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Subject [maven-verifier] branch master created (now 28736d8)
Date Fri, 08 Dec 2017 18:16:17 GMT
This is an automated email from the ASF dual-hosted git repository.

hboutemy pushed a change to branch master
in repository

      at 28736d8  [MSHARED-624] use released shared-utils 3.2.0

This branch includes the following new commits:

     new ffec5de  o renaming maven-core-it-verifier to maven-verifier
     new 3b38e97  o right groupId o set version to 1.0-SNAPSHOT
     new 6baa565  MNG-2628 Whenever you run the integration tests, they currently extract
resources into $TEMP, even if the resources are already just lying around as files on the
file system. Under this patch, tests can use "simpleExtractResources" to force the ResourceExtractor
to guess the proper location where the tests should be run, and hand back a File pointing
to the resources to use. Submitted by: Dan Fabulich
     new 8777207  o adding a hack to find the maven executable in IDE environments without
having to set envars
     new 5907d4e  reformatting
     new 8a334b1  o updating with the latest plexus stuff
     new bb3db3b  o add some methods to push envVars into the execution
     new a293300  o the verifier will now handle envars properly
     new ff05204  o adding missing plexus utils
     new cadd11e  [MNG-1908] changes required for new integration test
     new 3953862  set a name
     new 266c8c7  o using released parent POM
     new 2bd066a  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-verifier-1.0
     new 4b3a464  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new e7c8122  align parent to the last released version, fix/add license headers
     new 5daf23a  move remote-resources out of the profile and remove snapshot repo, no more
     new 88e85e1  Encapsulate field
     new 8765b20  Creating a embedder verifier
     new eea7120  Creating a embedder verifier
     new bf5ad56  Created hierarchy for Vallidator implementations
     new e35cab3  Reverted rev# 498037-498042
     new a7fe28c  * Added getMavenVersion call to the Verifier
     new 951762c  o allow the ability to set the location of the local repository. a result
of discoverying it0077 was   not working correctly and everything was just going to default
local repository and not to the   one specified in the settings.xml used for the test. the
verifier is not capable of parsing   lines like:
     new 71ff55c  Don't fail silently (our sout / serr are being consumed) if the maven script
has lines above 'Maven version' the jdk or script interpreter could output a line, which we
don't care about.
     new d0a948b  Rewrite output parsing for version; previous impl didn't work.
     new 0cefc33  Touch.
     new 0da9a4c  align parents to latest release (snapshot has nothing significant other
than SCM adjustments) manually set all SCM locations since inheriting from a release will
position it under the tag which is not correct
     new 4ce9c66  Also check M2_HOME envvar - the most commonly used way to specify a maven
version on the commandline.
     new 5f29f4d  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-verifier-1.1
     new 1c991a9  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 56a515e  o say no to spammers
     new e0a9174  remove debug output
     new b08d253  remove system.getenv, it pukes on JDK 1.4
     new b700635  show the actual error
     new b9cf707  MNG-3135: Enable skipping clean:clean goal in verifier Submitted by: Arnaud
Bailly Reviewed by: Vincent Siveton
     new 149d402  o added license header
     new b6dc013  Try to render any cli options to string using String.valueOf instead of
assuming it is a string. This will be helpful for File options.
     new 0c9bb22  make sure to use the right Maven version
     new 950dbba  work around windows issues
     new b53d1be  allow the executable to be queried.
     new e81091c  rolling back changes
     new 77eb5e5  MNG-3465 close the output streams
     new 1a593ef  [MNG-3465] verifier doesn't close outputstreams
     new a82c258  cleaned up some system.out garbage
     new 9ddd152  added method to validate certain text in a log
     new f966639  use the latest released parent
     new 6654fa4  Removing System.getenv() calls, as (at least on my jvm) it's not supported
     new 7837536  o Fixed svn:keywords
     new fe556b0  o Updated SCM URL for web access
     new f9c5602  it doesn't seem to make sense to pass the maven.repo.local variable every
time, populated by the local repo parsed from settings anyway - let Maven pick settings up
itself, which will mean the installation settings get read too
     new 14101a9  1.1 was never released
     new 2dbcbde  Merge of branch: sisbell-maven-shared-model-profile
     new 957d6d2  [MSHARED-72] Use current local repo for forked Maven invocations by default
     new 58998c7  [MSHARED-73] Verifier doesn't throw VerificationException upon non-zero
