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Subject [maven-project-info-reports-plugin] branch master created (now 042d1bb)
Date Sat, 09 Dec 2017 15:28:35 GMT
This is an automated email from the ASF dual-hosted git repository.

hboutemy pushed a change to branch master
in repository

      at 042d1bb  [MPIR-359] Generated links for Mercurial SCM are broken

This branch includes the following new commits:

     new a43c25c  move reports into maven-plugins
     new 46d58f1  set eol style
     new 0562c0a  PR: MNG-366 separate api from implementation keeping most of doxia, reporting and other libraries out of the core
     new f67629a  remove unnecessary report components definitions
     new a5a984b  fix NPE in dependencies report
     new 5b62062  PR: MNG-507 implement repository relocation of an artifact
     new 9cf1650  use prebuilt artifact lists
     new 8139306  optimize imports
     new 957b7fe  MNG-663: adding a link for the URL of the organization for developer
     new 5005b42  note about improvement
     new 141c450  Correct a JS method name and format JS script
     new ed067a6  Refactored the ScmReport class to handle the SCMs with the maven-scm component. Generates reports for all SCMs supported by the maven-scm-provider component: ClearCase, CVS, Perforce, Starteam and SVN.
     new ce7a6c0  MNG-695: Added more tests on anonymousConnection, devConnection and scmUrl to prevent NPE. Added the test case num 11.
     new 3c52e1a  o Removing comment about no contributors. o Changing the promt from "$>" to "$ ".
     new 5a2d02a  MNG-754: Added artifact information in the exception
     new bf723d1  Fixing case where non-POM artifacts are passed to the project builder for parsing...doing defensive construction of POM artifacts inside the project builder, and fixed the call in the DependenciesReport.
     new 5d833f2  o EclipsePlugin now does NOT download sources by default.   Specify -Declipse.downloadSources=true to do so.
     new 5f8041a  fix JDK 1.5 only call
     new 9ec04e5  update dependency and parent versions
     new 0aa290f  use releases
     new 49f0997  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-project-info-reports-plugin-2.0-beta-1
     new e6ee644  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new b8547eb  PR: MNG-953 Submitted by: Johnny R. Ruiz III Reviewed by:  Brett Porter javadoc for project info reports configuration
     new 4523a35  PR: MNG-953 Submitted by: Johnny R. Ruiz III Reviewed by:  Vincent Siveton Added how to and sample reports for the project info reports plugin
     new 0a5e962  Corrected EOL for apt files
     new 8e631bf  Corrected EOL for apt files. Thanks Brett.
     new 293e3fd  PR: MNG-903 Submitted by: Matthew Pocock Reviewed by: Brett Porter correctly include HTML licenses in the page
     new 3e26bbc  PR: MNG-903 fix JDK 5 only method
     new 8552113  PR: MNG-903 fix another JDK 5 only method
     new d33caf2  PR: MNG-1046 fixes for the mailing list page
     new 65e928a  PR: MNG-1034 Submitted by: Johnny R. Ruiz III Reviewed by:  Brett Porter switch plugins to use the outputDirectory field of <reporting>
     new 8f043d3  PR: MNG-1108 don't resolve a default POM for a parent or dependency of type POM
     new 4d45fe8  First implementation of report testing (See the following thrad
     new 761936f  remove unneeded/non-existant deps
     new f026978  if there's an exception, show it
     new 28cd5fa  sort reports alphabetically
     new a254f92  fix ordering
     new ed73d9f  sort alphabetically by name, not filename
     new d31c0de  update model version
     new f073698  avoid tests until we can figure whether the chicken or egg came first and if it were the chicken, why it crossed the road
     new 9cd139d  fix pom now that I've tested the error diagnoser ;)
     new 7970cad  fix report name
     new 89921b6  clean up MavenReportException uses
     new 535b8b1  pass in artifact repositories, not model repositories
     new 729385a  update versions in plugins
     new e09a0ac  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-project-info-reports-plugin-2.0-beta-2
     new 69bed71  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 9593a80  MNG-1216 CimReport.getBundle throws exception when locale doesn't have bundle renamed the english resource bundle from to, so it's always used as the default when a bundle for the current locale is missing
     new b1bc29d  Added a goal description
     new 53b392b  Submitted by: Naoki Nose Reviewed by:  Vincent Siveton Providing Japanese support. Updated documentation.
     new 45e4a8e  remove unused code
     new 5a94076  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-project-info-reports-plugin-2.0-beta-3
     new f3fa4db  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 9aec74a  add offline mode
     new f87dd8f  PR: MNG-1321 Submitted by:  	 Bruno Essmann recognise file:// url's without a hostname for the license
     new 34faff1  MNG-1400: German translation Original submission by Michael Wechner Reviewed and completed by Lukas Theussl
     new 3fcec70  don't die if a license URL is not defined
     new d092d92  PR: MNG-1409 Replace all getBundle( Locale locale ) methods by the I18N plexus component.
     new 0e37202  PR: MNG-1409 Forgot to remove getBundle( Locale locale ) method in LicenseReport.
     new f31d6de  Ignore transitive dependencies with system scope that cause NullPointerException PR: MNG-1663
     new ce36821  PR: MNG-1663 Skip the getMavenProjectFromRepository() call dependencies with system scope. Also add a test case.
     new 7026b30  PR: MNG-1360 Submitted by: Piotr Bzdyl Reviewed by: Vincent Siveton Added Polish bundles
     new 78ed3d5  PR:MNG-1704 Submitted By: Jochen Wiedmann Reviewed By: Vincent Siveton
     new 5eba782  PR # MNG-1336
     new a682552  some work on MPIR-11 improved dependency report now a separate list is displayed for each scope, and the optional flag is shown too. Warning: this required a few new strings in, that are now missing in translations!
     new 559f67e  PR: MPIR-10 Add Dependency Convergence (w/Ready for Release indicator) report. Submitted by: Joakim Erdfelt Reviewed by: Fabrizio Giustina
     new e6c0a99  PR: MPIR-20 Submitted by: Domingos Creado Brazilian strings
     new 54932b9  Fix typo in description (runtime -> compile)
     new c66ac3a  Added Apache license
     new 63924fa  PR: MSITE-19 Submitted by: Naoki Nose Reviewed by:  Vincent Siveton
     new 15587e5  [MSITE-19] add Chinese simplified transation Submitted by: Yue Ni
     new ee0c8dd  PR: MPIR-31 Documented SVN repository does not seem to exist Upgraded maven-plugin-parent from 2.0 to 2.0.1
     new 62c554b  Added package declaration in test case (Cut and paste is evil!)
     new 3624746  PR: MPIR-27: Empty dependencies list when directly called from command line Added @requiresDependencyResolution tag in the header
     new 0e0c5f4  Added French translation for missing properties
     new 444ad85  Applied code formatting before i start working on it
     new 840c40f  PR: MPIR-21
     new 9942937  PR: MPIR-30
     new 111b42b  Refactor code prior to MPIR-11
     new 1f5f2fa  PR: MPIR-11
     new 2804a51  MPIR-11
     new b814887  PR: MPIR-11
     new a87b4fc  PR: MPIR-11
     new 8449a16  PR: MPIR-33
     new 1ca69fb  PR: MPIR-22
     new bfe5584  Reverting a clearcase parameter checkoutDirectoryName as suggested by evenisse.
     new d484002  adjust parent POMs
     new d7b1b93  remove duplicate entries
     new 58a0259  merge from site-refactor branch, r384789:385828
     new 69572f5  don't throw an exception when offline
     new 7b76f89  Fixed a bug, apparently caused by a change in 2.0.3, that an artifact sent to a ResolutionListener have a null scope.
