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Subject [maven-apache-parent] branch master created (now c61872b)
Date Sat, 04 Nov 2017 08:59:04 GMT
This is an automated email from the ASF dual-hosted git repository.

hboutemy pushed a change to branch master
in repository

      at c61872b  [MPOM-166] upgraded maven-plugin-plugin from 3.4 to 3.5

This branch includes the following new commits:

     new 1ec3f8b  move asf pom to new trunk
     new e0a3c09  o inserted a <build/> element that contains the configuration for
the remote-resources plugin that will push   licensing information into each maven build at
apache. it is currently commented out so people can look at it   before it gets turned on.
we also need to release the resource bundles.
     new f47b856  add logo
     new c5633b3  add SCM repo
     new 34301d5  o applied new license headers o no change
     new 2ed646d  Added "The" to organization
     new b7709ad  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release apache-4
     new 0617fc0  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 5c8b75d  Move the snapshot properties and repo definitions up to the asf pom for
consistency across projects. Change urls to use
     new 13a0014  use shorter url
     new 4a51611  remove the plugin snapshot repo
     new cf03d0f  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release apache-5
     new 8f0956c  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 1f75dea  rollback
     new 4288a40  folders are supposed to end in / but maven always appends another / so stripping
this one.
     new f4592e2  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release apache-5
     new 66f9a4e  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 878eab5  o Used* for schema location
     new b6d76ce  move the release profile and best practices to the apache pom.
     new ebf4c1c  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release apache-6
     new 4aea855  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 49c8323  o bump to latest modello
     new c1e416d  o bump to latest plugins
     new eae5a47  updating ASF parent POM to include source-release assembly configuration,
with configurable descriptorRef (using expression ${sourceReleaseAssemblyDescriptor}). Also,
adding comments in the Maven parent POM to remove this source-release configuration once the
parent version is upgraded to 7."
     new a3e9cfe  Adding pluginManagement entry for assembly plugin
     new 28fc64f  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release apache-7
     new 6ebe070  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 77bad19  o Downgraded to maven-javadoc-plugin:2.5 as used by apache:6 to prevent
     new 9ba34bb  o Updated to apache-source-release-assembly-descriptor:1.0.2
     new 092874e  o Added note about version for maven-javadoc-plugin
     new b347388  o Reverted version back to 7-SNAPSHOT after cancelled release
     new 08fd83a  o Updated to maven-assembly-plugin:2.2-beta-5 o Updated to maven-deploy-plugin:2.5
o Updated to maven-jar-plugin:2.3
     new 2444d8c  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release apache-7
     new ed633fe  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 872ad11  o Tweaked indentation
     new ab02dfd  o Updated to maven-clean-plugin:2.4
     new e6c8270  upgraded Modello plugin to version 1.2
     new ffce632  o Updated to maven-clean-plugin:2.4.1
     new 2c29b19  bumping gpg version to 1.1,  this should fix problems with the gpg plugin
propting for passphrases
     new da03be7  MNG-4908, changing order of plugins so gpg runs after sources
     new caab140  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release apache-8
     new 5a4ccdf  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new a7b45c2  reverting staged builds
     new 5a34ba1  preping to stage bumping apache-source-release-assembly-descriptor to 1.0.3
so projects can set sourceReleaseAssemblyDescriptor=source-release-zip-tar if they need both
zip and tar bundles
     new e745820  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release apache-8
     new f86b884  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 591388d  upgrade to released versions of plugins
     new b627d8f  add latest RAT version to the parent POM, help avoid conflict with old Codehaus
     new bea8ad5  [MPOM-7] enable GPG agent if it's running
     new 3b24c48  updated Modello plugin version
     new 1aa99e8  removed source encoding configuration that is already included by default
in javadoc plugin since 2.5
     new 9082606  upgrade to last surefire version
     new d8fe578  upgrade maven-resources-plugin to 2.4.3
     new 77b15b6  maven-project-info-reports-plugin to 2.3.1
     new 58deba5  upgrade plugins versions : * antrun -> 1.6 * compiler -> 2.3.2
     new 85e985a  upgrade plugins versions : * install -> 2.3.1 * jar -> 2.3.1 * plugin
-> 2.6
     new 776d465  upgrade plugins versions : * scm -> 1.4 * source -> 2.1.2
     new 50e99ee  upgrade clirr-maven-plugin to 2.3
     new f839f62  [MPOM-1] apache-release does unwanted things in the prepare goal. move <arguments>-Papache-release</arguments>
to maven parent pom.
