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Subject [maven-install-plugin] branch master created (now c25199f)
Date Sat, 09 Dec 2017 15:25:39 GMT
This is an automated email from the ASF dual-hosted git repository.

hboutemy pushed a change to branch master
in repository

      at c25199f  [MINSTALL-137] Upgrade maven-artifact-transfer to version 0.9.1

This branch includes the following new commits:

     new 9a1ae60  added generic install plugin. I am not sure if this is a right way of implementing
this - but I will need similar things for site plugin - so this will serve as an example for
disussion how to attain arbitrary goal(s) from plugin
     new 3b92a6a  correcting expression
     new e908190  the goal name was wrong
     new 7f9db62  adding required dependencies
     new cc58ad8  fixing pacakge name
     new 5987fe6  o Fixing groupId and version tags.
     new 53365e7  plugins' poms are using type = plugin
     new 4f9b8d0  o update to account for the embedding changes made in maven-core.
     new 75938c6  o Adding <modelVersion> to the poms.
     new acf8c23  *** empty log message ***
     new 089f8fb  o Setting some additional ignores.
     new 4e51b30  - Make install mojo to the same model like deploy mojo - Install and deploy
always pom.
     new 8d2aecc  Use a correct prereq.
     new 00695e4  there is no package plugin, so can't prereq on that - and prereqs are ignored
now anyway.
     new a6b4801  depedency update
     new c7a2d5d  flip pom format
     new 020360d  PR: MNG-52 change type of maven plugins to "maven-plugin" instead of plugin.
This should allow other products to have different plugin types, if necessary.
     new 5939033  handle POM properly
     new cca250a  convert install mojo to new execute().
     new 8f6858a  change the maven group ID
     new e8a610f  deploy/install POMs as a type of metadata so they are done atomically
     new 4506baa  fix deploy/install os standalone POMs
     new a728c33  rewrite POM with new version on deployment
     new 74734c0  update poms for releases
     new c01acb4  clean up dependencies.
     new e8338aa  release alpha-1 plugins
     new 2673ca4  split the plugin API and the plugin descriptor code
     new 2bdac11  improved error handling and other clean up
     new 88a69b6  correct problem where anything with a modified finalName was not installed/deployed
     new aa0a963  add more use of ${} expressions, fix problem when } was not at end
     new b03588e  remove unnecessary maven-core dependencies
     new 562159c  fix more references to the old package
     new 4c0c27f  o Cleaned up field-level annotation support (especially descriptor extraction,
generation, and building) o Converted all "core" plugins (including maven-core-it-plugin)
to use field-level annotations o Removed generation of parameter descriptors for ${/#component.*
param specifications. o Added @readonly for parameters that cannot be overridden by user configuration
(List override was dangerous here) o Added validation against pom-derived configuration for
@readonly para [...]
     new 301542d  Renamed,, PluginExecutionRe(quest|sponse)
PluginExecutionException to Mojo*
     new 7989576  PR: MNG-338 Helpful error message for non-redistributable JARs, eg jdbc
     new 7637664  set consistent versions
     new 1739c4b  use released versions
     new 1226b19  bump versions
     new 28b1a38  Clean imports
     new 4fffe8d  PR: MNG-378 Only deploy the release information at the point of release
     new 2d4651f  remove old cvs ignore files
     new a014d83  update parent references to get access to the ci settings
     new 2e2f174  o Adding support for <executions/>, which means multiple runs of the
same goal/set-of-goals with different configs. o Adding @phase declarations for those mojos
that seem to be part of the main build, just for completeness o Added two ITs, to test that
<executions/> doesn't mess up the normal operation, and to test multi-execution for
a goal.
     new 7066fb1  PR: MNG-257
     new b80c15d  change <model> to <project> in root tag.
     new 321a9ec  refactoring of the resolveTransitiveDependencies call. simplified by removing
a bunch of duplicated code in addArtifacts - no need to merge, you have the full list. separated
the original artifacts (dependency artifacts) from the resolved artifacts (getArtifacts)
     new fd58aa6  Resolving: MNG-495
     new a63475c  Update all versions to beta-1-SNAPSHOT
     new 934703e  Resolving:
     new 34ca1e8  PR: MNG-596 add XSD definition to m2 poms and archetypes
     new c1186d2  TODOs and cleanup
     new 63c6c2d  PR: MNG-613 changes versioning to use repository metadata
     new dfec639  PR: MNG-613 deploy snapshot information to the correct directory and fix
some other minor issues
     new 6c0664a  PR: MNG-613 make sure versions are aggregated
     new 8d222ed  Resolving MNG-851. Using MavenProject.getFile() rather than constructing
new. Also fixed maven-deploy-plugin with similar bug.