     new 1b8eec5  PR: MPIR-12 Submitted by: Mark Donszelmann
     new 9f4aa13  [MPIR-29] reduce code duplication, and remove IllegalArgumentException if a project fails to load
     new 274116b  [MPIR-36] correct Japanese i18n Submitted by: Takayoshi Kimura
     new 234819f  PR: MPIR-39
     new 9acfb81  PR: MPIR-41
     new f1e698a  PR: MPIR-43
     new af4df44  fix i18n of field and value
     new e7b1b82  Use mvn cmd instead of m2
     new 8a25a61  PR: MPIR-43
     new 23e6615  PR: MPIR-43
     new d0f38ff  applying $file.lastModified.year to license headers
     new 5388128  [MPIR-45] Some french translations are missing Submitted by: Alexandre Poitras Reviewed by: Vincent Siveton
     new cf15cd1  o updated documentation and javadoc
     new 1dde610  improvements to dependency report for sorting and showing classifier, make it render standalone
     new 46b4c66  fix some issues in the dependency report (wrong dependency versions included), and simplify
     new abcba7f  clean up the output
     new b7cde3f  report clean up
     new 697643e  fix null pointer exception
     new f077ddc  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-project-info-reports-plugin-2.0
     new bb9c914  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new a9806b0  [MPIR-2] Dependencies report throws NullPointerException when a transitive dependency has system scope
     new ef93ec3  increase version of plexus-i18n to use new plexus groupId
     new b3ba7ec  [MNG-1395] Change all m2.bat and m2 references in sources to mvn.bat and mvn
     new ab26e3f  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-project-info-reports-plugin-2.0.1
     new 6331cdf  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 6d0f1a2  Fixing MNG-2419: "Norwegian translation for maven-project-info-reports-plugin" Created by Hermod Opstvedt. Takk!
     new d5c8dd2  MNG-2460: Incorrect POM inheritance for plugins
     new efea42b  PR: MPIR-50: review plugin documentation Submitted by: Marvin King Reviewed by: Vincent Siveton
     new 3df12b8  MPIR-50: review plugin documentation
     new 090f536  MPIR-52: Wrong text on scm page for svn protocol
     new 18735f5  Pr: MPIR-48: Internal html references are not generated in the team-list.html
     new 45abc58  [MNG-2311] site plugin i18n HU Submitted by: Laszlo Hornyak Kocka
     new 3b22fd7  [MPIR-55] Detailed Artifact Information & Repository Location for each Dependency. Submitted by: Joakim Erdfelt
     new 98368c6  add license name/url to dependency listing
     new 4f0b5ba  dependencies report doesn't work properly on maven 2.0.4 due to wagon version (missing Wagon.resourceExists(Ljava/lang/String;)Z)
     new 639a19b  New section with licenses summary (project listing grouped by license name)
     new a1cb69e  adding entries for license listing and a few missing translations. Reformatting files (sorting, indenting and converting unicode chars)
     new 6398e71  MSITE-138: site:stage does not create xref
     new a2e01d4  don't look for snapshots in non-snapshot repositories (and don't look for releases in snapshot-only repositories). Optimize code for license grouping
     new 9df2615  this doesn't appear to require 2.0.5 now
     new 22ea461  [MPIR-56] refactor dependency code out of single report class Submitted by: Pete Marvin King
     new b659e0e  missed from last commit Submitted by: Pete Marvin King
     new 5514ec5  update all parents
     new 987b111  clarify prereq when using a particular feature
     new d544410  use inheritence and make all the site appearances consistent
     new 0cf6145  put back the Overview menu - when you inherit menu items they are meant to be resolved against the parent, by design - so these always belonged in the child POM.
     new ea4886b  Adding codehaus snapshot repo.
     new c72f350  * refactored out Dependency Tree components in favor of MNG-2654 maven-dependency-tree component. * break archiva <-> mpir dependency. * updated to use new JarAnalyzerFactory mechanism present in maven-shared-jar.
     new e089ecf  The dependency location report is not compatible with any released version of maven, since it requires wagon 1.0-beta-2. In order to avoid making all the project info report plugin requiring maven 2.1 do a simple check on the wagon version before enabling the dependency location section. Also add a check on to be sure that the version of the wagon provider used supports this new method. Maybe it's time to release wagon 1.0-beta-2 and include it in maven 2.0.5?
     new b3a0727  Upgrading some dependency versions.
     new 8c7cc4a  * Put an ${scm.version} property on the maven-scm-* dependencies. * Grouped maven-scm-* dependencies together in the pom.xml * Moved maven-settings dependency up to other maven core dependencies.
     new 7c60b06  o updating to latest released parent
     new c28dff0  - move plugin-plugin out of 'reporting' for plugins. It's a required part of the site, and does not cause any issues with the reactor or site generation - update to snapshots
     new 0b9a3c5  MPIR-60: Current head throws NPE when generating reports
     new 4b26388  Update parent version to 8, as 8-SNAPSHOT is never deployed and 8 is released
     new cf303c7  [MPIR-63] Allow configuration of scm anonymous connection, developer connection and web access url for the SCM Report.
     new 0ca6175  MPIR-59 : Site generation exception for french language, error with simple quote in translation "S'inscrire" for mailing list From : Hervé BOUTEMY I replaced all ' characters by \u0092
     new ff3f1d5  MPIR-64: Korean translation resource file Submitted by: Woonsan Ko
     new 6df8f51  o fixed license header o no code change
     new 864a140  MPIR-66: When run standalone, project metadata is missing Submitted by: Thomas Leonard Reviewed by: Vincent Siveton
     new 4d6084a  MPIR-62: [PATCH] Dependency File Details : set right justification for numeric columns Submitted by: Herve Boutemy Reviewed By: Vincent Siveton
     new 978b1d5  MPIR-61: [PATCH] Updated CI Systems Submitted by: Mark Holster Reviewed by: Vincent Siveton
     new 897a864  MPIR-54: Team list table improvement Submitted by: Dmitry Kobyleha Reviewed by: Vincent Siveton
     new d7e0ec0  MPIR-57: URLs only link if they are FQDNs
     new e39d85d  MPIR-67: Please update the german localization. Submitted by: Christian Schulte Reviewed by: Vincent Siveton
     new f9a39c2  MPIR-43: Use the plugin testing harness and add tests for the project-info-report mojos
     new 111f51c  o deleted old standalone test projects
     new e180dd1  o moved plugin-configs in test/resources to could be included in the test jar
     new a7b9d54  MPIR-28: improve convergence report
     new 02d1c3c  MSITE-219: Slovak translation of Submitted by: Martin Vysny
     new c535d4a  must use older surefire for it to work due to utils clashes
     new 92238d7  an update to the shared JAR component to prepare it for release and simplify/document its design
     new b47c487  use release of shared-jar
     new ffe7bd3  o Set eol style to native.
     new ab70933  o Sync the page titles. o Use the standard indentation (2 spaces) in pom examples. o Adjust formating.
     new 9674678  clean up on POM and add missing runtime dependency
     new 23d1728  o Set eol style to native.
     new 3deb09a  o Spell JIRA with capital letters.
     new 9490d81  o Also fix the test case that I broke with the change in r556753.
     new 91dd30d  [MPIR-70] NullPointerException when generating Dependencies report Submitted by: Denis Cabasson Reviewed by: Dennis Lundberg
     new b6de927  o Correct spelling.
     new f520cae  [MPIR-28] improve convergence report
     new 7902b4b  add the missing test scope dependency
     new aefc455  [MSITE-243] adding Czech translation.
     new a1c9008  o Add prerequisites.
     new 80c2a14  o Add javadocs.
     new adbd69f  o Lock down surefire version to avoid plexus problems (CI build failures).
     new 91e4923  o Sort properties and indent the values, like in the other files.
     new 5af30ca  o bumped to the scm release 1.0
     new f494f8d  o bumped to the maven-dependency-tree release 1.0
     new d88d6a3  o Remove unused properties.
     new 7bf4abc  o Remove unused properties.
     new 06b0a89  o Use the same amount of indendation in all properties files.
     new 6e806d5  o Remove unused properties and use the correct name for a few others.
     new ae09c44  o bumped to maven-reporting-api:2.0.8-SNAPSHOT and maven-reporting-impl:2.1-SNAPSHOT o bumped to maven:2.0.7 o excluded plexus:plexus-utils o bumped plexus-utils:1.4.5 o added maven prerequisite:2.0.6 o added doxia-core:1.0-beta-1-SNAPSHOT and doxia-site-renderer:1.0-beta-1-SNAPSHOT. Why beta and not alpha-9? I didn't understand why plexus needs them. Without beta, I got the following when running tests: java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: [...]
     new 16cb5f6  o reverted of r580581 as discussed on IRC with dennis and ltheussl
     new 69161b3  o Add missing doxia dependencies. o Use a property for doxia dependencies' version.
     new 2aa44a2  o Sort out maven-scm dependencies.
     new 49062a5  o Sort out plexus dependencies. o Add maven-enforcer-plugin to ensure that no plexus-component-api slips in.
