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Subject [maven-fluido-skin] branch master created (now 08c8f14)
Date Sat, 04 Nov 2017 09:08:40 GMT
This is an automated email from the ASF dual-hosted git repository.

hboutemy pushed a change to branch master
in repository

      at 08c8f14  [MSKINS-134] Banner macro does not set image title from decoration model

This branch includes the following new commits:

     new 94fa078  maven-fluido-skin graduated from sanbox
     new cd8f9d6  added issue management section
     new 700c376  updated the SCM section
     new b41e581  code prettyprint performed on server side, no more need to traverse the
DOM and apply the styles dynamically using JQuery Thanks to Julien Nicoulaud (who contacted
me privately)
     new 60bb834  no more prettyprint on Project License page
     new 44ec7c5  tables style replaced while generating the site and not on runtime - that
is the same trick done for prettyprint
     new f1bcaaa  LICENSE and NOTICE included via <resources> from the root dir
     new aaefe0d  improved the Tango! rights in the NOTICE file
     new 1b71b7c  javascript can be munged
     new feaf9c7  fixed footers layout  - not the best ATM but at least works
     new 786f0b4  additional doc on footers placeholders
     new 4e2869b  enhanced source sections with optional linenumbers had to apply minor css
modifications as described on
     new a8daa2b  documented how to enable line numbers
     new ace7f96  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-fluido-skin-1.0
     new 45a7bf2  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new af30b99  back to 1.0
     new ce61fa1  fixing the indicted parse error
     new 7a0fe3f  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-fluido-skin-1.0
     new aa60465  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 848693a  fixed site distribution management (for future release)
     new 6fb9de5  txt files replaced with related files without extensions
     new e1d43d0  added missing JQuery and Google code prettify - with related licensing -
in NOTICE file
     new 87cc64d  [MSKINS-15] With sidebar and no topbar external links should be rendered
as menu - patch contributed by Mirko Friedenhagen
     new 122a76f  MSKINS-16: width, height and border not picked up for banner
     new efff360  Fix MSKINS-17: Add custom property publishDate
     new 88a4b73  IT for MSKINS-17
     new 458e825  MSKINS-16: add IT and fix alt + border
     new 80e0a9e  Fix MSKINS-14: Search searches only current site
     new be65844  MSKINS-13: change searchbutton in topbar. Better, but still not good enough
     new 8893c86  IT for MSKINS-15
     new dbfbd0a  Add header per custom option Describe visibility external links
     new 0414a13  push publishDate one level up as it shouldn't be a skin-specific custom
     new bd8821e  [MSKINS-15] With sidebar and no topbar external links should be rendered
as menu (see also [MSKINS-19] fluido doesn't render links)
     new 9aad71b  enhanced the searchbar rendering using default TW Bootstrap functionalities
no more ugly submit button, type the search and hit enter
     new 6953546  removed unused class (it is a refuse of an experiment)
     new b2f8b3f  fixed potential NPE
     new d0dc20c  GoogleSearch cleanup - maintaining too many config parameters causes search
enabled on undefined  variable
     new 2f433c0  declared $startIndex variable only in the needed scope
     new 4132fbe  minor format
     new 90c4f0a  the 'mailto:' syntax doesn't involve the '/' character, see
     new b9a5dbd  add links separators if (version || date) is placed on the right
     new fa9c87e  Fix IT of MSKINS-17 + verification script.