     new ad60c4d  [MPOM-6] Add a maven-3 profile for site plugin 3
     new 63d89d5  [MPOM-5] Produce documentation of this POM that can be added to the infra
site. Submitted by Benson Margulies.
     new 213fbf4  add a link to the ASF main site.
     new 7d4534e  new line to be more readable :-)
     new 9d17dd8  [MPOM-2] Apache Parent Pom should be properly documented
     new 0a438cd  add a site deployment url in a profile to deploy the doc.
     new d64ce6b  add a README for the deploying the site
     new f34995b  [MPOM-7] add issueManagement to
     new c5d9593  [MPOM-7] fix url in pom
     new 32970d0  o Used Windows-friendly filename
     new 3e455d1  o Update to version 2.7 of maven-plugin-plugin
     new 84a13a5  fix small grammatical error
     new 28cd572  revert r1065772 see MPOM-1 for updated information
     new 6d1603b  revert the site additions to the asf pom MPOM-1 MPOM-5 MPOM-7
     new 53e95d5  set the site version back to 2.2
     new ba85577  move the attach descriptor to the maven pom since there's no site with the
asf pom. Also set the inherited flag to false so it's not run for every child of maven.
     new 4ff31d4  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release apache-9
     new 5177139  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new af2957e  [MPOM-9] Apache Parent POM 9 does not allow override of <useAgent>
in apache-release profile Submitted by Sebb
     new 4b76712  updated maven-javadoc-plugin to 2.8
     new 1368aa1  pom formatting (no content change)
     new 9229dbe  use latest maven-project-info-reports-plugin
     new 1a5565c  [MPOM-7]: first whack at documentation in here
     new 1e187e2  updated maven-plugin-plugin and maven-site-plugin versions
     new a0c4049  [MPOM-16] moved modello and plexus plugins from ASF-wide parent pom to Maven
     new 19b1d39  [MPOM-7] added separate pom and site directory for pom documentation
     new e2901ce  added distributionManagement section
     new fc93302  [MPOM-7] improved documentation
     new 5da3cf5  [MPOM-7] added history
     new ac37fdb  [MPOM-23] site plugin configuration for Maven 3 o added ssh wagon dependency
from maven-parent MPOM-19 o added site descriptor attachement
     new ef35744  updated maven-surefire-plugin version to 2.9
     new 0fe259d  updated plugins to latest versions
     new 2a5e763  fixed typos
     new 16e604d  polished doc
     new 5315567  added ASF breadcrumb item
     new faff5d3  [MPOM-23] upgraded maven-site-plugin to 3.0 both for Maven 2 & 3
     new fc0b4df  [MPOM-23] forgot ssh wagon provider for m-site-p (got a nice error message
as expected :) )
     new a4aa04d  removed site.xml from early documentation works that is no longer used and
would be published along the pom even if it is Maven-specific (skin in particular) if we want
an ASF wide default site.xml to inherit from, this has to be carefully prepared
     new b65c6de  o removed version display o renamed POMs breadcrumb item to "Parent POMs"
     new 11c3a30  [MPOM-7] prepared versioned pom documentation
     new 7d447b8  prepared release documentation
     new e8f4455  added m-project-info-reports-p reports explicitely to ensure nice order
     new 7a6c99b  added scm info which got removed by error
     new 9ff6530  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release apache-10
     new 903b23c  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 2d059df  define an artifactId as near as possible from parent artifactId "apache"
to give a good Project Summary report
     new c0a76a0  [MPOM-35] allow -Darguments when using release plugin Submitted by: David
     new e14d00d  use compiler plugin 2.4
     new 88013d1  updated plugins versions
     new dfd5888  updated skin version
     new 22234ea  added line for 11-SNAPSHOT in history
     new 432cd2d  updated parent pom
     new 2175cfe  use last maven-remote-resources-plugin 1.3
     new 6ac75f5  upgrade invoker plugin version to 1.6
     new 0a62051  clean plugin 2.5
     new c9edd7a  release compiler plugin 2.5
     new b681636  upgraded m-release-p to 2.3.1
     new a74c3da  maven-plugin-plugin 3.0
     new da8d889  compiler plugin 2.5.1
     new d7a1561  maven-plugin-plugin 3.1 released
     new 6f35bff  upgrade m-release-p to 2.3.2
     new d6dcbe7  use last apache-source-release-assembly-descriptor 1.0.4
     new 9b0d93f  maven-stylus-skin 1.5 released
     new 9d532ae  maven-project-info-reports-plugin 2.5 released
     new 2bb44da  prepare diff link for release
     new 8606f63  we can hope release date will be today +3 days :-)
     new d76140e  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release apache-11
     new 058618f  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new b938260  fix url
     new 7b00908  provide a default empty for arguments in release plugin see
stack  [ERROR] Unknown lifecycle phase "${arguments}". You must specify a valid lifecycle
phase or a goal in the format <plugin-prefix>:<goal> or <plugin-group-id>:<plugin-artifact-id>[:<plugin-version>]:<goal>.