     new 99d7439  [MPIR-72] Upgrade to doxia 1.0-alpha-9 o Upgrade to doxia 1.0-alpha-9. o Update the plexus-utils version to match the one used by doxia. o Bump the prerequisite for maven to 2.0.6, because we need to use a newer version of plexus-utils. o Fix possible NPE. o Fix test case.
     new 32250ba  o Add missing maven dependencies.
     new 0808817  o Use percentage values for column widths, instead of trying to calculate them using the fonts that are available on the system that creates the report. The fonts may very well be different on the end users machine anyway.
     new 00c0608  o Set EOL style to native.
     new 4c731c4  o Update to doxia 1.0-alpha-10-SNAPSHOT.
     new 2de268c  encoding fixes
     new 350a801  use ReaderFactory.newXmlReader() since plexus-util is upgraded to 1.4.5+
     new 43efcef  o Use released version of doxia and doxia-sitetools.
     new 8fead2d  [MPIR-34] Update german language bundle
     new 99f0496  o Update to latest parent, requires adding a scm section.
     new 8a369d4  o Make sure that the pom doesn't need to be rewritten during release, by altering the project tag. This prevents the license header from being removed.
     new 460d146  o fixed locale for tests
     new e8d15de  o Fix errors reported by Checkstyle.
     new 90ed59a  [MPIR-75] Typing mistake in properties file
     new 8b12ef7  MPIR-34: Update the i18n properties file with these new additions
     new e47e30c  MPIR-34: Update the i18n properties file with these new additions Submitted by: Juven Xu
     new 27f010a  o updated javadoc and added some since/version tags o improved code legibility o no code change
     new c2eccf1  o fixed javadoc version tag o updated some other javadoc
     new 1310e2a  o reduced the visibility of getDependencyMap()
     new 6dcaac6  o improved code legibility
     new a6c9319  o improved legibility o added description tag
     new 0fc0d5e  o added Juven Xu as contributor for the Chinese translation
     new 9675aa6  o Rename properties, so that they do not use a dotted notation.
     new 0f4f875  [MPIR-79] Add explicit resource bundle for English Submitted by: Benjamin Bentmann Reviewed by: Dennis Lundberg
     new 2ec8c3f  MSITE-290: Move logic from AbstractSiteMojo and AbstractSiteRenderingMojo for Doxia related stuff MNG-3346: Move logic inside AbstractProjectInfoReport to maven-reporting-impl
     new 4d59727  o fixed import
     new ea25515  MPIR-82: Clarify usage of outputDirectory parameter Submitted by: Benjamin Bentmann Reviewed by: Vincent Siveton
     new 98b1f98  o updated javadoc
     new abb48b7  MPIR-81: DependenciesRenderer logs Exception when it can't find the artifact being built!!!
     new da8884b  MPIR-83: Include reports for DependencyManagement and PluginManagement Submitted by: Nick Stolwijk Reviewed by: Vincent Siveton
     new 5229bb8  MPIR-84: StringIndexOutOfBoundsException when ML archive dont finish with a /
     new 888db08  o specify super.tearDown() for test
     new f96bb8f  o added a localization report
     new d386af0  o Fix locale codes for l10n report.
     new eff3dab  o Reorder pom elements.
     new 3d9e571  o Add a proper name and description for report.dependencyManagement and report.pluginManagement. o Fix typos.
     new 156da57  o Fix typos.
     new 917d097  [MSITE-292] Swedish translation for the site Submitted by: Johan Andrén Reviewed by: Dennis Lundberg
     new b0b7812  [MSITE-292] Swedish translation for the site
     new 31000b7  o Alphabetize goals.
     new ea9afa9  [MSITE-251] tr locale support Submitted by: gulcan yalcinkaya Reviewed by: Dennis Lundberg
     new 2084bd5  [MPIR-96] Switched link text and target in license report Submitted by: Martin von Gagern Reviewed by: Dennis Lundberg
     new a91dd1c  [MPIR-89] Bad spelling in Project Information => Overview => Dependencies
     new 3294737  [MPIR-90] Bad style in text "Access from behind a firewall"
     new 55f777e  [MPIR-91] Bad spelling in text "Access through a proxy"
     new 9b42b2b  o Use plugins parent 11.
     new de1f85f  fixed typo
     new 0bff20d  [MPIR-80] added Java requirements to the Dependency Report Submitted by: Niall Pemberton Reviewed by: Hervé Boutemy
     new 414d0d8  fixed some errors reported by Checkstyle
     new 053b0dc  [MPIR-80] reverted r649973
     new 5edfc8f  fixed some errors reported by Checkstyle
     new d13595d  o Update links to Doxia APT reference.
     new ee697ec  [MPIR-100] Use Doxia 1.0-alpha-11
     new 8663c67  [MPIR-99] Strange warnings when generating Plugin Management report Submitted by: Vincent Siveton Reviewed by: Dennis Lundberg
     new e1888e3  MPIR-94: Change optional label in dependencies site
     new 05758e6  [MPIR-94] Change optional label in dependencies site
     new a9d5f96  o used maven-doxia-tools:1.0
     new d22dda2  [MPIR-76] Dependencies report is incorrect
     new 916c1ae  o Update dependencies due to r667780.
     new 2c1f259  o Use maven-doxia-tools 1.0.1.
     new 445cb54  Fix typo in comment.
     new 299bdc7  MPIR-104: Regression in 2.1-SNAPSHOT: SVN is no more recognized
     new 48f63b4  o improved the readability o javadoc
     new 02abd74  o format, no code change
     new 4ef2e0c  MPIR-108: Add validation of SCM urls
     new 16f2e85  MPIR-78: Unable to exclude scm anonymous access info
     new 1947ba4  MPIR-97: Provide a way of hiding developer/contributer email addresses
     new 46a47fb  o used unicode provided by Properties Editor Eclipse Plugin
     new 8849871  [MPIR-109] Wrong description of in source repository overview
     new f40fcb7  MPIR-106: Regression in 2.1-SNAPSHOT, the Project Dependencies and the Project Transitive Dependencies are the same
     new e969b04  [MPIR-109] Wrong description of in source repository overview
     new 0d14761  MPIR-110: Update code due to deprecated classes in maven-dependency-tree:1.1
     new 093e6a9  o typo in javadoc
     new 1b977ad  MPIR-111: Make Classifier and Optional column in dependencies report "optional" in the renderer
     new bb30cc5  o javadoc
     new 1cba855  o improved the Dependency Tree: using artifact.getId() instead of artifact.getDependencyConflictId()
     new 72088cb  MPIR-112: Dependency Listings is too big: replace it by toogle entries in the dependency tree
     new c826822  o minor code improvement
     new 05b9574  MPIR-113: Dependency Tree lists all dependencies: needs to reduce to dependencies used by the project
     new fbee730  o French typo
     new 7378c9f  MPIR-115: Make the Sealed column optional in dependencies report
     new fcf97f9  MPIR-114: Validate all generated reports with
     new 2ad8215  o fixed javadoc
     new 7414c51  MPIR-116: Make the classifier column optional in dependencies management report
     new 68f82df  o removed static due to r675364
     new a18ef5f  MPIR-117: Replaced the table caption in the CI report
     new 0e9467f  MPIR-118: Equalize links to project web site for artifactId
     new b897f5f  o fixed javadoc
     new 5b1e65c  o fixed javadoc
     new 57f20e0  o improved the total raw in the Dependency File Details table: each cell has total values and total values by artifact scope o allow system scope in the Dependency File Details table o make decimal format objects locale-based
     new fa726d0  o fixed warning "Attempting to build MavenProject instance ..."