     new 310f86c  enhanced search input text with Google custom search background
     new 3bcf07d  [MSKINS-22] Add GitHub ribbons support
     new ee80934  added github ribbons documentation
     new ecf1ce9  trailing space
     new f4726ff  use the dotted format only to describe elements path
     new 3dec1b0  made XML snippets consistent
     new 4214039  added test for testing MSKINS-22 default settings
     new a96aca5  made urls/description consistent to older ITs
     new 282fa48  made urls/description consistent to older ITs
     new 867dc3d  [MSKINS-23] Provide backgrounds for MOJOs status - backgrounds contributed
by Carlos Villaronga
     new fe3d3a6  added mskins-23 guide
     new d93d953  added all admitted values in the profile
     new ecca972  Set background color of zebra-striped table to white to avoid broken page
     new 295dfd0  Set relativePath to empty so the parent pom will be resolved from repository
     new ae34aac  Set footer background to #EEE, transparent will be ugly if the page has
a background image
     new 6a0d43b  [MSKINS-10] Suppress line wrapping in navigation caused by spaces or hyphens
- Solution provided by Robert Scholte
     new c2e3734  [MSKINS-23] 'graveyard' background replaced by 'retired'
     new f229e3d  repopulating the contributor section
     new a81341c  [MSKINS-24] Add the Twitter follow button support
     new f2b68c4  resized the 'retired' background
     new 3d623a9  adjusted 'pre-release' background alpha
     new e2cd96d  [MSKIN-25] Integrate Ohloh widgets
     new cc06702  fixed IT groupId/name
     new e1545e3  added missing space on the bottom of #ohloh section
     new 99e9c73  Fix width of google searchfield in topbar, so the backfround is fully visible
     new d0963e3  added ITs links in the sidebar
     new 4d4e9d5  list format removed trailing spaces on empty line
     new aaf2c63  updated parent pom
     new 3d59c7f  removed informations already inherited from the parent pom
     new 3ea3ad7  included ITs in the distributed site
     new 5d5c4c6  moved to parent 6-SNAPSHOT
     new 8b94c5a  Workaround for SUREFIRE-300 inherited from parent pom
     new c87d699  avoid that the code section is rendered in the list item element
     new ef2a517  added the RC profile to stage sites, automatically enabled enabled by release
     new 492d824  added URL for released sites
     new 44b8ae6  allows dynamic URLs depending on the active profiles
     new 06eeba9  fixed issueManagement section
     new 467bb53  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-skins-6
     new 6345338  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new bd61969  rolled back the maven-skins-6 release
     new cf086c5  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-skins-6
     new 15b892c  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 4b42b47  Split maven-skins into two separate POMs: - one parent for all the skins
called maven-skins, in a subfolder like we do for our plugins - one aggregator called maven-skins-aggregator,
in the root of the project, to be used in a CI-environment
     new 1c63606  Fix URLs in ITs.
     new 15bc462  Fix failing ITs by setting the properties for the skin artifact dynamically.
These two failed for me locally because I didn't have version 1.1-SNAPSHOT of maven-fluido-skin
installed in my local repository.
     new 42a56ee  parent + skins versions rolled back, RC1 failed
     new 8ab13ff  Now that the maven-skins parent is no longer in the parent directory, we
need to specify SCM URLs for all the skins. The default values, that is used if we don't specify
these URLs, are wrong.
     new c3e1d6c  removed unused configuration
     new eada60f  removed duplicate scm element
     new 77cc8f2  upgrading to skins parent 6
     new 0387b08  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-fluido-skin-1.1
     new 82eb1a4  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 909241f  [MSKINS-32] Use ${} as default for bannerLeft - no need to add
a proper IT, it is enough having a look at existing ITs
     new 4806c38  added Conny Kreyssel in the contributors list
     new 92b3005  a more enthusiast title :P
     new 560b5cd  [MSKINS-31] If you have no <body> you get error on rendering
     new 6d46c0f  [MSKINS-26] hard coded style with padding-top for body - patch provided
by Bruno P. Kinoshita
     new c677f5c  [MSKINS-28] Make it possible to center powered by logos in sidebar - patch
provided by Bruno P. Kinoshita
     new 346c9fb  mentioned Fluido in the credits
     new 11424db  [MSKINS-29] upgrade to bootstrap 2.0.0
     new 97c51d6  missing from r1302051: [MSKINS-29] upgrade to bootstrap 2.0.0
     new 7d29e8a  use the navbar-search class for search element only when the search field
is in the topbar
     new 4ae06dc  fixed twitter button location on topbar
