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Subject [maven-pmd-plugin] branch master created (now 9937233)
Date Sat, 09 Dec 2017 15:28:13 GMT
This is an automated email from the ASF dual-hosted git repository.

hboutemy pushed a change to branch master
in repository

      at 9937233  [MPMD-235] Javadoc errors when building with java8

This branch includes the following new commits:

     new 5fc36f2  move reports into maven-plugins
     new 4612919  set eol style
     new c7c6f6d  PR: MNG-366 separate api from implementation keeping most of doxia, reporting
and other libraries out of the core
     new 3a5f9ab  PR: MNG-530 don't attempt to configure non-report mojos during reporting
     new 8f831e6  remove unnecessary report components definitions
     new d1c1d63  update dependency and parent versions
     new 8e1e7b7  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-pmd-2.0-alpha-2
     new 687d2cc  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new da04301  PR: MNG-1043 Submitted by: Ken Weiner Reviewed by:  Brett Porter configure
the target JDK in PMD report plugin
     new f8fda8f  PR: MNG-1034 Submitted by: Johnny R. Ruiz III Reviewed by:  Brett Porter
switch plugins to use the outputDirectory field of <reporting>
     new cb7e1e2  PR: MNG-962 unify defaults excludes
     new 5c2eda6  set necessary prereqs and exclusions
     new 33654aa  update versions in plugins
     new fc4bb5c  MNG-1216, MNG-1239: Add a default bundle (safety) for assembly-plugin, pmd-plugin,
clover-plugin, site-plugin
     new c46d7ef  Upgrade dependencies
     new a97762f  don't add report for non-java projects
     new 4fdc31a  PR: MPMD-2  Add support for configurable rulesets
     new e2a7750  PR: MPMD-8 Contributer: Patrick O'Shea
     new 91f36f2  MPMD-9 Submitted by: Nick Giles Add JXR support to PMD report
     new 8e6cb3e  PR: MPMD-7 Submitted by: Christian Schulte Add support for configurable
source encodings
     new 9b59f55  PR: MPMD-10 Add CPD report support
     new ca75322  Update POM parent to 2.0.1 to pick up plugin documentation. Add more parameter
     new 1e6dcf0  PR: MPMD-4 Submitted by: Mark Titorenko Add location independence to rulesets
Change default rulesets to the same as M1
     new be57b98  Don't print metrics section if no metrics are available
     new 3285c9c  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-pmd-plugin-2.0-beta-1
     new c7fe3e8  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new fd1c4cf  Remove metrics report as it is noisy and useless, doc formatting
     new 0373af9  Fix CPD report to handle projects with no source
     new 5eecf96  PR: MPMD-2 Submitted by: Bernd Bohmann Always exclude
since it is not actually source code but rather documentation
     new c5809ef  [MPMD-13] add a pmd:check mojo Submitted by: John Allen
     new 9290ad9  [MPMD-12] update to PMD-3.5, and change to use non-deprecated API getLine()
that was removed
     new f863af7  Document the targetJdk parameter
     new 69dc5c3  allow configuration of format from cli
     new 24b3ceb  don't add report if the source directory doesn't exist
     new 11246b5  [MPMD-16] Add option for exclusions Submitted By: Joakim Erdfelt
     new b1bd95b  adjust parent POMs
     new 4e4d7c2  set correct default for linkXref
     new 23cb8bf  [MPMD-18] make linkXRef consistent. Also, fix pmd:check.
     new e640259  refactor copied code from CpdReport and PmdReport into a common base class
(oh, the irony!)
     new b6fd937  [MPMD-14] add a cpd-check goal, and factor out the common elements with
the check goal
     new e514283  [MPMD-23] upgrade to 3.6
     new df9fdf1  set to 2.0-SNAPSHOT
     new ddf58ac  Stub out check goal docs
     new 2222c1b  [MPMD-24] only check under the same conditions the report would be generated
(java language, source directory exists). Other minor fixes included
     new e37e52e  add extra documentation on fields
     new 42a89f0  improved PMD documentation
     new a3f0bce  update docs
     new 698a383  clearer explanation of failure
     new cac7e47  PR: MPMD-15 Submitted by: Nick Giles Fix typo with begin/end line number
     new 43301c4  PR: MPMD-25 Submitted by: Fabian Bauschulte Fix \ characters in URLs
     new 0974b20  PR: MPMD-26
     new ff407b2  PR: MPMD-26
     new df1f7ad  Updated path name that was used in testing
     new 3db50d0  Updated path name used in testing
     new cc3efec  Changed some of the test conditions
     new 024a77c  PR: MPMD-26
     new 64288be  remove unnecessary surefire definition, use released test library
     new 42d0a84  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-pmd-plugin-2.0
     new d9ebb71  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 20c0c2d  PR: MPMD-29 Patch Submitted by: John Allen
     new 35683ac  PR: MPMD-32 Submitted by: Szczepan Faber Add minimumPriority parameter
     new abb3853  PR: PMD-34
     new 34ceadf  PR: MPMD-31 Add skip parameter support
     new d13d097  Small grammar correction
     new 7020f6b  Update plugin to use PMD 3.7
     new f41cf57  PR: MPMD-33 Submitted by: Doug Douglass Do not fail build on PMD failures,
include them in the report
     new 0d019bd  PR: MPMD-34 Plugin documentation update
     new fa87cca  Add PMD version to report.  Emit "everything's ok" message in report if
no errors were found, rather than a blank report.