     new 85e4a1f  update dependency and parent versions
     new 693c6c9  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-install-plugin-2.0-beta-1
     new f2f2da9  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 21741ac  goal doesn't require a project
     new 1e93e75  PR: MNG-644 remove use of deprecated artifact method (retain signature for
backwards compat until next release of install/deploy plugins)
     new 9c702fd  PR: MNG-653 use the file assigned by the packager for installation/deployment.
Error out if that isn't done.
     new d8758e7  PR: MNG-1114 install:install-file should not run over subprojects
     new 8c0a2c4  upgrade plexus utils to 1.0.4-SNAPSHOT. The group ID has changed, so add
a bunch of exclusions to ensure the old is not picked up fix bugs in mboot that wasn't honoring
     new 99cae8f  PR: MNG-122 cleanup artifact metadata retrieval exceptions
     new bb9c61a  more error diagnostics improvements
     new a44a887  update versions in plugins
     new 26d5e7b  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-install-plugin-2.0
     new f6b1990  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new ccfb6b6  cleanup some unused fields
     new b2140b4  PR: MNG-1279 Submitted by: Philipp Meier Reviewed by:  Brett Porter ability
to write a pom on install-file
     new 5685382  PR: MNG-1279 Submitted by:  	 Philipp Meier add missing model version to
generated pom
     new bb50d3b  PR: MNG-1322 Submitted By: Allan Ramirez Reviewed By: John Casey
     new a7c8863  -added pomFile parameter to make install-file install the jar and the customed
pom at the same time.
     new 444216d  Upgrade parent to 2.0.1 so that the site is deployed in the right location
     new 9666a2f  Workaround for no primary artifact to install PR: MINSTALL-3
     new 5309695  back to previous parent
     new 2329520  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-install-plugin-2.1
     new f914f7f  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new f82c47e  [MINSTALL-12] parameters should not be read only Submitted by: Patrick Lightbody
     new 2a30b0b  adjust parent POMs
     new 0f332c2  PR:MINSTALL-16
     new 6129bbd  PR: MASSEMBLY-16
     new 7245735  PR:MINSTALL-16
     new 92e28ec  removed src directory in test project
     new 6b6921a  -removed src directory in test project -added packaged project
     new cd8b0ab  -removed src directory in test project -added packaged project -removed
plugin-config.pom -changed packaging from pom to jar
     new 4ecc16d  PR:MINSTALL-16
     new de6ddd5  PR:MINSTALL-16
     new f0d5355  PR:MINSTALL-16
     new e2efd3f  PR:MINSTALL-16
     new 308ee13  converted the local repo directory from string to file
     new 8a1b31d  PR: MINSTALL-17 Submitted by: Arik Kfir
     new 1a48639  PR: MINSTALL-9
     new 69fed1b  PR: MINSTALL-21
     new 42e5a02  PR: MINSTALL-27
     new ca1645d  PR: MINSTALL-27
     new ebb3d91  PR: MINSTALL-24, MINSTALL-27 Add classifier support so you can install sources,
javadoc, etc Documentation revision to clean up verbage, add site.xml, etc
     new f1b6edf  PR: MINSTALL-27 Add correct issueManagement element
     new 0b2ad24  Oops, missed an instance of PMD
     new 8205473  PR: MINSTALL-27
     new 60c758d  Small verbage changes
     new 139c894  Updating example filenames per Brett's direction
     new 375c078  removed changelog plugin from the <reporting> section
     new c4329eb  repository API was changed
     new 6009e12  revised docs
     new 941fd38  revised docs
     new d4d5942  applied small revisions
     new 6426910  Replaced the "Introduction" word to plugin name
     new 7dd67ce  PR: MINSTALL-27
     new 8de48a7  [MINSTALL-34] update dependencies and correct build Submtted by: Martin
     new 5c0409c  reformat
     new b1b9fbd  MINSTALL-35: Possibility to install an artifact on a given repository directory
     new f812fa5  o bumped the parent to 4-SNAPSHOT
     new 27f43a6  use inheritence and make all the site appearances consistent
     new 090c684  put back the Overview menu - when you inherit menu items they are meant
to be resolved against the parent, by design - so these always belonged in the child POM.