     new 422b7d8  o i18n "Total" field
     new 0ede1a2  o improved dependency detail
     new 2b012da  o moved reporting section to a reporting profile
     new 892dc78  o fixed some Checkstyle errors
     new 53649cf  o increased visibility of inner class for performance reason
     new 69aff54  o upgraded versions: maven-reporting-impl: and org.apache.maven.wagon:1.0-beta-3
     new 5ad254b  o updated code due to wagon:1.0-beta-3 o make wagon debug mode available only if Maven debug mode is enabled
     new 88aa520  o renamed remoteRepositories to repos (hiding local variable)
     new abcae84  MPIR-119: Dependency Repository Locations in Dependency Report doesn't allow snapshot artifacts url from the snapshot repositories
     new 1c1f055  o added javadoc
     new 1b0e76d  o reduced visibility for getProxyInfo()
     new b014c8a  o junit-addons should be in test scope
     new bafafc1  o be sure that artifact url is valid
     new 45c09fb  o added pluginManagement for maven-plugin-plugin and maven-surefire-plugin
     new 57d76ca  o fixed checkstyle
     new 5ae5f2c  o removed maven-surefire-plugin in build/plugins due to r675972
     new 6eb77ce  MPIR-122: Brazilian Portuguese language bundle - encoding problems and improvements Submitted by: Cristiano Kliemann
     new b7b7144  MPIR-124: License report is empty in offline
     new 76926a3  MPIR-121: dependency.locations.enabled should set to true by default
     new f2f9be5  MPIR-121: dependency.locations.enabled should set to true by default
     new 0ad7bd8  MPIR-123: Hungarian language bundle - encoding problems and improvements
     new 2247215  MPIR-123: Hungarian language bundle - encoding problems and improvements
     new 65eab4b  MPIR-123: Hungarian language bundle - encoding problems and improvements
     new 7e9bb80  MPIR-123: Hungarian language bundle - encoding problems and improvements
     new ebe7153  MPIR-123: Hungarian language bundle - encoding problems and improvements
     new 1896af5  MPIR-123: Hungarian language bundle - encoding problems and improvements
     new 44a223d  MPIR-123: Hungarian language bundle - encoding problems and improvements
     new 6a774d5  MPIR-126: Move PluginManagementRenderer in an inner class of PluginManagementReport
     new 35b39dc  o removed todo and changed canGenerateReport() impl o be sure that plugin's version comes from repo o updated getPluginRow() o removed report.pluginManagement.nolist key
     new 9be666d  o added French missing  keys
     new 5f837c6  o minor improvements
     new 6be92c7  MPIR-125: Create a plugin report
     new d052698  o take care if the repo is blacklisted or not o ping repo url before calling wagon to prevent TransferFailedException o display stacktrace for error logs in dependencyExistsInRepo() only if log is in debug mode o added a new Blacklisted column in Dependency Repository Locations table
     new 7f95af8  o added a total row in the Dependency Repository Locations table o code readingness
     new 808265d  o getDependencyUrlFromRepository() could return null if the repo is blacklisted o display stacktrace for error logs in getDependencyUrlFromRepository() only if log is in debug mode
     new 4f5ad9c  o make log as final like other fields
     new b688274  o formatting
     new f61d416  o r676627 doesn't take care of user proxy o moved LicenseReport#getLicenseInputStream() to a new utility class
     new 535d0a1  o improvement on the encoding use
     new be547f2  o moved code from ArtifactUtils to ProjectInfoReportUtils
     new 5ba6291  o minor code improvements
     new fbc0dc8  o removed todo
     new 27e3574  o renamed field to be more clear o fixed javadoc
     new d482135  o used clirr-maven-plugin:2.2.1
     new badcab8  o used maven-*:2.0.6 since prerequisites is 2.0.6
     new d425811  o updated code due to r676762
     new 5fd0b7e  o adding a release notes link with maven-changes-plugin
     new 714f39c  o upgraded plexus-utils to 1.5.5
     new 9de1aa3  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-project-info-reports-plugin-mvn release:prepare
     new 138cfbf  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 3329df9  o revert release
     new 4ac6f8f  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-project-info-reports-plugin-2.1
     new 9bdd73d  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new ae4420e  MPIR-127: Image close.gif not copy when performing site:stage
     new fd2b176  o Make it compile on Java 1.4.
     new c82df3b  o Add missing properties.
     new bbff3c6  o reverted release
     new bb8edca  avoid platform encoding
     new e7f006e  upgrade maven-site-plugin to 2.0-beta-7
     new 5d51a0a  o files under 1KB are displayed in KB instead of B ("0.50 KB" instead of "512.00 Bytes") o display GB/MB/KB instead of (french) Go/Mo/Ko (no L10N yet)
     new 6114aa8  refactoring: extracted hasSealed method
     new 9267420  refactoring: changed getJavascript() method to JAVASCRIPT constant
     new 96b968a  avoid code duplication for table rows ending with an optional column
     new 1bc3efd  render "Dependency File Details" totals on 1 raw per scope
     new 656d272  o Fix Javadoc link.
     new 34a2db9  [MPIR-129] Duplicate entries of the same artifact in Licenses section of Dependencies report
     new 96501d1  MPIR-130: No mark or link to SNAPSHOT artifacts in Dependency Repository Locations section of Dependencies report
     new d28e7d0  o minor changes due to r678198
     new e9fc5b0  o refactored renderSectionDependencyRepositoryLocations()
     new 1145438  o removed unused (blacklisted) column in the artifacts locations table
     new 4d82102  o internationalize kB, MB, GB according the internationalize SI units o added French translation for ko Mo Go
     new 1a509f5  o Fix typos.
     new 086db54  o Fix Javadoc errors.
     new 93f0eaa  o fixed xmlns for test pom o removed some tab
     new 4546dca  o fixed toLowerCase() pitfall
     new 1816d35  o fixed checkstyle
     new e1733d8  o added  maven-plugin-tools-javadoc as Javadoc taglet
     new 411ad3a  o using correct date as defined in guide-documentation-style o minor fixes in doc and in APT format
     new d8e23e5  o using release of maven-plugin-testing-harness
     new 9b83de2  o fixed tableRowWithLink() to add a minus when url is empty
     new 34ad9ad  o LicenseReport#canGenerateReport() should take care of file licenses
     new 3673c8c  o added a reporting profile o moved taglets conf in the reporting section
     new fbf7436  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-project-info-reports-plugin-2.1
     new b210035  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 49df4ff  o reverted failed release
     new ea891b8  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-project-info-reports-plugin-2.1
     new c24d0b5  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 07d7f53  Try to use the 12-SNAPSHOT parent
     new ea31e9c  Remove plugins versions already defined in parent Enforcer rule activated in parent
     new c378f0d  o Added stub IT profile to highlight plugins during CI
     new 33e7db5  o Partially reverted r683667 to break up cyclic references among plugins in reactor
     new 464ff32  o Reordered POM
     new cc14cb5  o Added basic IT for smoke testing
     new e5c7844  o Stabilized IT
     new 79ac9fd  o Fixed POM
     new b0ae941  o Added ASF snapshot repo to user settings of ITs (e.g. to make sure they can resolve snapshot parents)
     new 9f4af32  o Updated index page of plugin site
     new b937881  o Changed encoding of site descriptor to UTF-8 just like used for POMs o Updated/added license headers
     new df0421c  o Explicitly stated UTF-8 as file encoding o Updated license header
     new 1625afb  o Updated index page of plugin site
     new 5d7a517  [MSITE-351] New language - Portuguese (Portugal) Submitted by: Samuel Santos Reviewed by: Dennis Lundberg
     new 0ead3a5  [MSITE-351] New language - Portuguese (Portugal)
     new 9cbba29  fixed typos
     new 096192d  o Inherited from maven-plugins:12
     new 5673168  o Formatted/reordered POM
     new a688ed8  o Removed inherited stuff
     new 14d3fa9  o Enabled Codehaus snapshot repository for l10n-maven-plugin
     new 8c03e29  o Updated all plugins to use maven-invoker-plugin:1.3 to workaround MNG-3284 and bogus CI failures
     new 1213d74  o Adjusted IT settings to compensate for the unusual unix-style local repo path used on the Windows nodes of the Hudson grid
     new 28b802e  o Avoided deprecated syntax @parameter expression="${component...}"
     new 39567a1  o Use released version of l10n-maven-plugin.