Available lifecycle phases are: validate, initialize, generate-sources, process-sources, generate-resources,
process-resources, compile, proces [...]
     new 4e5808e  added maven-failsafe-plugin, in sync with maven-surefire-plugin
     new 5fcef12  o maven-project-info-reports-plugin 2.5.1 released o added the new dependency-info
     new d323524  o Update surefire/failsafe versions
     new 78428d1  updated m-site-p
     new 46e8281  prepared link for release
     new 27d2a40  mpir 2.6 and scm 1.8
     new 1a54c3a  updated parent pom
     new 230699b  Update to version 1.4 of maven-remote-resources-plugin.
     new a4a1840  updated plugins
     new 479267a  Prepare for release.
     new b1532a5  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release apache-12
     new b03554d  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new f12c814  o mpp 3.2
     new 5953658  prepared svnpubsub publication, for the moment to maventest
     new ef7b825  prepared asf parent pom site deployment with svnpubsub
     new d6c1064  [MPOM-32] Apache POM 10 forces all child projects to generate the project
info reports
     new e027b52  no more need of ssh deployment
     new 3b5ca5e  add scm-publish plugin in ASF pom
     new eedf216  release date for version 12
     new 8ae98a1  fix url
     new 3576e79  diff line for the release
     new cf1334f  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release apache-13
     new 3399375  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 57dce33  fix rev in diff url
     new c2fe553  current snapshot for site pom
     new 61d2937  upgraded maven-invoker-plugin from 1.7 to 1.8 for MINVOKER-138 fix
     new 9d98f07  added default reporting output encoding to avoid warnings
     new f2349e0  added configuration to m-site-p 3.2 for Maven 3.1.0-alpha-1 compatibility
     new 5aef32b  Upped surefire
     new be025ba  maven-site-plugin 3.3 released
     new d0137a7  [MPOM-36] added maven-dependency-plugin to dependencyManagement
     new 3dee622  updated misc plugins to their latest version
     new 005601a  javadoc plugin 2.9.1
     new e92b7dc  Use <tarLongFileMode> instead of <tarLongFileFormat> which has
never worked for maven-assembly-plugin.
     new 0f98065  o added date for apache-13 o added staging link for 14-SNAPSHOT pom
     new c698e71  publish to -LATEST
     new dd9aa6c  RAT 0.10 released
     new dd13b12  maven-deploy-plugin 2.8 released
     new a3b8a20  maven-install-plugin 2.5 released
     new 14f040b  update maven-release-plugin version
     new cfd6b93  cleanup
     new 3870ee0  added prerequisite for used plugins and reordered repositories element
     new 272f288  added comments on prerequisite to avoid confusion
     new e63f9b4  updated some plugins
     new 4996430  maven-scm-publish-plugin 1.0 released
     new f959a4d  Maven Release Plugin should use SCM 1.9 dependencies for better GIT support
     new 57c9658  apache.pom 13 contained m-release-p 2.3.2 with scm 1.7 apache.pom 14 contains
m-release-p 2.4.2 with scm 1.7 since scm 1.9 hasn't proven itself enough yet, let's stay on
     new 38731d1  updated plugins to latest
     new e967f80  use maven-scm-publish-plugin 1.0 only when running Maven 3, stay with 1.0-beta-2
for Maven 2
     new cdd4cce  prepare content for release
     new 3347c25  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release apache-14
     new 984547b  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new cb42692  [MPOM-48] fixed license name
     new 2e9b3c9  links to future release
     new 017735b  version 15 is not released yet
     new 18c9e4d  use latest SNAPSHOT
     new 2fd7518  added standard Maven's site menus
     new 38701e0  [MPOM-44] use maven.compiler.source/target standard properties to define
compiler version instead of direct plugin configuration: this will permit override in child
poms through these properties too
     new 693641f  [MPOM-51] Update surefire/failsafe plugin to 2.17 (or later) Submitted by
 Christopher Tubbs
     new fca009f  fixed typo
     new 54cb346  removed redundant configuration as it matches default values
     new d6f001e  upgrade maven-scm-publish-plugin to 1.1
     new 04f5b98  [MNGSITE-152] added license and download links
     new b41c8a8  upgrade maven-site-plugin to 3.4 + archiver fix
     new fa5df88  RAT 0.11 released
     new 4a6a1fa  [MPOM-57] Configure waitBeforeTagging for maven-release-plugin
     new 3ce3c36  [MPOM-55] Update release and scm plugins to support newer versions of git
     new 32ca8f4  updated plugins
     new 0ecee2c  MPOM-58: Pom calls for yet another version of maven-release-plugin to deal
with more git problems
     new 97849e2  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release apache-15
     new 2ba8d1b  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 2ac94d4  Prepare for next release iteration.