     new 01eba3f  o updating to latest released parent
     new f15771a  - move plugin-plugin out of 'reporting' for plugins. It's a required part
of the site, and does not cause any issues with the reactor or site generation - update to
     new 960f36c  Moving away from archiva-utils to plexus-digest.
     new 1f5b74a  Update parent version to 8, as 8-SNAPSHOT is never deployed and 8 is released
     new 65be982  bumping versions to latest for MINSTALL-19
     new b2335ad  MINSTALL-36: allow repository layout to be specified.
     new bcb3aa2  MINSTALL-36: added tests
     new 984dd77  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-install-plugin-2.2
     new 78cc247  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new efa5f4a  Readd license header lost in release
     new 2a06891  Add new license headers
     new 96b5d90  read and write pom with UTF-8 instead of platform encoding
     new 6c33fb0  [MINSTALL-44] add XML encoding support for POM reading/writing
     new 2310d0b  [MINSTALL-44] fixed file encoding error in test file
     new 3b9498e  [MINSTALL-44] removed character at the end of the file which causes problem
     new 902d0f3  [PLXUTILS-60] fixed the code used to extract encoding from an XML prolog
since it could catch an attribute value defined in the XML content (merged from plexus-utils
     new 7935ff5  [MINSTALL-48] Don't create checksums for gpg signature files Submitted by:
Niall Pemberton
     new efb9ee4  o Added svn:eol-style=native
     new 5315110  o Update links to Doxia APT reference.
     new 00c72c2  Bumping all parent versions to 11, to allow deployment to alternative locations.
     new 39519ee  Try to use the 12-SNAPSHOT parent
     new 78dc384  o Added stub IT profile to highlight plugins during CI
     new 9c7026b  o Tweaked the POM to workaround a deficiency in the Release Plugin which
causes loss of the license header
     new b2739ff  o Reordered POM
     new 4084fcb  o Added SCM information (compare
     new 386506d  o Added project description
     new 825a2a3  o Updated index page of plugin site
     new b81a700  o Changed encoding of site descriptor to UTF-8 just like used for POMs o
Updated/added license headers
     new 0f71702  o Explicitly stated UTF-8 as file encoding o Updated license header
     new 35aa579  o Updated index page of plugin site
     new 6c9a92a  o Fixed dependency
     new 155a067  use released parent
     new 7d1b13e  o Added some ITs
     new f86cb4e  o Locked down version of maven-jar-plugin
     new 8ec477f  o Used distinct group ids for the tests
     new fbe9f7b  [MINSTALL-55] install-file fails to grab version inhertied from parent
     new 0986416  o Improved validation messages
     new f7f919a  [MINSTALL-46] remove copy of plexus-utils' XML encoding support sources
     new d758190  o Added undeclared dependency
     new 8371994  [MINSTALL-56] No checksums installed for project with packaging POM
     new 7a69732  [MINSTALL-18] Bad algorithm to decide if the main artifact is to be installed
or not
     new bbf7475  o Deleted unused variable
     new dec4395  [MINSTALL-41] Install with classifier does not install pom
     new e628465  o Refactored checksum creation bits
     new e215a74  [MINSTALL-56] No checksums installed for project with packaging POM
     new aaaebe0  o Fixed file handle leak
     new 1d00424  [MINSTALL-57] Default generatePom to true
     new 1c06576  [MINSTALL-49] install-file with javadoc and sources
     new d094921  [MINSTALL-49] install-file with javadoc and sources
     new dde9697  o Migrated core IT for MNG-851 over to the affected plugin
     new 7a743e2  o Extended IT
     new ed95381  use the latest parents
     new 96e49f8  o Inherited from maven-plugins:13
     new 43c555d  used* for schema location
     new 449a66c  o Improve documentation.
     new e550312  o Add @since tags to parameters.
     new 88ccafb  o Use a property to define the Maven core version.
     new 258c812  o Improve documentation. Use "goal" instead of "mojo".