     new a221676  PR: MPMD-35 Update CPD report to have the same UI tweaks as PMD report.
     new 8770f9b  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-pmd-plugin-2.1
     new af5a17b  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 5ec9c7b  MNG-2460: Incorrect POM inheritance for plugins
     new 9764182  PR: MPMD-38 Refactor excludes to work with both PMD and CPD
     new 6153d10  MSITE-138: site:stage does not create xref
     new 6dd66d3  o Fix the last docck error. o Add license.
     new e83c56f  o Add formating. o Fix typos. o Add license.
     new 9599c76  MPMD-43 : added build output of pmd failures. based upon patch by Steven
     new fd4b877  updated parent to version 3 for snapshot deploy
     new 391a3ce  MPMD-43 : updated site info
     new 9c16924  update all parents
     new 2a3a109  use inheritence and make all the site appearances consistent
     new 048e73f  MPMD-46 - ability to fail check above certain priority and warn on the rest.
     new 300ca49  removed extraneous output in the test.
     new a5a996f  Conforming to Apache Process. * Adding LICENSE and NOTICE file for maven-pmd-plugin.
* Adding build/resources section to pom.
     new 33f8018  put back the Overview menu - when you inherit menu items they are meant
to be resolved against the parent, by design - so these always belonged in the child POM.
     new 9aac27d  PR: MPMD-50 Sort files to process
     new be36452  o making work with the remote resources plugins
     new f56d149  o fixing headers according the ASF rules
     new 3b2a63d  o fix tests
     new ca2e707  o using the plexus-resources component instead of the Locator copied in
three plugins: clover, pmd, checkstyle. An experiment   vicent and i tried here to measure
the real cost of duplicated code.
     new 58e8e1d  o updating to latest released parent
     new e041cea  - move plugin-plugin out of 'reporting' for plugins. It's a required part
of the site, and does not cause any issues with the reactor or site generation - update to
     new dd2c09c  MPMD-41,MPMD-30,MPMD-47,MPMD-51,MPMD40 * Use PMD 3.9 * Use compileSourceRoots
and testSourceRoots for directories * Copy the pmd.xml to site as well
     new b20f419  Add ability to exclude some source roots
     new 0261e0e  MPMD-28, MPMD-52, MPMD-44, MPDM-53 * Add maven.pmd.skip and maven.cpd.skip
flags * Added aggregate mode (with support for xrefs) * Workaround bug in ResourceManager
in reporting mode
     new b615384  MPMD-28 Cleanup aggregate mode.   Add project names to html output.
     new ff09834  MPMD-49 Add information for verbose mode for cdp:check Remove calls to deprecated
     new a91dc57  Add required apache license header
     new 9a8c842  MPMD-53: fixed expression for new skip params per standards -
     new 657327f  Fix some codestyle/checkstyle issues Fix all PMD issues Second attempt to
workaround problem with ResourceManager is reporting.
     new caaab41  Update faq to match the inew "skip" expressions
     new ea67fb3  Update example so the "resource specified" resources would actually work.
     new 81a23d6  Set contextClassLoader before running report to workaround ResourceManager
     new 811aa66  Put the full codefragment out in debug log for verbose mode
     new d93a008  Remove codehaus repository since asm is now at central
     new 0f231a8  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-pmd-plugin-2.2
     new c58dbf3  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new c9d0f62  Fixes for URL usage for ruleset locations
     new 4a0ec69  Add testcase for URL resolving
     new 3b3ecd3  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-pmd-plugin-2.2
     new 6d84458  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 5febb89  o bump to plexus-utils:1.4.2 to fix the build on winxp
     new 0d44966  update prerequisites due to plexus-utils requirement
     new 66fcc5a  [MPMD-55] Patch from pkernevez applied to add proper UTF-8 encoding to xml
     new ce0ba30  [MPMD-59] Update to PMD 4.1 (patch from Xavier Le Vourch applied with other
fixes needed)
     new 1f447e0  [MPMD-56] Add support for Java 1.6 (patch from Xavier Le Vourch applied)
     new 4f192da  Add missing file for MPMD-56
     new ba84d9f  [MPMP-66] Support for jdk1.4 using new pmd-jdk14 artifact Submitted by:
Xavier Le Vourch Reviewed by: Dennis Lundberg
     new 96955d4  o Fix javadoc errors.
     new ea51f17  [MPMD-58] sourceEncoding honoured with pmd but not cpd Submitted by: Xavier
Le Vourch Reviewed by: Dennis Lundberg
     new 66c9828  o Fix errors reported by Checkstyle.