     new e39c528  fixed drop down menus on topbar, links didn't work
     new b3cffcc  triling spaces
     new 46f369d  [MSKINS-33] Add Facebook like button integration
     new 27c71b6  updated configuration settings according to plugin behavior
     new 37bfab4  added missing MSKINS-33 IT, fixed main site links
     new 472ded5  fixed MSKINS-33 links, included right ITs
     new a9287d9  first attempt [MSKINS-34]; good but css still needs a little work to be
     new 4e82975  better handling of G+ button on topbar
     new c0e4695  added Google plusone button documentation improved Facebbok like button
documentation added myself in the doc authors list
     new 9b85499  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-fluido-skin-1.2
     new 8742aa1  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new a05ce17  Fix MSKINS-37: Add skin-version to template
     new fc05a79  [MSKINS-38] Tables in Bootstrap-2.0 are not backwards compatible
     new c94d35e  Fix MSKINS-21: Invalid text highlighting of license
     new 962a524  current development version is 1.2.1 since it is a bugfixing release
     new a17dadd  included MSKINS-21 in the produced site
     new b4ee11d  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-fluido-skin-1.2.1
     new bb308b1  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new bdb4e76  [MSKINS-42] Make skins future compatible with Site Plugin 3.1
     new 13aa4b5  [MSKINS-44] Not checking if decoration.body.links is null in site.vm
     new 097c84a  [MSKINS-43] Invalid html code generated for breadcrumbs
     new 5c6ca44  Fix MSKINS-47: $headContent can be undefined when using an older doxia-site-renderer
     new 2052491  [MSKINS-35] Website typo in footer
     new 910d656  Fix MSKINS-40: left column is too big since fluido 1.2
     new fca6e44  Fix MSKINS-41: Links from site.xml are rendered in reverse order
     new 0892ccf  [MSKINS-35] Website typo in footer
     new e867c10  Fix IT's, searchEnabled has been replaced with googleSearch
     new c56d142  Additional fix for MSKINS-40: googleSearch sometimes overflows left column
     new 0576959  Fix MSKINS-54: Upgrade to bootstrap-2.0.4
     new 973317e  Fix MSKINS-51: Github ribbon image broken
     new 0dfd426  Fix apt syntax.
     new 8a885fc  Remove right banner, inherit it from parent
     new 83c8889  Add type to style-tag
     new 956f145  Fix MSKINS-28: Make it possible to center "powered by" logos in sidebar
     new 1100d92  Add Doxia version when available
     new 743d498  [MSKINS-46] Site doesn't behave correctly when resizing - patch provided
by Emmanuel Hugonnet
     new 4c2c9e6  next fluido release version coherent with the JIRA one
     new 35a9420  added Emmanuel Hugonnet in the contributors list
     new c460b24  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-fluido-skin-1.2.2
     new 47ae949  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new c69b017  first checkin of Powered BY page
     new 6982d3c  first checkin of Press page
     new a0c3570  linked Powered By and Press pages in the sidebar menu
     new d4a9f6f  bad character encoding
     new d3d055a  fixed Built With Bootstrap site name
     new 9dd7619  table layout
     new fc00dbc  more articles found on net about fluido-skin
     new f01c63b  more projects sites powered by fluido
     new 97ff74b  more articles on fluido
     new e8dc8f1  another article - that's a rant, but include the bad and the good about
     new 2f7f775  just found a funny issue that deserves to be mentioned :D
     new 21ba6f9  more "powered by fluido" projects sites
     new 1144a37  more "powered by fluido" projects sites
     new dd06d73  more "powered by fluido" projects sites
     new 38b0537  adjusting projects links
     new ed4d4a4  more "powered by fluido" projects sites
     new 3efd0cc  just found another blogpost about fluido-skin
     new 925b097  added the tomcat-maven-plugin "powered by" projects organized by ASF affiliation
     new 77e2533  Apache Syncope link was pointing to Apache Amber
     new 1db2c31  added ALIA4J in the "powered by fluido" projects list
     new cda59e7  added Apache Hama in the "powered by fluido" projects list
     new 7536cf6  [MSKINS-56] Incoherent doctype and content Submitted by Eric Barboni.
     new f59a8b7  log4j 2 uses fluido skin in its public site!
     new 5a84fc1  [MSKINS-57] '<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>' in generated
head Submitted by Eric Barboni.
     new 652255d  add contributor
     new 4f183e1  fix commented meta
     new 20c7e2e  [MSKINS-58] upgrade to bootstrap 2.1.0
     new 6eab644  due to major bootstrap upgrade bump version to 1.3.0
     new 81428e6  fix class for nav
     new 4c77ddc  remove 2.0 bootstrap files
     new 9ab1fce  add a way to configure topbar size can be small for some sites
     new 3539bde  [MSKINS-59] Submenu support on dropdowns.