     new 7bc55f6  o Improved logging
     new 7ffd56e  o Update example to more closely resemble real world usage
     new 5351252  [MINSTALL-59] Validate artifact id
     new f9fd23a  [MINSTALL-60] Support updateReleaseInfo for install-file
     new 67c969c  o Polished mojo annotations
     new 64303b9  o Fixed IT
     new 1b44fbb  [MINSTALL-35] Possibility to install an artefact on a given repository directory
     new af21a60  [MINSTALL-61] Remove parameter localRepositoryId
     new e500a5f  o Simplify examples.
     new 0691bf8  o Add an example on how to install secondary artifacts.
     new 0527cee  o Fix an error reported by Checkstyle.
     new fbd8f50  o Adjust case.
     new ad64dce  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-install-plugin-2.3
     new 5e65aa6  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new a22af09  o fixed ambiguous links o added Doxia xsd
     new bc8af87  o Decoupled IT for maven-install-plugin from maven-site-plugin
     new 1628251  upgrade parent version to ensure source-release is automatic.
     new bba8a8a  o Updated to maven-invoker-plugin:1.4
     new 1c507c5  o Inherited from maven-plugins:16
     new b4fc0f2  o Inherited from maven-plugins:17
     new dd243df  [MINSTALL-75] Marked install plugins as @threadSafe, changed to 2.3.1-SNAPSHOT
     new a2f6899  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-install-plugin-2.3.1
     new fb6d10d  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 476c80c  [MINSTALL-81] Checksums of metadata files are not always correct in case
of attached artifacts
     new 00537e7  o Updated to maven-invoker-plugin:1.5
     new 34373cb  fix relativePath to plugins parent and bump to latest parent for all plugins
     new d96fee0  upgrade plugins to latest parent 21
     new 77b1244  [MINSTALL-86] Goal summary for install:install only mentions main artifact
     new a56b899  upgrade to parent 22
     new e3faa54  [MINSTALL-88] use maven-plugin-tools' java 5 annotations Patch modified
to use non snapshot version Submitted by Tony Chemit.
     new 8b1c18d  add Tony in contributor section
     new 4e40492  use last 3.1 version
     new a62b986  [MINSTALL-73] Add skip parameter. Submitted by Ludwig Magnusson.
     new 957c6cb  add Ludwig Magnusson in contributor section
     new 6229aac  add @since for the new field
     new db735fe  [MINSTALL-73] Add skip parameter add it test.
     new c6de689  use last plugin parent snapshot to use last compiler plugin to improve build
time on jenkins build.
     new 90dd434  Tony is now in developers section
     new 80c3f13  [MINSTALL-87] Install:install-file on missing file should fail, not indicate
success with bogus jar file message.
     new 70e438b  annotations are not needed for plugin execution so mark dependency as provided
     new 7dbbde4  use released parent pom
     new 706b2ba  use last p-u 3.0.5 version
     new b4ff0ef  use last invoker plugin version
     new 5fbe99d  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-install-plugin-2.4
     new e198e24  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new dcc7faf  p-u 3.0.6 is faster to copy files
     new 185e062  use p-u 3.0.7-SNAPSHOT which fix an issue on copyFile: target directory
not created
     new 18b4ae5  add snapshot repo for p-u 3.0.7-SNAPSHOT
     new 8cfcd33  p-u 3.0.7 released version
     new bbb7103  snapshot repo not anymore needed
     new a02c9e9  [MINSTALL-92] Removed "required" from skip param of install goal
     new 2b02243  update maven-plugin-plugin to 3.2
     new e01da37  [MINSTALL-93] Add installAtEnd option for multimodule projects
     new 872a6e1  upgrade all to last parent 24
     new 01c1ce5  Adjust name
     new 86bd2e9  [MINSTALL-52] install:install-file should default to a pom file found in
the jar if available
     new b96ee4d  [MINSTALL-52] install:install-file should default to a pom file found in
the jar if available
     new fda07b4  Add LICENSE and NOTICE files
     new 5c81c8e  [MINSTALL-95] Enhance documentation of install-file
     new 7975293  Follow ASF branding rules.