exit code of mvn.bat on Windows
     new 9292241  [MSHARED-72] Use current local repo for forked Maven invocations by default
     new ef111b9  o Cached path to default Maven home (no need to parse env from shell over
and over within the same process)
     new 0933e84  o Merged some new stuff from plexus-utils in (e.g. PLXUTILS-28)
     new 49cfea2  [MSHARED-75] Add convenience method to clean (target) directory
     new 5a4923f  o Inherited from maven-shared-components:10
     new b09c02f  o Added method to load text file with defined character encoding
     new ab2c997  o Called clean goal by qualified plugin coords to decouple from prefix resolution
     new c0b5831  o Improved parsing of Maven version to catch up with console output of 3.x
     new 1ba05b2  o Copied FileUtils.fileRead(file, encoding) over from plexus-utils to ease
stabilization of ITs
     new ebe6e17  o Added methods to determine path of maven-metadata-local.xml
     new 943c5e5  o Added new method to wipe out entire groupIds from the local repo to ease
test preparation
     new 12dfec8  o Made name of log file configurable
     new 3e44acc  o Added methods to ease file filtering (e.g. POMs or settings)
     new 4e430f6  o Compensated for Velocity errors from old Doxia versions
     new 651d489  o Fixed encoding handling
     new a0a5c97  o Fixed detection of drive-relative paths on Windows (cause for IT failures
of 0092 and 0005 on the grid)
     new 75afffa  o Removed hard-coded CLI option "--no-plugin-registry" which was deprecated
and finally removed from Maven 3.x (i.e. now causes CLI parsing errors)
     new 1f3e79e  [MNG-1830] handle a different version format as well
     new 645eeb1  o Included command line in exception messages
     new c966c89  o Fixed file handle leak
     new 436f6de  o Updated to junit:3.8.2
     new b75d6e1  o Reordered POM
     new f4ec605  o Fixed passing of system properties with spaces
     new 5a7e8df  use the new parent
     new 1f0a112  o Inherited from maven-shared-components:11
     new 446b399  o Simplified handling of Maven home
     new 131ecb6  o Cached env vars
     new 4515528  o Used* for schema location
     new cdc5d35  add setter for debug property
     new 15a10d5  new property to launch mvn with --debug option
     new 8fbe102  o Added util method to write simple text files
     new c5c93ca  o Fixed verifier to start with a normalized local repo path
     new a34eb38  updating to use version 12 of parent POM
     new a6d83f5  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-verifier-1.2
     new 74859e7  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 1e5aa01  removing one-off source release assemblies (and config), then upgrading
parent version for all shared projects up to 12, so source-release will be automatic.
     new 5032284  o Added support to launch ITs using embedded Maven 3.x
     new 312a8a9  o Added another embedded launcher that does not load Maven from a home directory
but from the class path, this allows us to run the core ITs with the Maven from our IDE workspace
     new a73fa54  o Simplified configuration of environment variables
     new f9e164c  o Added setter for fork option
     new 4c5c256  o Removed validation of goal list to allow execution of default goals given
in POM
     new 58ca7ef  o Fixed argument quoting to recognize more special characters
     new 0d61d4c  o Removed deadlock-prone synchronization
     new 32c013c  o Added method to purge specific g:a:v from local repo
     new 28a10f2  o Disabled EMMA runtime controller to prevent port clashes during CI
     new 102d716  o Added convenience method to add CLI option
     new 0408486  updated issue management urls to point precisely to the component in MSHARED
     new ebdaa27  o Set user.dir when running embedded Maven
     new c867d21  o Ensured parent directory of filtered file exists
     new 86a616a  o Added methods to further help inspection of local repo contents
     new 2b008ed  o Made local repo layout customizable
     new 8b8d07e  o Added convenience option to remote debug mvn
     new 8b10561  o Allowed to query path to group-level metadata
     new 3bc2cda  o Simplified extraction of Maven version
     new 49f16a5  o Inherited from latest parent
     new 5304040  use last parent version
     new cd64ac5  ensure closing stream  in case of exception
     new 0e8cf0f  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-verifier-1.3
     new eeafe4f  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 15ea8ea  [MVERIFIER-10] Print the absolute path to the input file when verification
     new 91c3d5e  really display absolutePath
     new 23fe50c  added javadoc and jxr reports links in top-level menu
     new 06a70a5  upgrade parent version
     new eb687da  MSHARED-237 upgrade ALv1.1 to ALv2.0
     new 10dbb85  MSHARED-236 use m-shared-utils instead own classes
     new 6f73544  MSHARED-236 move cli utils from verifier to shared-utils