     new 80e677c  MPIR-131: NPE in printArtifactsLocations() for blacklisted repo Submitted by: Jörgen Rydenius Reviewed by: Vincent Siveton
     new c1971eb  [MSITE-382] Add localization for zh_TW. Submitted by: Poyi Wu
     new ab5a1a0  use the latest parents
     new 5efcf5a  o Inherited from maven-plugins:13
     new d4d6e5e  o format no code changed
     new 0ad08bf  MPIR-146:, Map) wreaks havoc upon artifacts file names
     new 6ddf0d4  MPIR-138: Complet Polish translation Submitted by: Bartlomiej Kuczynski
     new 29d731a  o maintenance version
     new 889faa3  MPIR-140: Add anchors to sections to be able to link them directly
     new 8867548  MPIR-135: NPE if license URL is not defined
     new fe55547  MPIR-147: Dependencies report hangs while accessing SSL site. Connection never closes
     new f4268bc  o using latest maven-dependency-tree
     new 6f15fda  o revert r692642 to release the plugin
     new ed0e6ce  o fix TODO
     new 6957c2e  o using latest scm version
     new 61683eb  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-project-info-reports-plugin-2.1.1
     new 315fee7  o revert process due to svn error
     new 223a3b3  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-project-info-reports-plugin-2.1.1
     new 0e93afe  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 37cc523  o revert release
     new f3b9958  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-project-info-reports-plugin-2.1.1
     new 0276e92  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new c788caa  o revert release due to a bug with MPIR-138
     new 528bbb0  o revert due to a bug with MPIR-138
     new 696c46c  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-project-info-reports-plugin-2.1.1
     new 5780013  o revert process due to svn error
     new df1ef13  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-project-info-reports-plugin-2.1.1
     new cf1dd2d  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 891dfe0  o revert release
     new 5d25767  o revert of r748489
     new d7c3d1d  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-project-info-reports-plugin-2.1.1
     new 956fa04  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 36242f6  used* for schema location
     new 295d5fd  o updated Doxia version to 1.0 o updated maven-doxia-tools to 1.0.2
     new 2a360e1  put Maven core dependency version in a property
     new cfaa1bd  improved MPIR IT: o added every supported translation o added a pom with maximal information in it
     new c140db5  [MPIR-136] fixed quotes now that quotes handling have been fixed in r771128
     new 124d70a  [MPIR-138] polish translation Submitted by: Bartlomiej Kuczynski
     new 1c555ea  [MPIR-155] completed spanish translation Submitted by: Abel Muiño
     new 9355f81  [MPIR-160] Dependency report ignores local repository and always re-fetches artifacts from remote repos
     new 7c90180  [MPIR-138] polish translation Submitted by: Bartlomiej Kuczynski
     new 65482c1  [MPIR-162] Grammar incorrect for empty Notifiers section
     new 20c9e6a  o Added plugin version to POM snippets in documentation
     new 0de460b  o Add xml schema declarations.
     new 6d51200  o Follow our plugin documentation guidelines.
     new a42f98d  o Upgrade to Maven Changes Plugin 2.1 o Raise the max limit so that all the issues for this version gets included in the JIRA Report
     new 2a1bef9  o Add missing keys
     new e2e20ea  [MPIR-164] Complete the German translation
     new 6e4dc4f  o Make Checkstyle more happy
     new 4c0c1bf  [MPIR-164] Complete the German translation
     new efa8595  [MPIR-165] Add an ASF-compliant source release assembly
     new 8e51f16  o Use a released version of maven-reporting-impl.
     new 0301071  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-project-info-reports-plugin-2.1.2
     new cc15f19  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new b98dab6  [MPIR-101] Update to Doxia 1.1.1
     new c0235d8  remove extra work with logging. Avoid use of container.getLoggerManager().
     new 9979bc3  o added xsd
     new c3bee17  o filtering version in doc
     new e0a90bb  o fixed ambiguous links
     new cd678b5  o added CDATA
     new b7e57d6  MPIR-172: Be sure that anchor are unique
     new 633980f  MPIR-173: Review the Doxia Sink calls
     new 2282883  o fixed rendering due to r662400 in reporting-impl
     new 89c927a  o using doxia 1.1.2-snap
     new 01480cc  o added timeout
     new 81ff24d  add a FIXME for mvn 3.x
     new cbae1a8  [MPIR-159] ZipException during "mvn clean compile site" Upgrading to maven-shared-jar 1.1
     new 48cc13b  Added profile to run ITs with maven-site-plugin:3.x
     new 8f096d5  o switch to 2.1 maven prerequisite
     new caeb280  bump to new parent POM, and remove one-off source-release assemblies
     new ce83bef  upgrade parent version to ensure source-release is automatic.
     new f6749d2  fix junit
     new 1336217  fix junit (prevent NPE in core)
     new 2d4dc8c  o Updated to maven-invoker-plugin:1.4
     new 256ba29  Bump to released doxia
     new 1d0cb68  clean up some API usage and javadocs
     new 913e4dd  [MPIR-179] removed grid around "Dependency File Details" and "Dependency Repository Locations" tables
     new 47fa573  [MPIR-101] updated maven-site-plugin to 2.1, which is using Doxia 1.1
     new 26b088d  remove unused class attribute.
     new 988e101  inherits site-plugin version from parent.
     new afb4685  upgrade maven-invoker plugin version
     new d58fb59  [MPIR-183] upgrade to scm 1.3
     new 9303ef6  upgrade parent version.
     new bc8dbc0  [MPIR-184] upgrade to maven-doxia-tools to 1.2
     new 4abccfc  [MPIR-170] Create a module overview page ala m1 Patch submitted by Lukas Theussl
     new 1170329  [MPIR-175] Mercurial support in project-info-reports:scm Submitted by Mirko Friedenhagen
     new 4fa5d7a  [MPIR-178] some reports have inconsistent line ending style removed hardcoded \n
     new 81876e0  [MSITE-463] Lithuanian translation
     new 5eae151  [MSITE-463] Lithuanian translation Submitted by: Mindaugas Greibus Reviewed by: Dennis Lundberg
     new 936e349  [MPIR-186] Updated location for Subversion home page from to
     new 80095b0  updated maven-reporting-api version to the new 3.0-SNAPSHOT version decoupled from Maven Core
     new 76d5b0c  code refactoring
     new 97d2503  factored out I18N for reports name and description
     new 5f8dd42  factored out I18N for reports name and description
     new e6629d9  code simplification
     new b595612  o upgraded maven-reporting-api dependency to 3.0 (decoupled from Maven core version) o upgraded maven-reporting-impl dependency to 2.1
     new 2408342  use maven-shared-jar 1.1 released version
     new d9e143a  [MPIR-189] Allow configuration of mailing list header text.
     new 5e29405  [MPIR-189] Allow configuration of mailing list header text. add it
     new 6a81d5f  add missing license header
     new 22ba126  [MPIR-150] the dependency report ignores mirrors Submitted by Philipp Berger
     new 76c971b  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-project-info-reports-plugin-2.2
     new d3963bd  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new b7cb830  o Documented requirement on Maven Site Plugin 2.1+
     new e9db9dd  [MPIR-200] updated requirements to Maven 2.2 and Java 5
     new ee81ea6  [MPIR-80] added minimum JDK Rev to project summary
     new 1dcb240  updated pom xsd url
     new e1fc5f9  use released version of maven-site-plugin
     new 02ec27c  use last site plugin SNAPSHOT for maven 3 build
     new 5973f95  [MPIR-202] Typo
     new edcc867  upgraded to released version of site plugin
     new fbe110b  MPIR-205: Add the license information for each dependency Submitted by: Matthew Smith Reviewed by: Vincent Siveton
     new 570fcb4  MPIR-205: Add the license information for each dependency
     new 8d34732  MPIR-204: License report should not try to include pdf content as plain text Submitted by: Grégory Joseph Reviewed by: Vincent Siveton
     new 0c2eb65  [MPIR-205] Add the license information for each dependency
     new 8b0d98b  o Add missing keys
     new 574c35d  o Sort and indent properties in the same way as in the English file
     new 1d893a5  o Add missing keys
     new 62416fe  o Remove extra key
     new 0333180  [MSITE-520] Russian localization Submitted by: Yevgeny Nyden Reviewed by: Dennis Lundberg
     new d0f3a96  MPIR-171: support "TimeZones" as a timezone
     new d1c898d  MPIR-206: Generalize configuration for text reports
     new 9406e42  [MPIR-80] added minimum JDK Rev to project summary
     new 3d8790d  o code simplification
     new 336dc9b  MPIR-207: Add a distribution management report
     new 9c34705  MPIR-128: Add a link to a repository location in Project Summary
     new ab88069  MPIR-199: : Avoid using blocking call [ url.openStream() ] while opening stream from an URL
     new 8065f35  MPIR-158: Artifact ###### has no file error.