     new 9d443de  [MINSTALL-39] Maven Install Plugin always copy the artifact in the repository,
even if there was no changes Create IT to confirm it is fixed in Apache Maven Core
     new 8cea645  apply generics
     new b880cda  Converted to m-s-u and removed p-digester
     new a2d1e1c  Added missing files
     new 1910fc8  And another file, svn is hard
     new 16d5b40  Made a DualDigester to avoid reading files twice
     new eee8b35  Fixed various java5 stuff
     new 172c426  Simplified code
     new 30b5d1f  Updated plexus components
     new 3029315  Add license
     new 73a7f89  Reformatted to code style
     new fbaf7fb  Set m-site-p to 3.3 so it can be built with M3.1 Set m-javadoc-p due to
     new b41388c  Move license to proper location Reorganize imports
     new 75d6be8  Fix checkstyle errors
     new 0a6404c  Set m-project-info-reports-p to 2.7 so it can be built with M3.1
     new 4fd61d8  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-install-plugin-2.5
     new 43a197f  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 8d4ee12  Set correct Subversion properties: eol-style and keywords.
     new 11c8ee7  Add missing license headers. This plugin now passes the checks done by RAT.
     new 208a725  [MINSTALL-98] installAtEnd broken with parallel builds
     new 435740f  [MINSTALL-98] installAtEnd broken with parallel builds Always start with
increasing readyProjectsCounter
     new 43de749  [MINSTALL-98] installAtEnd broken with parallel builds rearrange code
     new a308d9e  [MINSTALL-99] InstallAtEnd should respect plugin-configuration per project
prepare methods
     new 332d09a  [MINSTALL-99] InstallAtEnd should respect plugin-configuration per project
     new 5cdc1ba  Change to bugfix release
     new 4294a8e  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-install-plugin-2.5.1
     new 9fbadb1  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 507af84  [MINSTALL-100] Update description for installAtEnd param
     new 3ee8596  [MINSTALL-103] Concurrency problem with installAtEnd in parallel builds
Patch contributed by Hermann Josef Hill, verified by Robert Scholte
     new 04422f7  configured site deploy to /plugins-archives/<artifactId>-LATEST
     new 5e8501f  mark installAtEnd as experimental. Users should be more aware when using
this feature.
     new 8dcf25c  upgraded parent pom (compiler, assembly, doap not upgraded because of a
failure: need to investigate)
     new 2548de1  [MNGSITE-152]  - Added appropriate links to download site and license location
   to fulfill the ASF requirements.
     new d335978  [MNGSITE-152]  - Added missing download.cgi and xdoc/download.xml.vm
     new 239765d  added license header
     new 9e1ce3d  [MINSTALL-106]  - Injection by @Parameter instead of @Component  - Removed
one unneccesary @SuppressWarnings
     new c869317  [MINSTALL-107]  - Build compatibility to Maven 2.2.1
     new 7bb8784  [MINSTALL-108]  - Added IT to proove the problem exists.
     new 1e44485  Move -D arguments to Since it's a Maven Core issue (feature
or bug) set it to its next release
     new 2907e5a  [MINSTALL-108]  - Removed installAtEnd property from goals
     new ff07495  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-install-plugin-2.5.2
     new 0de02c6  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 7b6b6f9  [MINSTALL-109]  - Upgraded plexus-utils from 3.0.15 to 3.0.18
     new 13476b3  - Added to all plugins LICENSE file - Added to all plugins NOTICE file with
copyright year 2007-2014
     new eee4666  - Undone the commit r1630358 which means to remove   all LICENSE/NOTICE
files until the ASF is clear about   what to do.
     new 2669f06  Updated to p-u .20
     new f32b0e3  [MINSTALL-111] Upgrade to maven-plugins parent version 27  Cleaned up pom
cause parts are already defined in parent.
     new 06a865f  [MINSTALL-112] Upgrade maven-plugin-testing-harness to 1.3
     new 1dd892d  [MINSTALL-113] Upgrade maven-shared-utils to 0.7
     new b7d547b  - Removed unused property.
     new a492c97  [MINSTALL-110] install-file should also install bundled pom.xml from artifact
Adjusted src/it/MINSTALL-52/verify.groovy according to changes Removed META-INF/maven from
to force generation of a pom pom will be written to target directory, ignore these poms in
target directories for unittests (which are under src/test/resources).
     new e05354f  'if' should be followed by whitespace.