     new 44b4fc1  [MPMD-65] Better error handling for PMDException Submitted by: Xavier Le
Vourch Reviewed by: Dennis Lundberg
     new 4f8bbe9  Documentation update: - Fix errors and typos - Add more @since information
- Add some formating - Extract "How to remove a report" from the faq into an example - Move
to an fml based faq - Use new license headers
     new 9e836e6  [MPMD-39] Target JDK should default to configuration of the compiler plugin
     new 1975d25  o Fix errors reported by Checkstyle.
     new 1300f62  o Set eol style to Native.
     new 45aa822  o Reorder pom elements.
     new b7ab4d9  o Update to plugin-parent-10. o Remove reports that are available in the
     new d55c5c4  o Add used but undeclared dependencies.
     new dab4f13  o Remove unused imports.
     new 0fee791  [MPMD-69] line number is not displayed in pmd check report Submitted by:
Xavier Le Vourch Reviewed by: Dennis Lundberg
     new dfd78d5  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-pmd-plugin-2.3
     new 8497c80  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 1fe6989  o Revert back to previous version to sort out LICENSE and NOTICE files.
The -sources jar was missing LICENSE and NOTICE files and the other jars had duplicate NOTICE
     new 435605c  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-pmd-plugin-2.3
     new ee7ab2e  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 5fa2bea  [MPMD-72] Add dedicated resource bundles for locale "en" Submitted by: Benjamin
Bentmann Reviewed by: Dennis Lundberg
     new ab99c72  [MPMD-61] When running build using "-f <path_to_pom>/pom.xml" the
site is stored in working directory instead of project directory
     new 431da4c  [MPMD-74] Clarify usage of outputDirectory parameter
     new a67e5e2  [MPMD-70] Move hard-coded strings to resource bundle
     new 850f2ac  [MPMD-71] Add german translation
     new f543ab0  [MPMD-77] excludeRoots doesn't work with basedir-relative paths Submitted
by: Justin Edelson Reviewed by: Benjamin Bentmann
     new 72a1d2f  o Updated to maven-plugins:11 o Updated to plexus-utils:1.5.1 o Updated
to maven-plugin-testing-harness:1.1
     new f632664  o Polished site docs
     new 214926d  [MPMD-78] Update to PMD 4.2.1
     new 3dbfee8  o Guarded against relative paths
     new 93e4f96  o Refactored includes/excludes string twiddling
     new 8febb59  [MPMD-75] PMD plugin unable to exclude groovy-stub files.
     new c745a32  o Deleted outdated TODO's (support for multiple source roots has been added
in MPMD-47)
     new 04eb99b  o Added @since tags
     new b1789d7  [MPMD-76] use ${} as default value for "sourceEncoding"
     new 2e2232a  [MPMD-76] use ${} as default value for "sourceEncoding"
     new 08e7c98  [MPMD-79] Warn about usage of platform encoding
     new 5982f4e  Update pmd version to latest pmd
     new 73b3e49  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-pmd-plugin-2.4
     new 0568303  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 53a70dc  [MPMD-82] Output Non-HTML reports to proper site output directory
     new 87e9d2a  Try to use the 12-SNAPSHOT parent
     new 4c87c2d  Mailing lists are correctly inherited
     new a0b4c6a  Remove plugins versions already defined in parent maven-plugin-plugin 2.4.2
is used and fixes MPLUGIN-107
     new 2666a4c  o Added stub IT profile to highlight plugins during CI
     new 78606b9  [MPMD-87] Provide a custom ruleset for Maven projects
     new 6af031a  o Updated index page of plugin site
     new 0370da6  o Unified plugin name
     new c831b7e  o Changed encoding of site descriptor to UTF-8 just like used for POMs o
Updated/added license headers
     new ec911c3  o Explicitly stated UTF-8 as file encoding o Updated license header
     new 4787d84  o Updated index page of plugin site
     new bab6eac  o Inherited from maven-plugins:12
     new 925ac55  o Formatted/reordered POM
     new 594351b  o Stabilized tests
     new 244df05  o Fixed svn:keywords
     new 465eacc  o Fixed file leaks
     new 23d8fe7  o Updated to pmd:4.2.4
     new 49a8664  o Fixed file leak (ideally, the framework would take care of properly closing
the sinks in all cases...)
     new 6ea69a3  [MPMD-85] Excludes PMD/CPD reports for POM files with pom packaging
     new 01acbb1  o Fixed indentation
     new cd97370  o Fixed file leaks
     new 77c1c1d  use the latest parents
     new 63f6666  o Inherited from maven-plugins:13
     new b992465  used* for schema location
     new a4080d1  o filtering version in doc
     new ee86ddb  o fixed ambiguous links o added Doxia xsd
     new d7cdb1d  o order dep
     new 27d827d  MPMD-102: Bump to Doxia 1.0
     new e972485  o javadoc
     new 5725e8b  MPMD-105: Review the Doxia Sink calls
     new 73b95b0  o added current pmd version in the reporting profile
     new c686471  enable it for maven 3
     new f1fd44a  upgrade parent version to ensure source-release is automatic.