     new c66f1ad  o added @override
     new 3558858  o fixed blacklisted in Dependency Repository Locations
     new 05d6f0b  MPIR-180: Repositories which require authentication get blacklisted
     new 13e7773  o bump to latest releases of doxia, wagon scm
     new 1b720c8  o more java packaging
     new 0b27715  o improved TransferFailedException catch for unknown hosts o take care of unknown hosts to prevent undesirable ping
     new 32d0200  o prevent NPE
     new e9de681  o take care of black listed repos in ArtifactsLocations section
     new 8476ed9  fixed typo
     new 3d43609  renamed util method name to better match the intent
     new d81fb84  [MPIR-171] added an IT
     new a4349a2  o bump to latest release
     new f24a325  code simplification (a developer is a contributor with an id)
     new d860eef  avoid displaying "null" when developer's id is null
     new efb26f1  [MPIR-171] fixed numeric timezone support
     new 8497251  removed unused import
     new e8bb642  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-project-info-reports-plugin-2.3
     new a354256  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 9d6eff3  add missing goals to the main page
     new cde0d01  [MPIR-201, MPIR-209] fix links in modules overview page
     new deb7a6f  bump to doxia-tools snapshot to get fixes for MSHARED-172
     new e4a6500  [MPIR-211] NPE with custom text bundle
     new df72c6a  [MPIR-210] Project Summary Download link points to distributionManagement (upload) url
     new d41423d  [MPIR-212] src/main/java does not exist for non-java project
     new 0ebe995  insert a bug-fix release
     new d8e1d0d  revert r1049021, not necessary for a bug-fix release
     new bff0bdc  update to bug-fix release of doxia-tools
     new 8bb558a  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-project-info-reports-plugin-2.3.1
     new 2f102f7  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 82bf316  [MPIR-219] Add Galician locale (gl) support Submitted by: Daniel Fernández
     new 39c73e2  upgrade to last parent.
     new 8f23d66  fix relativePath to plugins parent and bump to latest parent for all plugins
     new 07b9ff8  ad MSITE-429: add contributor
     new 80a8238  [MPIR-224] Continuous Integration support for Jenkins. Submitted by Bernd Bohmann.
     new 7582f70  code simplification
     new f6dfa43  [MPIR-223] fixed file name corruption caused by dependencies report when artifacts with classifiers are used
     new 19d67f8  code simplification
     new b09974a  next version will be 2.4
     new 236ca01  o prefer FileUtils.fileRead() API to IOUtil.copy() to avoid file handle leaks in IT verification scripts o code formatting
     new f9aa0e0  [MPIR-221] display a useful warning message when timezone value is not recognized
     new 9caeeb6  [MPIR-221] support non-integer timezone offsets
     new da46196  upgraded Doxia and Doxia SiteTools versions to 1.2, and maven-doxia-tools to 1.4
     new 0ae6ee6  [MPIR-182] added an IT for custom reports order, even if disabled since it doesn't work
     new 5795ce0  [MPIR-85] switched expected and actual values for assertEquals
     new 1c4b082  configured pmd plugin for Java 5
     new f0899b8  fixed errors reported by Checkstyle
     new db1b664  code simplification
     new 04f77cc  [MPIR-216] resolve artifact version for dependency-management report when version range used
     new 1159ea3  updated reporting configuration for Java 5
     new 0365a0b  code simplification
     new 7f27297  [MPIR-214] avoid IOException in multi-module dependencies report when not packaged, then dependency is a directory instead of a jar file
     new 52d8ab6  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-project-info-reports-plugin-2.4
     new 4a05c18  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 65752b0  removed unused imports
     new 1c90394  use site-plugin-2.3, its maven-doxia-tools transitive dep gets used for the test (the test still fails though, see MPIR-182)
     new cde37df  [MPIR-227] added a second license to the IT to see the result of multiple licences
     new 1f1175f  [MPIR-227] added a license index in case of multiple licenses copied into the report Submitted by: Robin Vobruba Applied with minor code formatting fixes
     new 8ade5ac  [MPIR-227] use Doxia Sink API instead of raw HTML
     new 9749b22  [MPIR-227] added an introduction text when there are multiple licenses
     new 5bf4dad  o extracted renderLicenseContent() method o simplified code
     new 5bcc83a  o made port used as parameters o avoid 8080 port, which is too common and causes conflicts
     new 6d5c6ac  [MPIR-228] relaxed algorithm to detect HTML content for license
     new 30182db  dynamic port allocation, to avoid collision
     new 50a9bfc  o updated parent pom o made cleanup accordingly
     new 853e96b  [MPIR-236] Crete a new report to show how to include the module in different build systems
     new 8376684  typo
     new 0fa6049  exclude the packaging from Maven dependency if the type is jar, since it is implicit Thanks to Robert Scholte
     new 1760fd1  o Fixed XML snippet for Maven dependencies which have a <type>, not a <packaging>
     new c5c5404  added the Leiningen pattern to include the dependency
     new d62f978  added SBT dependency
     new 6e7794d  added missing space in the Leiningen pattern
     new 79ea039  fixed typo
     new 645196b  [MPIR-244] With Maven 3, "Dependency Repository Locations" in dependencies report shows my local repository manager id and url instead of public repository info: added a non-blocking IT
     new e1b70f1  [MPIR-244] when using Maven 3.0.3+, detect mirrors (like a repo manager for example) and display original repos information instead of mirror info
     new 4455029  fixed typo
     new 40237bf  [MPIR-245] when blacklisted header is removed, remove column content too
     new 45542ac  [MDEP-339] make the dependencies report work accurately with Maven 2 or Maven 3
     new 2bab212  use TEST scope filter
     new 7deb2a9  Remove unused imports
     new 5248d38  code simplification
     new 8dc6d1c  removed unused javadoc annotation thanks to Tony Chemit for the report
     new bc95caf  [MPIR-246] use maven-plugin-tools' java 5 annotations + reformat mojo code
     new fe188c7  upgrade scm and site plugin version
     new 8e032fb  move plugin plugin version to a property
     new f5887ad  use last plugin parent snapshot to use last compiler plugin to improve build time on jenkins build.
     new 014ac5d  updated dependencies to released versions
     new 5343ca9  fixed errors reported by Checkstyle
     new 7a2ecdd  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-project-info-reports-plugin-2.5
     new 66655ec  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 15791a4  revert release
     new c0aec44  annotations are not needed for plugin execution so mark dependency as provided
     new 7315d57  updated released dependency
     new 6a0e8c7  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-project-info-reports-plugin-2.5
     new 0a99619  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 1379139  fixed broken project.packaging property, see [MPIR-236]
     new 3e381ca  MPIR-248 NPE while DependenciesReport
     new 4002717  code formatting
     new 42c3a7d  fixed @since value
     new 1313346  added dependency-info to checked reports
     new c33de9b  [MPIR-249] new dependency-info report added to goals index page
     new 93f0396  improved javadoc
     new 11ba0cc  [MPIR-239] updated Brazillian Portuguese translation Submitted by: Daniel Teleginski Camargo
     new f2d9b75  [MPIR-239] added Daniel Teleginski Camargo as translator
     new ed93eec  upgrade parent version used
     new 682fbae  [MPIR-187] allow usage of any TLD, like internal TLD
     new 8a7f767  next version will be 2.5.1
     new 9b1149f  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-project-info-reports-plugin-2.5.1
     new 37b8423  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 53a4e1f  replace StringBuffer by StringBuilder
     new ac2fad4  [MPIR-255] check if version is a range before retrieving metadata from repository
     new 993f016  [MPIR-176] Added support for images/avatars in project team list
     new 4f934d5  o Added spacer for members without email addresses
     new 1e2a962  o Fixed table headings
     new 4978042  o Fixed heading when not showing avatars
     new afd4441  o Upgraded p-u
     new 355396a  o Updated scm version
     new 6bdb973  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-project-info-reports-plugin-2.6
     new fbc4397  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new e55e622  MPIR-258: Added description for the dependency-info report. Moved the translation back to where it belongs.
     new be2257a  MPIR-259: Added french translation for the dependency-info report. Based on a suggestion by Guillaume Husta.
     new 4f7c1ac  update maven-plugin-plugin to 3.2
     new ad605f3  [MPIR-261] Wrong URL for some CI home pages in resource bundles
     new 4ce615e  [MPIR-260] Swedish translation for report.dependency-info.* props
     new eea42f7  [MPIR-262] Add support for 'report.cim.bamboo.intro' resource property
     new 6f55104  [MPIR-266] ensure consistent output from the dependencies report
     new ce1bbca  fixed typo
     new 1bf6317  removed unused imports
     new 1bda1bc  [MPIR-264] JDK Rev not determined when Maven 2 is building the site Submitted by Michael Osipov.