     new 03562cd  Let unit-tests clean up their extracted pomFile
     new 1df27a4  use target directory, so generated pom won't cause rat errors
     new 13cd110  changed svnpubsub url from /content to /components
     new 2cf3e30  moved Jira from Codehaus to Apache
     new 61151a4  [MNGSITE-243] Fixed link to How to use Mirros for Repositories
     new 6bc60e6  Result of mvn versions:update-child-modules -DallowSnapshots -N
     new 55f1f64  Merge with 3.0-branch
     new 07ea096  use released version of plugin parent, i.e 28
     new 094b6d8  [MPOM-95] updated parent pom location
     new aba3b9a  [MINSTALL-117] Upgrade maven-shared-utils to 3.0.0
     new 4b79765  Adjust package of RepositoryManager
     new d0e8b98  Removed bak file.
     new 97fe916  [MINSTALL-118] MavenProject with only attachments must have packaging "pom"
     new 10a6505  o Updated to 'plexus-utils-3.0.23'. o Updated to stop suppressing exceptions
incorrectly when closing resources.   Most of the time the 'IOUtils.closeQuietly' methods
of 'commons-io' and   the 'IOUtil.close' method of 'plexus-utils' are used incorrectly. They
  are meant to be used in 'finally' blocks to not suppress an exception   already thrown in
the 'try' block. The documentation of the   'IOUtils.closeQuietly' methods explicitly contains
usage examples.   As soon as [...]
     new 4059e53  o Updated to 'plexus-utils' 3.0.24.
     new 6f7efe7  updated Jira url
     new dfeb4d1  Follow three digit version line.
     new 1c16a9e  [MINSTALL-122] Upgrade maven-shared-components parent to version 30
     new 829b1b7  [MINSTALL-123] Upgrade maven-shared-utils to 3.0.1
     new 8050dce  Removed maven.compiler.{target,source} cause it's already done in parent.
     new 828e7c9  [MINSTALL-124] Remove hard code version for maven-invoker-plugin
     new cd31118  [MINSTALL-125] Upgrade of commons-io to 2.5.
     new a3f4e50  o Updated to stop suppressing exceptions incorrectly when closing resources.
     new ef7eeb5  [MINSTALL-127] Upgrade maven-shared-utils to 3.1.0
     new 0ab9df3  Refactored code.
     new bc86dbf  Improved usage of maven-artifact-transfer component:  o pom.xml    o Remove
maven-model dependency.    o Added slf4j-api (provided), slf4j-nop in test scope.  o InstallMojo
   Using ProjectInstaller and using ProjectInstallerRequest instead    of InstallRequest.
     new 32d452d  Followed renaming methods in InstallProject interface.
     new 1841d89  [MINSTALL-128] Replace usage of the deprecated ArtifactFactory
     new cb36000  - Using latest Maven Artifact Transfer (re-versioned to 0.9.0-SNAPSHOT).
- Adding ITs for the manual installation of files with POM and generating checksums in a overridden
local repository
     new 52637b7  [MINSTALL-129] Use released version of maven-artifact-transfer
     new 2610a4f  [MINSTALL-130] Remove link to non-existing Codehaus wiki
     new e6712f4  [MINSTALL-110] install-file should also install bundled pom.xml from artifact.
     new b45a469  Migration to Maven 3: because of an API change in ModelProblemCollector
between 3.0.x and 3.1.x, that interface cannot be used as-is for compatibility for both in
order to determine if the coordinate information passed by the user is valid. The plugins
are compiled with 3.0 core and are currently linked to a specific ModelProblemCollector, but
starting with 3.1.0-alpha-1, Maven core calls a different method than the one the plugins
were compiled with. This results in Abs [...]
     new 4b2a870  Fixing IT that will break when Jar Plugin is updated to 3.0.0 (indirectly
through a Maven update): running install twice in the same build would call the plugin twice
and attach the main artifact twice - which is now disallowed.
     new 8377acf  [MINSTALL-131] Rename package to org.apache.maven.plugins
     new 554aff0  o Updated to latest parent SNAPSHOT.
     new 81cff61  o Reverted last commit to reset to release version parent's.
     new a841016  [MINSTALL-136] Removed unused dependency
     new 75d0a38  [MINSTALL-121] The packaging property should not be used for the file extension
     new c25199f  [MINSTALL-137] Upgrade maven-artifact-transfer to version 0.9.1

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