     new 534f3ea  o Updated to maven-invoker-plugin:1.4
     new 813f2e4  o Fixed POM problems
     new 38d54d6  o Add l10n-maven-plugin.
     new f17520e  [MPMD-112] Update to Maven Reporting Impl
     new 51cf046  [MPMD-111] Add Swedish translation
     new 45e7175  [MPMD-111] Add Swedish translation
     new 6290305  Update to maven-plugins-16.
     new f97d883  upgrade to last parent version.
     new 55fa06b  [MPMD-97] Update to PMD 4.2.5
     new 4f8da49  upgrade invoker-plugin version
     new c7e57af  [MPMD-93] avoid platform encoding for CPD output file in site directory,
by simply copying the file already generated in target directory without this encoding problem
     new 75de251  fixed empty cpd.xml file copy
     new 68d039e  [MPMD-93] avoid platform encoding use, use UTF-8 fixed encoding instead
for PMD reports other than HTML
     new 3bad90c  removed unused imports
     new e9cf34f  [MPMD-120] upgraded plexus-resources to 1.0-alpha-7 to avoid rule files
     new 16339ca  refactoring: moved sourceEncoding from CpdReport and PmdReport to AbstractPmdReport
     new 4150d3b  [MPMD-83] use project.reporting.outputEncoding encoding for non-HTML reports
     new 96cb793  fixed typos
     new 4faf21d  code refactoring
     new 3624fac  [MPMD-95] don't fail when format=none
     new f3e7157  [MPMD-95] don't fail when format=none
     new 0d6eefe  code refactoring
     new 2f6708c  [MPMD-91] report filename when no class name available in pmd:check output
     new 572f510  o properly detect encoding of PMD XML report o close file reader
     new 4ab81b5  [MPMD-113] added support for ignoreLiterals and ignoreIdentifiers CPD properties
     new 0f55287  [MPMD-116] added RuleSet.start() and end() calls like done in PMD Ant task
     new 5c8f798  [MPMD-99] calculate PMD.VERSION by runtime reflection to avoid compiler
inlining the constant value base on a patch submitted by: Henri Tremblay
     new 749381f  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-pmd-plugin-2.5
     new b736e77  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 1d8281c  updated reporting plugins dependencies: maven-reporting-api 3.0 and maven-reporting-impl
     new 505c1d0  [MPMD-122] Add @threadSafe support for maven3
     new 0d8cdd8  add faq about links to jxr cross-refs
     new d269768  use released version of maven-site-plugin
     new 53c9bd2  [MPMD-124] cannot use targetDirectory
     new 6d0d0f7  use last site plugin SNAPSHOT for maven 3 build
     new b67fcea  upgraded to released version of site plugin
     new 4ab9d59  [MPMD-106] added pt_BR translation Submitted by: Taciano Tres
     new 9ff7370  use StringBuffer instead of String+= in loops
     new c40746d  fixed code style
     new 0af257e  fix relativePath to plugins parent and bump to latest parent for all plugins
     new f193aaa  o added mavenVersion property when not already there o used mavenVersion
property for maven prerequisite
     new 87700f1  upgrade plugins to latest parent 21
     new be5ddef  no more need of profile for site-plugin version 3.0 works works with all
     new 32ead36  [MPMD-127] Report cannot correctly handle external PMD ruleset as exported
by Sonar QA Dashboard Submitted by Tjerk Stroband
     new 81a36db  upgrade to last parent version 22
     new bff0110  formatting to fix checktyle issue
     new 70aa1e5  use append rather than + to concat string in a StringBuffer
     new c6d7afb  preserve stack trace
     new 9e84566  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-pmd-plugin-2.6
     new 6be52bc  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 9fd8cb9  Add the pt_BR locale for the l10n-maven-plugin.
     new 798d346  Remove unused import.
     new 64ed16f  [PMD-135] Update to use and require Java 5
     new 9b8f836  [PMD-135] Update to use and require Java 5
     new 1127059  [MPMD-122] mark pmd check thread safe too.
     new c70254a  [MPMD-134] Update to PMD 4.3 -- allow target to java 7 Submitted by: Eric
Barboni Reviewed by: Dennis Lundberg
     new 5e28d61  Fix errors reported by Checkstyle.
     new f39b8db  Extract the PMD version into a property, that is also included on the front
page of the generated site.
     new 00ffc29  [MPMD-134] Update to PMD 4.3 -- allow target to java 7
     new 74616a5  Cleanup maven-invoker-plugin configuration. It is already configured in
maven-plugins parent, which caused a duplicate invocation of this plugin. Similar to r1228917.
     new f991fbb  The version for maven-invoker-plugin is inherited.
     new 188521e  Remove dependency on xerces:xmlParserAPIs which is bundled with Java 5 which
is now the minimum requirement for this plugin. Remove unused dependencies: doxia-core, maven-doxia-tools
and plexus-interpolation.
     new 7025558  add fr i18n for cpd
     new d2d258b  Add dutch resource bundles
     new 800aeeb  [MPMD-136] Add Dutch translation
     new 45bc3bb  Fix error reported by Checkstyle.
