with <<<@requiresDependencyResolution runtime>>> enables it to query
the runtime class path of the current project
  from which it could create further classloaders.

Modified: maven/site/trunk/content/apt/plugin-developers/common-bugs.apt
--- maven/site/trunk/content/apt/plugin-developers/common-bugs.apt (original)
+++ maven/site/trunk/content/apt/plugin-developers/common-bugs.apt Tue Mar 13 17:54:05 2018
@@ -84,7 +84,7 @@ Reader reader = new FileReader( javaFile
   To save the user from configuring each plugin individually, conventions have been established
that allow a user to
   centrally configure the file encoding per POM. Plugin developers should respect these conventions
whereever possible:
-  * {{{}Source
File Encoding}}
+  * {{{}Source
File Encoding}}
   * {{{}Report
Output Encoding}}

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