     new 3511b78  add contributor
     new 5573f25  [MPIR-260] German translation of three missing report.dependency-info.* props Submitted by: Thorsten Heit
     new 37f41f5  upgrade all to last parent 24
     new ba67de3  [MPIR-271] added GIT support in project-info-reports:scm Submitted by: Mirko Friedenhagen
     new 55e978d  added contributor
     new 1a02e1f  [MPIR-260] No translation for report.dependency-info.* in several resource bundles Add Czech Submitted by Michal Botka
     new 9e7b633  add contributor
     new 911c241  [MPIR-272] added support for Maven 3.1-A1/Eclipse Aether 0.9-M2 to dependencies report
     new 78a64b2  [MPIR-272] maven-dependency-tree 2.1 released
     new 5472e69  don't wait for m-site-p 3.3 to do a release
     new 39f9a90  [MPIR-274] Added translations and corrections to spanish resource boundle Submitted by: Gabriel Belingueres
     new c5e11ec  added Gabriel Blingueres to contributors list
     new 8e6bdf5  [MPIR-248] added one more level of check to avoid NPE
     new 7eb3ca1  fixed ITs: maven-reporting-exec imports Aether (both Sonatype and Eclipse) into m-site-p classloader, which disturbs maven-dependency-tree Maven version detection algorithm (based on availability of such classes)
     new a738f9a  Upgrade Maven prerequisite from 2.2.0 to 2.2.1 due to MNG-4235
     new 7ea1628  [MPIR-229] Create IT, which seems ok. Waiting for requirements what to verify.
     new 85e9ac1  Enrich stubs
     new b4f58ad  [MPIR-229] The 'modules' report does not support 'url' elements using properties.
     new 981f199  remove unnecessary annotation
     new b5975e2  Replace deprecated org.apache.commons.validator.UrlValidator with org.apache.commons.validator.routines.UrlValidator
     new f1f17b6  [MPIR-276] Upgrade to Doxia 1.4 Can't upgrade doxia-sitetoolsVersion as well, since it causes UTs to fail.
     new 2b99f04  [MPIR-182] Make order of reports shown in "Project Reports" configurable Confirm that this is fixed by removing MPIR-182 specific workarounds
     new f405985  [MPIR-232] when packaging is pom, add modules report in the default index
     new c08cc25  prepare release
     new 822b0bb  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-project-info-reports-plugin-2.7
     new 4da2a28  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 9aaeebd  Follow ASF branding rules.
     new 036b327  And even more plexus updates
     new fe0c834  Proper formatting of @see tag.
     new 912c7c2  Use proper title case for SCM titles as in all other titles.
     new dfb3c71  Improved intros of SCM Subversion.
     new 7ebd399  Another style improvement.
     new c508250  Use m-site-p 3.3 in ITs to make it M3.1 proof
     new f61640b  More java5
     new 4b82467  Further code analysis improvements
     new 3ecc7ed  Reformatted to code style
     new 93af683  Revert "Reformatted to code style"
     new d19a083  [MPIR-281] Misleading SCM report title
     new 02ae7f6  [MPIR-289] DependenciesRenderer's FileDecimalFormat claims to use SI prefixes but calculated numbers do not match
     new 5f042f9  [MPIR-287] Misleading report titles in Project Information overview
     new d9b7ab9  [MPIR-265] Improve debug information in Dependencies report
     new 2e33f66  Unintentional crap committed.
     new a323ba5  Use official Russian translations for kB, MB, and GB.
     new 9143791  [MPIR-265] Improve debug information in Dependencies report
     new 68dd917  [MPIR-265] Improve debug information in Dependencies report
     new 37e7c82  [MPIR-291] if scm tag is present, propose 'git clone --branch <tag>'
     new eb7969d  missing space
     new e9bf251  [MPIR-290] improve git support: remove directory info (after '.git') for "git clone"
     new ab3461a  Configure explicit RAT exclusions for the files that cannot contain a license header. This plugin now passes the checks done by RAT.
     new 0c47fb9  upgraded parent pom (compiler, assembly, doap not upgraded because of a failure: need to investigate)
     new c56872e  Upped reporting
     new 035d264  [MNGSITE-152]  - Added appropriate links to download site and license location    to fulfill the ASF requirements.
     new f239bc3  [MNGSITE-152]  - Added missing download.cgi and xdoc/download.xml.vm
     new 5ac5742  added license header
     new 5486f73  [MPIR-293] On the team list report the picUrl property appears in the table, although no other properties are set for that team member.
     new a0b2214  [MPIR-295] Enhancements on dependency convergence report
     new cf0a598  [MPIR-296]  - Fixed percent signs in SBT output.
     new a9b6297  [MPIR-297] added skip parameter
     new ce0286c  replaced @Component with @parameter for Maven internals
     new d624d80  removed workaround for M3.1 compatibility with m-site-p <3.3, which now cause 3.4 failure
     new 348aa60  - Added missing required for @Parameter   MavenProject, Settings. - Reorganized imports.
     new aa5f809  [MPIR-299]  - Upgraded dependency SCM from 1.8 to 1.9.1
     new e2ab9c3  - Added to all plugins LICENSE file - Added to all plugins NOTICE file with copyright year 2007-2014
     new fed26b4  - Undone the commit r1630358 which means to remove   all LICENSE/NOTICE files until the ASF is clear about   what to do.
     new 6d82ee8  [MPIR-301] Update p-i
     new 3fe2d41  Updated to p-u .20
     new f96178e  Update some plugins
     new 5357232  [MPIR-304] Update dependencies to the most recent usable versions
     new 0ef6941  [MPIR-305] Upgrade Doxia + Site Tools to 1.6
     new 3a1a0d8  [MPIR-306] Upgrade to maven-plugins version 25 to 26  - Fixed several checkstyle reported errors.
     new ba18d82  - Removed unused code.
     new cbfda42  [MPIR-306] Upgrade to maven-plugins version 25 to 26  - Followup fixed checkstyle reported errors which broke the build.
     new 9126783  [MPIR-306] Upgrade to maven-plugins version 25 to 26  - Followup fixed checkstyle reported warnings/errors.
     new 909372b  [MPIR-298] Continuous Integration support for Travis CI  - Applied patch of Philippe Marschall.
     new 488c5fd  - Fixed checkstyle reported warnings/errors.
     new 050d78b  [MPIR-279] Wrong hyperlinks on index and modules page
     new 667b0ba  [MPIR-279] fixed MPIR-229 IT which was inadvertently broken
     new b89df47  added site desriptor to see default name in modules and parent menus and in breadcrumbs
     new 42dc24d  [MPIR-263] Add parameter 'targetJavaVersion' and inject ${}
     new cc3d4d6  Documentation and spelling improvements
     new ba4a7c0  Use correct naming for Subversion and Git
     new 650f53f  Fix Checkstyle errors
     new fc5ca97  [MPIR-311] Specific SCM intro is missing if dev connection is given but not anonymous connection
     new 6c3629f  [MPIR-263] Add parameter 'targetJavaVersion' and inject ${}
     new 8ff0b99  [MPIR-310] Improve 'JDK Rev' label in dependencies report
     new 4265155  [MPIR-242] Incorrect translations list for GPL v3 (illegible letters for Catalan and Arabic)
     new cf80e78  [MPIR-263] Add parameter 'targetJavaVersion' and inject ${}
     new dbdc111  Do not use Locale.ROOT for now because it is available in Java 6 and upwards.
     new 1651abb  removed configuration already inherited from parent
     new 2a0709e  [MPIR-314] Upgrade to maven-plugins version 26 to 27
     new 156889b  [MPIR-315] Replace org.apache.maven.shared:maven-doxia-tools with org.apache.maven.doxia:doxia-integration-tools
     new 6c99b0f  [MPIR-316] Removed dependency org.codehaus.plexus:plexus-container-default:1.0-alpha-9
     new 3617693  Fixing apache-rat-plugin configuration to add the child elements instead of replacing them.