     new 091a044  fixed typos
     new 1dc8074  Add generics
     new ec0acf0  Add more generics
     new 5082504  Fix MPMD-138: Use modello to generate models to read pmd and cpd files
     new 3abe7bc  MPMD-138: Fix IT-tests by letting it reflect the core issue. Use default
rules, use different failures
     new 30d2c2b  [MPMD-141] Add Italian Resource Bundle
     new 6feaadc  more elegant Italian :)
     new 23f8aff  Add generics and remove unused imports
     new 70325b2  [MPMD-141] Add Italian Resource Bundle
     new 8be35dd  [MPMD-140] Require Maven 2.2.1
     new 01dbfe1  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-pmd-plugin-2.7
     new 4536304  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new ca8589e  [MPMD-142] PMD Report for maven site fails with ClassCastException
     new 82e6756  Add IT for MPMD-142
     new f1c9951  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-pmd-plugin-2.7.1
     new b6bdb2f  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 33a2608  [MPMD-146] An incomplete fix for the resource leak bugs in
Submitted by Guangtai Liang.
     new 99626f4  [MPMD-145] An incomplete fix for the resource leak bugs in
Submitted by Guangtai Liang.
     new e06ae8c  [MPMD-144] An incomplete fix for the resource leak bugs in
     new aed2a65  [MPMD-147] Migrate to PMD 5.0.0 Submitted by Andreas Dangel.
     new 4446f1b  code formatting
     new c83f4ea  bump version to 2.8-SNAPSHOT as it contains a major pmd upgrade
     new 4d83100  [MPMD-148] Add support for javascript / ecmascript Submitted by Andreas
     new 9c9fb8d  add Andreas Dangel in contributor section
     new 7b8f288  [MPMD-149] Fix Potential NPE in PmdReportListener Submitted by Andreas Dangel.
     new ca7d553  [MPMD-150] Add Javascript documentation Submitted by Andreas Dangel.
     new b83ea11  fix date format in apt files
     new b53ba10  code format no change
     new e69408b  [MPMD-118] Goal cpd-check uses ${pmd.failOnViolation} for failOnViolation
Flag and can't be set independet from PMD check.
     new dd80f9d  add @since
     new 1905e5d  [MPMD-151] Use canonical paths for the file list / Unit test failures on Submitted by Andreas Dangel.
     new 507af3e  use last 3.1 version
     new 8b03752  [MPMD-156] use maven-plugin-tools' java 5 annotations
     new 0cd6e43  reorder pom following our conventions
     new c97862f  move plugin version to a property and plugins annotations in compile scope
     new 6b9ba24  use last plugin parent snapshot to use last compiler plugin to improve build
time on jenkins build.
     new d01586e  annotations are not needed for plugin execution so mark dependency as provided
     new 73c71dd  use released parent pom
     new 9c8ea83  replace StringBuffer by StringBuilder
     new 75b75ca  update maven-plugin-plugin to 3.2
     new f4564d7  test with last site plugin version
     new e2bd659  use last plexus-utils 3.0.9
     new 1171629  [MPMD-159] Threadsafety issue when used in parallel builds. Submitted by
Ryan Heinen.
     new a5738c1  add contributor
     new e814b44  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-pmd-plugin-2.8
     new df9ee8c  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new ecedb11  bump version to 3.0-SNAPSHOT
     new 7c6ae59  [MPMD-160] Update to PMD 5.0.1 Submitted by Andreas Dangel.
     new 5ad9945  add contributor
     new d9b6a64  [MPMD-80] maven-pmd-plugin should generate only one pmd.xml file
     new 9f183a5  Fix @since version numbers.
     new 8083b35  [MPMD-89] Having an equivalent for auxclasspath option
     new f5f93f0  upgrade to last parent pom
     new b1c626b  [MPMD-161] PMD/CPD violation exclusions by class/issue Submitted by Andrey
     new 9d9e506  add contributor
     new 19fa56c  format code
     new 0393a01  format test code
     new f6d6609  missed to add files
     new cc18b7f  add license headers
     new 5ac9997  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-pmd-plugin-3.0
     new d04c614  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 5d130a9  add animal sniffer check
     new 31ed2f2  restore 1.5 compat
     new 8414a20  upgrade to pmd 5.0.2
     new 13b2a86  back to 3.0-SNAPSHOT
     new da1ac9c  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-pmd-plugin-3.0
     new 0869976  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 631ca81  add documentation for MPMD-161
     new 1348122  [MPMD-163] PMD issues are reported multiple times Submitted by Mirko Friedenhagen.