     new 86aaa29  Push back to javadoc 2.9.1; 2.10 is not ready for prime time.
     new c80748f  Roll back to prepare respin of version 15.
     new cc09b30  Prepare for version 15, making some fixes identified by Hervé.
     new d875269  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release apache-15
     new c2bca53  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 12545ff  prepare next iteration and ease release preparation
     new 8aee4aa  [MPOM-63] defined m-compiler-p target version to avoid plugin-tools report
     new 3ef4c5a  - Prepare Version 16.
     new 56874bf  - Prepare Version 16.
     new c793ec9  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release apache-16
     new 414e2f7  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new e813eb7  [MPOM-64] Change maven-source-goal from jar to jar-no-fork
     new c6d6c65  updated maven-plugin-plugin to latest
     new 8f8e31c  [MPOM-69] avoid Rat plugin warning
     new bd5b24a  RAT 0.11 uses Doxia 1.2
     new 790f928  added link to DOXIA-526 and TODO to remember to remove workaround when upgrading
     new dbb9720  [RAT-158] remove Xerces in m-site-p too to avoid RAT-158 in reporting
     new 20ff818  [MPOM-47] Source release assembly can't do tar.gz only  Patch of Christopher
Tubbs applied.
     new 5a2d6d0  [MPOM-66] The ASF global pom should upgrade SUREFIRE@2.18.1  Patch applied
of Sean Busbey
     new 01c751c  changed svnpubsub url from /content to /components
     new f21994d  [MPOM-65] Add maven-war-plugin definition
     new 012a4f4  [MPOM-71] removed Maven 2.x support
     new 8dc6afe  added links to described artifacts
     new 3354534  fixed homepage
     new df02547  not required any more since MPLUGIN-279 is fixed
     new 85d1d86  added trailing slash to url
     new 85b60c2  added maven-surefire-report-plugin to pluginManagement
     new cc93909  [MPOM-74] Upgrade maven compiler source/target to 1.5
     new 1d9bf31  [MPOM-75] Upgrade maven-resources-plugin to 2.7
     new a22eb2c  [MPOM-76] Upgrade maven-source-plugin to 2.4
     new 4b4b9ed  [MPOM-77] Upgrade maven-compiler-plugin to 3.2
     new 29daed2  Preparing Release of ASF 17
     new ad63a08  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release apache-17
     new 1afc195  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 8de5840  Updated to latest assembly plugin
     new aa89bd8  update for version 18-SNAPSHOT
     new a13f087  [MPOM-92] Upgrade maven-clean-plugin to 2.6.1
     new 19f11c5  [MPOM-93] Upgrade maven-gpg-plugin to 1.6
     new 13a9edc  [MPOM-94] Upgrade maven-war-plugin to 2.6
     new 80ef39b  [MPOM-98] Upgrade maven-compiler-plugin version to 3.3
     new 80d62ff  [MPOM-99] Upgrade maven-dependency-plugin to 2.10
     new e27b3f6  Added comment about Java 1.6 change.