     new 04e7e28  [MPMD-280] Clarify that Web Access SCM link is not suitable for SCM checkout
     new 32f09c2  * Resolved a TODO with Locale.ROOT * Added a TODO to localize two license-related strings
     new dbe6367  Slightly improved formatting
     new b934401  [MPIR-288] Add a skipEmptyReport option
     new ed49606  [MPIR-288] Add a skipEmptyReport option
     new 43fe191  Accidentially removed plugin
     new d86e1d6  Improve TODO descriptions
     new 1d3a0aa  Added localization strings for verbatim copy of a URL-based license
     new 2c1a0e5  [MPIR-317] Remove FAQ entry for Recaptcha Mailhide
     new 75ec390  [MPIR-318] Link time zone FAQ entry to the POM reference documentation
     new 60e435f  [MPIR-313] License name is mandatory but it is not validated
     new 2cafdfe  Correct spelling in dependencies report: unamed => unnamed
     new e85f143  [MPIR-319] Apache Ant has not dependency management but Apache Ivy has
     new bbf4218  Set license name to Unnamed in dep report if no name has been provided and append comma if there is more than one license.
     new 09a7b94  Add missing locales to full POM IT
     new d7fc140  Make consistent use of Yes/No in dependencies report
     new eb2eda6  Several language style improvements in resource bundles
     new 8acfb83  keep en as site's default locale
     new 787d3fd  [MPIR-267] added check without failing, since it still needs to be fixed
     new d2033e8  [MPIR-322] reuse packaged artifacts when available
     new 002b942  [MPIR-322] package is not sufficient, need install
     new b30da32  [MPIR-321] Disable/remove dev/contrib current time generation because it is broken
     new 5634fdd  [MPIR-263] restored old java version detection algorithm and added IT to check the supported and not yet supported conditions
     new 779d5fa  [MPIR-263] improved minimum java requirement when m-compiler-p not explicitely configured: use default properties
     new 936ddc8  [MPIR-324] Clean up unused and used undeclared dependencies
     new 46e981b  Improve comments in pom.xml
     new 1010717  We out our own dog food: generate project reports with the current version of ourself
     new 83b1edd  [MPIR-325] JIRA report is not generated
     new 081073d  Skim JIRA report
     new 223da56  [MPIR-326] Remove notes to ancient version of this plugin or the Site Plugin in the apt files
     new e576a0c  Move dog food to reporting section out from the reporting profile
     new cf2f4cd  Shorten the description about JIRA to the same style as the rest.
     new b949e30  [MPIR-247] "Comparison method violates its general contract!" while generating site
     new e09083d  Remove line breaks from APT author line as it causes unpleasent line breaks in HTML meta tags
     new e1b6968  Simplify usage description
     new 1212cc8  fixed unit-test after message change from r1649369
     new 111767c  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-project-info-reports-plugin-2.8
     new be75c84  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 1f93ede  Rollback release
     new f197f13  Fix syntax error
     new c0dd4be  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-project-info-reports-plugin-2.8
     new 78a5085  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 01b9f9b  changed svnpubsub url from /content to /components
     new 02ab9f6  moved Jira from Codehaus to Apache
     new 4cb2372  [MNGSITE-243] Fixed link to How to use Mirros for Repositories
     new dc885ce  [MPIR-234] added MPIR scm IT with git scm
     new a2a2d02  defining push url in anonymous connection does not have any meaning
     new 42e32f6  [MPIR-300] fixed plugins report: report plugins with version defined in pluginManagement was wrong
     new a764e3e  code simplification
     new 4fc62ee  [MPIR-329] French translation in
     new 660e601  next version will be 2.8.1
     new 7180677  changed multiple "Artifact: xxx has no file." error messages to distinct and more precise explanations to better know what happens
     new 970b1c8  just warn if no file for artifact
     new db457b1  fixed error reported by Checkstyle
     new af5485d  [MPIR-332] don't warn when removing path added to git repo url
     new cbd2a4d  avoid Maven 3.3.x regression on properties interpolation (will open a MNG issue...)
     new 3ea65cd  [MINVOKER-194] show the interpolation issue
     new fdb3070  [MPIR-333] switch to Fluido skin
     new 0994441  [MINVOKER-194] removed config for analysis now that this is explained by invoker config in parent pom (see r1646983)
     new e27876f  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-project-info-reports-plugin-2.8.1
     new 1f3d3d1  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new ee0196c  Result of mvn versions:update-child-modules -DallowSnapshots -N
     new baf3cf8  [MPIR-268] Add Gradle dependency information
     new eda8d0c  use released version of plugin parent, i.e 28
     new 999d313  [MPOM-95] updated parent pom location
     new 72f96c0  Close streams even in test cases
     new 213cee9  use same Jetty version as maven-site-plugin (for tests)
     new ba7fe90  Added TODOs for translation
     new 0a83da3  [MPIR-337] Localize sealed information on JARs
     new 7f9d75a  [MPIR-251] Artifact ###### has no file error regression
     new 65ccb36  [MPIR-336] Pickup maven-shared-jar-1.2-SNAPSHOT
     new 24e53f0  Remove myself as contributor, I a developer now
     new d2685a9  [MPIR-336] Upgrade to Maven Shared JAR 1.2
     new 37954cc  [MPIR-308] Plugin fails with Java 8 (caused by BCEL)
     new 1cdcc44  Update version to 2.9-SNAPSHOT but remain on Java 5 until 3.0
     new 338cd41  Removed stub documentation which is self-explanatory
     new 7ef3167  Fix Javadoc 8 doclint warnings
     new 3592fed  Locally disable Checkstyle UnusedImports false positive
     new 474ce60  [MPIR-338] Localize alternative text for used icons
     new 5e27d76  [MPIR-340] Omit legend and dependency details in Dependency Convergence if there is 100 % convergence
     new ed3cfc9  [MPIR-339] Align/pluralize name of and all of its usages
     new 4916463  Small improvement on the dependencies size calculation
     new 2d716a9  Update Javadocs for the previous commit
     new 07c0ebe  File size formatter was altered but IT not
     new a622b1f  [MPIR-341] Align mojo class names to element names in pom.xml
     new 13b9429  [MPIR-341] Align mojo class names to element names in pom.xml
     new 4816d3e  [MPIR-342] Document upcoming mojo and file names change in 3.0
     new f29296d  Fix formatting according to the Chicago Manual of Style
     new c9ce7ab  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-project-info-reports-plugin-2.9
     new 19567fa  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 77e8c1f  Revert back to 2.9-SNAPSHOT
     new 104318f  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-project-info-reports-plugin-2.9
     new ceba2b3  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 3b6fcf2  [MPIR-347] Upgrade to Java 6
     new ff9f7e2  o Updated to 'plexus-utils-3.0.23'. o Updated to stop suppressing exceptions incorrectly when closing resources.   Most of the time the 'IOUtils.closeQuietly' methods of 'commons-io' and   the 'IOUtil.close' method of 'plexus-utils' are used incorrectly. They   are meant to be used in 'finally' blocks to not suppress an exception   already thrown in the 'try' block. The documentation of the   'IOUtils.closeQuietly' methods explicitly contains usage examples.   As soon as [...]
     new 5e1d9df  o Updated to 'plexus-utils' 3.0.24.
     new 65d0736  updated Jira url
     new 3597c76  updated Jira url
     new dc48dc2  [MPIR-348] Usage of HTTP in web site for resources cause redirects to HTTPS
     new c98fb24  o Updated to stop suppressing exceptions incorrectly when closing resources.
     new 7d9419e  [MPIR-349] fixed module links when data comes from settings.xml: use project from reactor instead of (wrongly) building it Submitted by: Alix Lourme applied with little formatting fixes
     new c2ef8df  [MPIR-349] added a note for future complete fix
     new e0b9978  [MPIR-350] Upgrade of plexus-interpolation to 1.24.
     new 8648f9f  Correct to
     new 0027b2b  o Updated to latest parent SNAPSHOT.
     new d56f2ac  o Reverted last commit to reset to release version parent's.
     new 8ed1058  [MPIR-288] Add a skipEmptyReport option
     new 1c04dde  [MPIR-288] Add a skipEmptyReport option
     new 6fa93b4  [MPIR-353] Upgrade parent to version 30
     new 5268347  [MPIR-353] Upgrade parent to version 30
     new 0d6d7ae  [MPIR-354] Upgrade Maven Site Plugin to version 3.5.1 for ITs
     new 7f6967b  [MPIR-352] Use protocol-agnostic URL for Gravatar
     new 69ffeaf  [MPIR-355] Upgrade dependencies which are code- and testsafe
     new 9f4b73e  [MPIR-356] Deprecate non-used methods in ProjectInfoReportUtils
     new bb05c8d  [MPIR-358] Add GitHub for issue management
     new 042d1bb  [MPIR-359] Generated links for Mercurial SCM are broken

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