     new 2d91b58  add contributor
     new 802f61c  add it for MPMD-163
     new 995972a  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-pmd-plugin-3.1
     new 3860c46  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 4590694  next version will be 3.0.1
     new dc5bc58  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-pmd-plugin-3.0.1
     new b786e33  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new d051ee4  [MPMD-167] CPD performance issues Submitted by Andreas Dangel
     new c7a0bde  [MPMD-169] Support multi-threaded mode of PMD 5 Submitted by Andreas Dangel
     new e7cdeec  fix IT on CI server: need to define maven-site-plugin version in ITs that
use PMD reports
     new 6114d22  [MPMD-168] Skip report generation if results are empty Submitted by Andreas
     new 95920d5  [MPMD-168] missed to add files
     new d31f3d7  next version will be 3.1
     new 4da7a33  fix name
     new 40549b7  make site working with 3.1.x
     new 087fc28  make it working with core 3.1.x
     new c6d40ef  ease site deployment
     new 4bec872  Follow ASF branding rules.
     new b42d666  Fixed ITs on maven 3.0.3 by upgrading site plugin
     new db3cb17  OCD green sidebar code cleanup
     new 86a60df  Fixed PMD IT on 3.0.3
     new c4104a3  pmd/war java5 stuff
     new ab88737  Further code analysis improvements
     new 75d5faa  More code analysis fixes
     new 460cae5  Reformatted to code style
     new 8c3b4bc  Revert "Reformatted to code style"
     new 302812b  Add missing license headers. This plugin now passes the checks done by RAT.
     new ec3e181  fixed ITs after addition of license headers in test files
     new 3d36711  configured site deploy to /plugins-archives/<artifactId>-LATEST
     new 5a5f111  use groovy file
     new 49c0dcc  [MPMD-176] updgrade to pmd 5.0.5
     new 953c022  merge
     new d4fe9ad  merge ooops missed to files
     new 7a6d26b  fixed compile problem with Maven 2.2.1 due to default m-compiler-p not supporting
source with generics (source=1.3)
     new f10b779  don't execute this IT with Maven 2.x since configuring rulesets parameter
to empty value results to default value instead of empty value
     new a97a76a  [MPMD-179] Plugin generates reports incompatible with the 'maven-jxr-plugin'
version 2.4
     new b685885  [MPMD-180] Remove redundant "Report" word on report name labels
     new 7351be5  [MPMD-176] use pmd 5.1.0
     new a001a28  back to pmd 5.0.5
     new f4e4751  [MPMD-172] Warning about missing XRef for module with no source.
     new dde9ceb  [MPMD-166] Plugin fails when switching from 2.7.1 to 3.0.1 - Adjusted the
paths to bundled rule sets - Add a note for people migrating to Maven PMD Plugin 3.0 - Make
the link to the PMD rules index versioned, because PMD now have versioned documentation
     new 20b2193  Set svn property for EOL-style to Native.
     new dba0732  [MPMD-181] Add flag to capture Benchmark information Submitted by: Anthony
Whitford Reviewed by: Dennis Lundberg
     new bec75d9  Fix errors reported by Checkstyle.
     new 342e656  [MPMD-181] Add flag to capture Benchmark information - Add missing @since
tags for parameters
     new 97b6c97  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-pmd-plugin-3.1
     new 49aa176  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 0c31566  upgraded parent pom (compiler, assembly, doap not upgraded because of a
failure: need to investigate)
     new a4b5bc4  Updated reporting/doxia
     new 3513b14  [MNGSITE-152]  - Added appropriate links to download site and license location
   to fulfill the ASF requirements.
     new 6c14e1e  [MNGSITE-152]  - Added missing download.cgi and xdoc/download.xml.vm
     new 65ac161  added license header
     new 8e188e7  [MPMD-182] Upgrade to PMD 5.1.1
     new 1000ac3  [MPMD-188] Require Java 6
     new c8ed756  [MPMD-182] Upgrade to PMD 5.1.2
     new b2bb383  [MPMD-188] Require Java 6
     new aa26eda  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-pmd-plugin-3.2
     new 25dd062  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new a6c725a  [MPMD-189]  - Injection via @Parameter instead of @Component
     new 37db501  Injection via @Parameter instead of @Component
     new 3284305  - Added to all plugins LICENSE file - Added to all plugins NOTICE file with
copyright year 2007-2014
     new 9a83042  - Undone the commit r1630358 which means to remove   all LICENSE/NOTICE
files until the ASF is clear about   what to do.
     new a33bc33  MPMD-191: Update to PMD 5.2.1
     new 13f9f75  MPMD-191: Update to PMD 5.2.1
     new 47043a8  MPMD-191: Update to PMD 5.2.1 - Update documentation.
     new 7c1d77d  MPMD-191: Update to PMD 5.2.1 - Update documentation part 2
     new c8f5e68  Update parent to newest maven-plugins pom.
     new c5d7191  Fix checkstyle errors showing up due to new maven-checkstyle-plugin version
in current maven-plugins pom.
     new 6f5502b  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-pmd-plugin-3.3
     new 2375b5b  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 9e0d729  defined m-compiler-p target version to avoid plugin-tools report limitation
     new ce17cb3  MPMD-192: Regression MPMD-89 is showing up with Maven 2.2.1 again for maven-pmd-plugin-3.3
* Just skip this test for Maven 2.