     new 89ef657  use last invoker plugin version
     new bbcc8fd  use last parent pom
     new 2fb4cbb  fix sample doc
     new f71d29a  add feature to be able to configure navbar style inverse or not
     new cee78b2  add it sample to configure use of navbar-inverse style
     new 198eacd  document new custom element: topBarContainerStyle and navBarStyle.
     new 275521c  added missing 3rd parties licensing in LICENSE file
     new 08bed9c  [MSKINS-60] Include Glyphicons in the fluido distribution package
     new bdf0d42  fixed jquery license, it is MIT not ALv2
     new 2098864  [MSKINS-61] Add version to the produced css/js
     new 860866a  [MSKINS-62] Update JQuery to 1.8.0
     new b1464bd  use nav-collapse for height when using twitter, google search etc...
     new 69bfba4  trailing spaces
     new d23056a  [MSKINS-63] Improve the sidebar layout Robert patch modified.
     new 8782848  [MSKIN-64] Social buttons are not aligned when rendered in the sidebar
     new dfd1a47  [MSKINS-63 use icon-chevron* for sidebar
     new 6736ab3  missed to add files
     new a6bf997  lower part of maven-theme are bootstraps tweaks, moved proper style to maven-base
     new 84b901a  delete no more used files
     new 1c9ee97  MSKINS-63: move menu-icons to the right max width for active item
     new 14e655a  poweredBy class renamed to builtBy to avoid confusion with the poweredBy
     new 1d1dfe2  rename $collapse to $collapseClass to better reflect its purpose add false
to 'link' methodcall, so velocity won't warn about it.
     new eeacfbc  overlooked 2 'link' method calls
     new 96c7b87  Add references to JIRA to explain the workarounds
     new 33cdf0d  Give search-form in sitebar extra margin
     new ed7311a  [MSKINS-65] When topbar enabled, it hides the GitHub ribbon
     new d7a11c1  [MSKINS-66] sidebar and content class configurable
     new 984a8b4  [MSKINS-66] sidebar and content class configurable add documentation.
     new 60ffc28  oups fix default value
     new de32862  we agree on ml to give attributions back to see
     new 0a205b4  Updated Glyphicons license in L&N file (erroneously set as ALv2)
     new a3e29c0  emphasized the glyphicons acknowledgment
     new e8f67e8  use just staged new parent to release fluido skin
     new a6ceb64  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-fluido-skin-1.3.0
     new 17ac301  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 5734745  [MSKINS-67] upgrade to bootstrap 2.1.1
     new 11bc2be  remove boostrap 2.1.0 files
     new 9c143df  jquery 1.8.1
     new 9932996  remove jquery 1.8.0 file
     new a121ac4  [MSKINS-68] clean for <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> in footer.
Submitted by Eric Barboni.
     new b1a31bd  [MSKINS-70] external.png is used in css but not present in code base Submitted
by Eric Barboni.
     new 0c8040d  [MSKINS-67] upgrade to bootstrap 2.2.0
     new 3053677  bootstrap 2.2.1 quick fix for caroussel
     new 4b3efaa  delete bootstrap 2.2.0 files
     new 888146c  last SNAPSHOT parents
     new c320fe2  fix svnpubsub configuration
     new 6ffb323  [MSKINS-72] Add copyright notice position option
     new f3c2dff  [MSKINS-72] Add copyright notice position option document option
     new fae1494  added more projects that use Apache Maven Fluido Skin
     new 3b14b4b  added apache ambari as fluido skin user
     new 61f3121  Apache Oltu is the new home of Apache Amber - once graduated from Incubator,
it had to change the name due to trademark issues
     new c90a69f  [MSKINS-73] #comment Bootstrap upgraded to Version 2.3.0 #resolve
     new b81e0eb  fix typo
     new 01db76c  [MSKINS-74] #comment jQuery upgraded to Version 1.9.1 #resolve
     new 304399a  jquery version moved as mvn property
     new bf42897  [MSKINS-75] Add Piwik web analytics tracking code integration to Fluido
skin Submitted by Michael Koch
     new 2e3e7c8  missed to add it
     new f46cf5e  add contributor
     new 2ca03c5  fix since
     new 5fa648b  [MSKINS-76] Add Flattr button integration to Fluido skin Submitted by Michael
     new cfc49a2  [MSKINS-77] Add Github ribbon for maven-skins to fluido site Submitted by
Michael Koch.