     new a8bd6b3  o Partial application of cleanup not entirely successful
     new 84f4cf5  o Switched over to non-deprecated methods
     new b458262  - use the released m-s-u 0.1
     new 5d2ad3d  Added generics
     new 153bc13  o Made verifier thread safe
     new 65b14fd  Added ability to fine-control where resources are extracted
     new 6325ab3  o Reformated to code style so Hervé doesn't have to do it ;)
     new cf6c5ff  o Restored compatibility
     new 348dd95  o And even more compatible ;)
     new 5d6c1db  o Removed threadlocal until use case is proven
     new a887594  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-verifier-1.4
     new 25f4f7e  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 6935da9  [MSHARED-178] Verifier#setDebug seems ineffective
     new 5a9a0c1  [MSHARED-104] Verifier#assertFileNotPresent() fails when looking for an
unwanted jar resource
     new 4357bcc  o m-s-u 0.2
     new befe866  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-verifier-1.4
     new e9669be  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 4eabbce  use last shared parent 19
     new f4e579d  [MSHARED-284] Submitted by Mikolaj Izdebski
     new d898eeb  add contributor
     new dff8cca  added generics
     new b8b8dce  Follow ASF branding rules.
     new fcb2b8f  Configure explicit RAT exclusions for the files that cannot contain a license
header. This component now passes the checks done by RAT.
     new 07f6208  configured site deploy to /shared-archives/<artifactId>-LATEST
     new 3911e40  use MavenLauncher interface to execute build
     new 93a07f3  changed Embedded3xLauncher constructor to allow reuse
     new 2672182  deduplicated code in Classpath3x and Embedded3x launchers
     new 4abad61  don't fork maven to determine version in embedded mode
     new 32eb3e2  Introduced forkMode=embedded to explicitly request embedded mode
     new 90ecc5c  Introduced hooks to support IDE workspace dependency resolution
     new 70412d6  generics fixes
     new f38c359  formatting
     new c00c549  added test for output with git revision info (instead of svn)
     new 81e81fb  |MSHARED-308] improved Maven version detection: looks for (space)(digit)(point)
     new 800c0ca  fixed errors reported by Checkstyle
     new e8eca56  noop commit to force svn cache my credentials
     new 46abfb8  testing svn credentials
     new 5e36c53  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-verifier-1.5
     new 3ff7dd3  [maven-release-plugin] rollback the release of maven-verifier-1.5
     new d4c34c6  cleaning pom.xml mess I introduced
     new d4be1be  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-verifier-1.5
     new c03e93e  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 2e7dca9  Added testcase to verify if sun bug 9009028 has been fixed. This testcase
will fail on current jdk 1.8 ea version
     new bcdac41  Code style :)
     new 728e7bf  code style (couldn't resist :) )
     new f4312b9  updated parent pom
     new f230f6d  updated maven-shared-utils
     new 3023a02  reverted shared-utils version update since it causes unexpected + random
failures on ASF Jenkins build farm (artifact not found in central???)
     new 08a2e59  [MNGSITE-152]  - Added appropriate links to download site and license location
   to fulfill the ASF requirements.
     new 2d10eb6  [MNGSITE-152]  - Added missing links from overview to ASF License page 
  and to download area.
     new adf08c6  added license header
     new 4df99b9  s/plugins/shared/
     new 9b2a8b4  upgraded parent pom
     new 1df5100  use rat version specified by parent
     new 819b7e6  [MSHARED-405] Upgrade maven-shared-utils to 0.7
     new 2a302ae  MSHARED-410 Verifier should treat system properties as system properties
     new 3d37602  exposed Verifier#localRepository, it's used by Maven ITs
     new 84ce4a5  added hudson log file to rat-plugin excludes
     new ed27c57  changed svnpubsub url from /content to /components
     new d2faf27  moved Jira from Codehaus to Apache
     new 442422d  [MSHARED-418] Verifier should not use hard coded CLI options without possibility
to modify them
     new 3722223  [MNGSITE-243] Fixed wrong link.
     new 54f2d64  [MSHARED-427] Upgrade maven-shared-utils to 0.8
     new e1676ac  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-verifier-1.6
     new e5f5dac  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new f03a7f3  [MPOM-95] updated parent pom location
     new df1beb5  updated Jira url
     new 54fc9a2  [MSHARED-547] added support for colorized output checks (ignoring ANSI escape
     new 2ad2f95  [MSHARED-547] change stripAnsi(String) method to public
     new f6e96a6  Upgrade parent to org.apache.maven.shared:maven-shared-components:30
     new c8585b3  [MSHARED-624] Upgrade of maven-shared-utils to 3.2.0.
     new 28736d8  [MSHARED-624] use released shared-utils 3.2.0

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