     new 946348e  Rollback version for release 3.3 take 2
     new 7c75ff6  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-pmd-plugin-3.3
     new 2ecf8e9  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 9b3eb5f  [MPMD-170] Have targetJdk default to
     new 13fca94  [MPMD-165] target/site/pmd.html created with invalid charset=${outputEncoding}
     new 5234469  [MPMD-171] Rule properties are ignored when run under MPMD
     new 872c32b  [MPMD-187] Report is generated even when skip is true
     new f13b91a  Several language style improvements in log messages
     new 20c6ed2  [MPMD-129] Maven PMD plugin does not have suppressMarker property that is
available in PMD itself
     new e3dc669  [MPMD-197] Update dependencies and resolve minor Java warnings
     new 15e2e9b  [MPMD-195] Upgrade to PMD 5.2.2 as soon as it is available
     new 113a8a2  [MPMD-193] CPD's sourceEncoding not set since PMD 5.1.1 is used
     new f75e910  [MPMD-193] CPD's sourceEncoding not set since PMD 5.1.1 is used
     new 71107b8  [MPIR-198] Upgrade to PMD 5.2.3 as soon as it is available
     new 9a81354  [MPMD-174] Using a permalink from Sonar as a ruleset does not work
     new a78e071  fixed build with mvn 2.2.1
     new 261e4ed  [MPMD-201] Clean up unused and used undeclared dependencies
     new 639184e  removed configuration already inherited from parent
     new 0053193  [MPMD-202] Remove notes to ancient version of this plugin and expired information
     new c1ff62b  MPMD-191: Remove unneeded dependency from javascript example.
     new fb7b8dd  MPMD-191: Remove hint for javascript dependency from documentation of rulesets
as well.
     new 29eccdd  Code format
     new b7f2b5f  [MPMD-199] Support PMD functionality on JSP files
     new c169063  Fix indentation in jsp-configuration-plugin-config.xml
     new 61ac9ba  Remove Windows-specific terms from javascriptReport.apt.vm
     new 07eda4e  Remove unnecessary configuration from javascript-configuration-plugin-config.xml
     new 58dc40b  [MPMD-203] Upgrade to MPIR 2.8
     new faa1ee6  Fixed several shortcomings and inconsistencies in jspReport.apt.vm
     new d97bd93  Fix duplicate values for target JDKs
     new 748bbf4  Rework target JDK exmaple to the changes made in MPMD-170
     new dd6c58d  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-pmd-plugin-3.4
     new 42038f5  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new ac436b8  typo
     new ca13146  changed svnpubsub url from /content to /components
     new ce319a7  moved Jira from Codehaus to Apache
     new c51bebe  [MPMD-208] Warning about deprecated Rule name when using rulesets/maven.xml
     new bc68078  [MPMD-211] Upgrade plexus-resources from 1.0-alpha-7 to 1.1
     new fee6ec9  [MPMD-209] Upgrade to PMD 5.3.1 Submitted by: Andreas Dangel Reviewed by:
Dennis Lundberg
     new e6c0fd5  [MPMD-207] Support Javascript and JSP for CPD, closes apache/maven-plugins#48
Submitted by: Andreas Dangel Reviewed by: Dennis Lundberg
     new ab42732  [MPMD-205] Javascript violations won't fail the build, closes apache/maven-plugins#46
Submitted by: Andreas Dangel Reviewed by: Dennis Lundberg
     new 159eb58  [MNGSITE-243] Fixed link to How to use Mirros for Repositories
     new 5af84b6  [MPMD-206] Make the sourceDirectories configurable I have changed the parameters
so that they are not read-only any more. However due to MNG-5440 you cannot yet set values
for source directories in your own POM. Once a fix for that issue has been made to Maven core
I will add an integration test for this issue, that will require at least that version of
Maven to run. I have not committed the provided documentation changes yet. That will have
to wait until it is actually  [...]
     new a5c6577  [MPMD-209] Upgrade to PMD 5.3.2
     new 1243d63  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-pmd-plugin-3.5
     new 19e086e  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 259e4c4  Result of mvn versions:update-child-modules -DallowSnapshots -N
     new 7bf78d0  use released version of plugin parent, i.e 28
     new 88168ba  [MPOM-95] updated parent pom location
     new 873a7c8  Fixed file handle leak
     new b3dc61e  [MPMD-186] Class names with slash are omitted from exclusions on pmd:check
     new e00694b  [MPMD-186] Class names with slash are omitted from exclusions on pmd:check
     new 226603d  [MPMD-215] FieldDeclarationsShouldBeAtStartOfClass false positive [MPMD-217]
False positive UselessParentheses [MPMD-218] Update to PMD 5.3.5
     new 501aede  Add a temporary workaround for MRELEASE-925, to get the release out.