     new a17d658  [MSKINS-78] Do not generate line with doxia timestamp.
     new 5706580  [MSKINS-78]  document the change
     new 2e9ed31  fix test
     new 1fa2276  improve it test for doxia timestamp
     new eb6555f  [MSKINS-78] change parameter name and restore generation per default.
     new b26fb3e  [MSKINS-79] pull-right class compresses listitem
     new bb1b639  Red is  bit too much, gray looks better for fluido skin
     new 580dac4  REOPENED - issue MSKINS-72: Add copyright notice position option
     new b8bdb93  Unified style of description with the rest
     new 4dcd271  Integration tests for - MSKSINS-75 - MSKSINS-76 - MSKSINS-75 topbar
     new fdd4a9e  [MSKINS-80] Upgrade to Bootstrap 2.3 breaks design
     new 242ef11  CSS class divider has no effect on HRs and is not intended for.
     new 41bec58  [MSKINS-80] Upgrade to Bootstrap 2.3 breaks design
     new 06ecf44  [MSKINS-84] Breadcrumb divider not correctly implemented according to Bootstrap
     new cce2b40  Improved chapter 'Skip generation date'
     new 6903c20  - Fixed/removed superfluous line in generation header comment - Aligned
copyright notice with Javadoc/JXR bottom - Child divs of div.container-fluid must be .row-fluid
and not simply .row - Avoid duplication of copyright p element
     new 39f9166  Remove all usages of span16 class because there is no such class in Bootstrap
     new 7b0cecb  Use 'row-fluid' class where appropriate
     new 9f9152c  [MSKINS-72] Add copyright notice position option
     new dc0ebb0  [MSKINS-85] Unify breadcrumb chevron of Fluido with other skins
     new 0dc7105  Use the project name from the POM
     new 9c0d582  - Improved title case - Removed superfluous config from IT site.xml files
     new f6c6eec  [MSKINS-85] Unify breadcrumb chevron of Fluido with other skins
     new f68c621  [MSKINS-90] jquery 1.10.2
     new 9631dbc  remove previous jquery version
     new 9e83225  bump version to 1.4.0-SNAPSHOT
     new 39ae7e5  invoker plugin 1.8
     new e2a4815  make it working with recent maven core version
     new a0a7a85  make it working with recent maven core version
     new e69e6f0  [MSKINS-89] Bootstrap 3.0.2
     new ce75cbe  [MSKINS-89] Bootstrap 3.0.2 better with adding files
     new 1172f23  fix icon
     new 02829e1  make it test more simple
     new 87dfb5e  updated site publication to svnpubsub configuration
     new 37f76aa  Merge CSS updates from branches/1.3.x.
     new 0d61db4  use released parent pom
     new fc9f85a  Merged revision(s) 1549695-1553002 from maven/skins/branches/maven-fluido-skin-1.3.x:
     new cdaa095  Raise font size of tt elements to 0.9 em. 0.8 em looks to small compared
to normal text.
     new a3a471a  MSKINS-91 - Should use as possible https resources
     new b2eeaf4  updated parent pom
     new ce8b155  pom cleanup
     new 9014c3c  [MSKINS-93] Wrong file extension for 'apache-maven-project-2.png'
     new e623a1f  [MNGSITE-152] added license and download links
     new 46acf8f  updated parent pom, fixing rat requirements
     new e0a2c96  [MSKINS-86] class prettyprint not added to pre tags
     new e138edc  Remove .0 fix version
     new c89b34e  [MSKINS-96] Downgrade to Bootstrap 2.3.x
     new 693bc22  [MSKINS-86] class prettyprint not added to pre tags
     new 28b9cda  [MSKINS-99] Upgrade jQuery to 1.11.2
     new 090de87  [MSKINS-81] Decoration model body/footer not correctly implemented by site.vm
     new 962bb53  changed svnpubsub url from /content to /components
     new 05d2cf7  moved Jira from Codehaus to Apache
     new 6e79863  [MSKINS-110] Changed size of left navigation bar
     new fbb87f6  Fixed apache-rat-plugin configuration to prevent overwriting configuration
inherited from parent.