     new 4feb1aa  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-pmd-plugin-3.6
     new 275e904  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new d8640db  [MPMD-219] PMD processing errors should fail build (skipPmdError=false)
This commit adds a "PmdCollectingRenderer" and uses it instead of the report listener, as
listeners are unfortunately not informed about errors. If the "skipPmdError" property is true
(default), then these processing errors are logged as warnings. closes apache/maven-plugins#80
     new ca313c5  [MPMD-178] excludeRoots should handle subdirectories
     new 323163e  [MPMD-178] use canonicalPaths to compare the directories
     new e3dc56e  o Updated to 'plexus-utils-3.0.23'. o Updated to stop suppressing exceptions
incorrectly when closing resources.   Most of the time the 'IOUtils.closeQuietly' methods
of 'commons-io' and   the 'IOUtil.close' method of 'plexus-utils' are used incorrectly. They
  are meant to be used in 'finally' blocks to not suppress an exception   already thrown in
the 'try' block. The documentation of the   'IOUtils.closeQuietly' methods explicitly contains
usage examples.   As soon as [...]
     new d105bb9  o Updated to 'plexus-utils' 3.0.24.
     new 88b1bfe  o Updated 'plexus-archiver' to 3.2. o Updated 'commons-io' to 2.5.
     new f96eddb  updated Jira url
     new 0cf5a17  [MPMD-196] Do not rely in tests on toLowerCase but on toLowerCase(Locale.ROOT)
     new 5d81c0b  [MPMD-226] Require Java 7
     new d149596  [MPMD-226] Require Java 7 - update animal-sniffer config
     new 61fcda0  Java 7 updates
     new 1e8cbeb  [MPMD-220] Upgrade to PMD 5.5.1 Enable the rulesets java-empty and java-unnecessary
by default, to remain backwards compatible. They have been in the past releases part of java-basic.
     new 9e1896e  [MPMD-220] Upgrade to PMD 5.5.1 - update documentation and links
     new f65800d  Remove dummy rule - if no rulesets are specified, PMD is not executed now
     new 6420f44  [MPMD-227] Document multimodule configuration example
     new b485b5c  [MPMD-162] PMD/CPD report does not take into account pmd.excludeFromFailureFile
Basic implementation
     new fd0ea39  [MPMD-162] PMD/CPD report does not take into account pmd.excludeFromFailureFile
Refactoring - move the code into Exclude{Violations,Duplications}FromFile helper classes
     new 6b3a37f  [MPMD-162] PMD/CPD report does not take into account pmd.excludeFromFailureFile
Further refactoring and logging
     new e83429e  [MPMD-162] PMD/CPD report does not take into account pmd.excludeFromFailureFile
Introduce a common interface ExcludeFromFile
     new 71b5217  [MPMD-162] PMD/CPD report does not take into account pmd.excludeFromFailureFile
Use the new interface for the check mojos
     new c08d788  [MPMD-212] Add documentation and IT for MPMD-206
     new 3bc10d9  [MPMD-212] Add documentation and IT for MPMD-206 Document the maven 3.3.9
requirements Run IT only with 3.3.9
     new d978337  [MPMD-212] Add documentation and IT for MPMD-206 Change since version of
compileSourceRoots/testSourceRoots to be 3.7
     new 66e36d8  Improved code to use the try-with-resources construct instead of closing
all InputStream and Reader manually.
     new ab9724c  [MPMD-213] Remove the language parameter from AbstractPmdViolationCheckMojo
     new f2dc39b  [MPMD-228] Upgrade maven-plugins to version 30
     new 576aacd  [MPMD-229] Cleanup POM, remove temporary workarounds Use m-release-p from
     new 5254195  [MPMD-229] Cleanup POM, remove temporary workarounds dom4j comes in via
velocity-tools, but it doesn't seem to be needed at all so it is not added back
     new 7074188  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-pmd-plugin-3.7
     new 36ef393  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 8e4f260  Correct to
     new 7c03fc6  o Updated to latest parent SNAPSHOT.
     new 9aa2397  o Reverted last commit to reset to release version parent's.
     new a00a73d  [MPMD-230] Required class missing: org/apache/commons/io/IOUtils
     new 7656fb6  [MPMD-231] Upgrade to PMD 5.5.3
     new 1dbe14a  [MPMD-231] Upgrade to PMD 5.5.5
     new 4b33778  [MPMD-232] Rename integration test for typeresolution
     new 1a1fbbf  [MPMD-232] Enable typeResolution by default
     new d91a445  m-pmd-p: git+rat ignore .pmd and .checkstyle file
     new 8546e02  [MPMD-231] Upgrade to PMD 5.5.6
     new 4411d21  [MPMD-233] Upgrade to PMD 5.6.1
     new 21d191b  [MPMD-234] Support incremental analysis cache
     new 046a96d  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-pmd-plugin-3.8
     new 4c67809  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 8e04bda  [MPMD-239] Add documentation about upgrading PMD version at runtime
     new 4fc9bc0  [MPMD-240] Migrate plugin to Maven 3.0
     new da588e4  [MPMD-240] Migrate plugin to Maven 3.0
     new 28208a8  [MPMD-240] Migrate plugin to Maven 3.0
     new 008cd49  [MPMD-240] Migrate plugin to Maven 3.0
     new 581de81  [MPMD-240] Migrate plugin to Maven 3.0
     new 9937233  [MPMD-235] Javadoc errors when building with java8

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