     new a347cd0  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-fluido-skin-1.4
     new 9da9062  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 612c387  Undo the release for Take 2
     new 1227365  [MSKINS-110] Changed size of left navigation bar  Undone the previous change
in r1672919  and moved changes to maven-base.css
     new 2268619  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-fluido-skin-1.4
     new 02c281d  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 7c732d3  [MSKINS-92] Facebook Like iframe too narrow when in topbar
     new 05836bf  Undo the release cause there exist a better solution for MSKINS-110
     new 7999141  [MSKINS-110] Changed size of left navigation bar  Changed the columns which
are used for navigation bar  and for content.
     new cd8edb5  Undone the change in r1677417 to back to original of maven-base.css
     new 6052801  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-fluido-skin-1.4
     new 442121d  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 6e74d1d  [MSKINS-100] Fluido skin ignores changes from DOXIASITETOOLS-71
     new 581b7cd  [MSKINS-113] Update of the description accordingly to MSKINS-110
     new d6e7c86  [MSKINS-115] Remove old and horribly outdated press.apt
     new 4858cce  fixed IT: message changed a little bit
     new d8d502d  fixed build issue caused by MSHARED-325
     new c51dbc6  [MPOM-95] updated parent pom location
     new 611cc27  [MSKINS-118] Avoid mixed content block for Google Search
     new 5acbd17  updated Jira urls from Codehaus to Apache
     new f507890  [MSKINS-122] Cannot run invoker ITs on Windows with Maven 3.3.1+
     new 6d35db2  [MSKINS-120] Clean up skins for Doxia Sitetools 1.7
     new eb9c918  [MSKINS-120] Clean up skins for Doxia Sitetools 1.7
     new ac74d78  [MSKINS-114] Change site.vm when DOXIASITETOOLS-82 has been published
     new 2af1533  added new skin descriptor
     new a0df5fc  [MSKINS-120] Clean up skins for Doxia Sitetools 1.7
     new 5460c66  [MSKINS-114] Change site.vm when DOXIASITETOOLS-82 has been published
     new 14abe7e  [MSKINS-114] Update skin when DOXIASITETOOLS-82 has been published
     new be443f2  Update site descriptor
     new b74453f  [DOXIASITETOOLS-150] use new $decoration.isLink($href)
     new 7e0cf04  [MSKINS-123] Remove decoration model default value duplication in macro
     new 26a344e  [MSKINS-120] Clean up skins for Doxia Sitetools 1.7
     new 81b2913  [MSKINS-124] Update skins when DOXIASITETOOLS-155 has been published
     new e0a6502  [MSKINS-120] added a notice regarding Velocity 1.7 dependency
     new 844c7c5  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-fluido-skin-1.5
     new e99a809  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new ea16e96  Upgrade Doxia Sitetools requirement to 1.7 in skin.xml
     new 8cb0104  Rollback release
     new 222a1bd  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-fluido-skin-1.5
     new 4a38cdd  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 8bdbd95  updated content to better match current reality
     new 9df65a5  copy/paste banners definition waiting for parent pom
     new ac74d44  [MSKINS-125] upgraded maven-sitge-plugin for ITs to version 3.5
     new 3594670  added snapshot repository for parent pom resolution
     new f67ed30  [MSKINS-128] split site.vm into site.vm+site-macros.vm
     new 6c1b79f  updated Jira url
     new ca0e71f  removed blank lines in generated content
     new 03df536  improved menu items for ITs showing features activated by custom content
     new 8ef5a05  [MSKINS-127] load Google Search and +1 javascript asynchronously
     new a55d684  improved generated html for menu & breadcrumbs
     new 2eb6ee1  improved generated html
     new 2e99841  [MSKINS-130] added checks to avoid future regressions
     new 1a9cb39  maven-skins 30 released
     new c851c64  [MSKINS-131] Enable the responsive features of Bootstrap 2.3.2
     new 7412ae1  [MSKINS-132] Add option to skip adding the Date-Revision meta header
     new 75084ec  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-fluido-skin-1.6
     new 87a981f  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 34f0f58  Set empty img alt if not text is available
     new 08c8f14  [MSKINS-134] Banner macro does not set image title from decoration model

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