     new d6be8f6  [MPOM-103] upgraded maven-site-plugin to version 3.5
     new 45b9ef7  [MPOM-103] updated doxia-sitetools to 1.7.1 to test before maven-site-plugin
3.5.1 is released
     new 5ecf772  [MPOM-103] upgraded maven-site-plugin to 3.5.1
     new adb838c  [MPOM-104] Clean up src/site-docs/site.xml for MSITE 3.5.1
     new 979ebb1  [MPOM-100] Upgrade maven.compiler.source/target to 1.6
     new 4c57f28  [MPOM-101] Use TLS by default for snapshot repository
     new b56133c  [MPOM-108] Upgrade all plugins to the latest versions
     new 6a773d0  be more explicit on sourceReleaseAssemblyDescriptor property default value
meaning and other available values
     new fb2ab05  [MPOM-106] use apache-source-release-assembly-descriptor:1.0.6
     new 2a5af39  prepare release
     new 4bdef42  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release apache-18
     new 2c6eaa3  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 2c3deca  release cancelled
     new 60d6cc6  [MPOM-106] updated maven-assembly-plugin version to 2.6
     new 17af314  [MPOM-114] added missing org.apache.maven.plugins groupId for consistency
     new fb37112  [MPOM-113] added more meaningful execution ids that "default"
     new 6dfc92a  [MPOM-116] use https wherever possible
     new e538f0a  [MPOM-120] attach site descriptor only for pom packaging
     new 324e0a0  [MPOM-60] add DEPENDENCIES file to the exclude rule for apache-rat-plugin
     new 52554b6  [MPOM-116] use https wherever possible: last updates proposed by Christopher
     new 6c3c99a  [MPOM-120] reverted profile: can't find a way to activate this profile on
pom packaging only
     new 93680ad  [MPOM-108] maven-jar-plugin 3.0.0 released
     new aad3c29  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release apache-18
     new 1f9fa06  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 9b7f3ae  missed some little updates
     new e0df613  fixed missed https
     new 66fc7f8  [MPOM-124] Text about for default compiler version giving 1.4 which is wrong
 o Changed text 1.6 to represent the real configuration in the pom file.
     new 8c4d6f1  [MPOM-124] use pom property to automatically track updates
     new 553a82b  [MPOM-118] Enforce strong GPG signatures by default
     new ec6d7e7  [MPOM-129] Upgrade apache-rat-plugin to 0.12  o Removed supplemental excludes
for DEPENDENCIES (RAT-184)  o Remvoed supplemental dependencies to doxia-core (RAT-158, DOXIA-526)
     new 8b2f812  [MPOM-130] Upgrade maven-jar-plugin to version 3.0.2
     new b8c1086  [MPOM-131] Upgrade maven-source-plugin to 3.0.1
     new 4c73137  [MPOM-128] Add maven-shade-plugin into parent pom.
     new 243eebd  [MPOM-132] assembly plugin should use posix, not gnu for tarLongFileMode
     new 28e074c  [MPOM-136] Upgrade maven-resources-plugin to 3.0.1
     new 8f02ef0  [MPOM-132] assembly plugin should use posix, not gnu for tarLongFileMode
 o Followup missed to set the configuration for maven-assembly-plugin    correctly.
     new f9d613c  [MPOM-137] Upgrade maven-scm-plugin to 1.9.5
     new 6a8dd14  updated maven-site-plugin to 3.6
     new 2bfd690  [MPOM-141] Upgrade maven-assembly-plugin to 3.0.0.
     new a786203  [MPOM-142] Upgrade maven-compiler-plugin to 3.6.0.
     new bbb7fac  [MPOM-143] Upgrade maven-dependency-plugin to 3.0.0.
     new 8533cdc  [MPOM-144] Upgrade maven-javadoc-plugin to 2.10.4.
     new 9eb1553  [MPOM-145] Upgrade maven-plugin-plugin to 3.5.
     new bcfe1db  [MPOM-146] Upgrade maven-resources-plugin to 3.0.2.
     new ce61071  [MPOM-147] Upgrade maven-war-plugin to 3.0.0.
     new e8e50d7  [MPOM-148] Upgrade clirr-maven-plugin to 2.8.
     new 385957d  [MPOM-145] Upgrade maven-plugin-plugin to 3.5.
     new 7990c69  [MPOM-143] Upgrade maven-dependency-plugin to 3.0.0.
     new 35c824c  [MPOM-164] Removed prerequisites from pom use maven-enforcer instead
     new 2b5f7da  [MPOM-165] upgraded maven-invoker-plugin from 2.0.0 to 3.0.1
     new c61872b  [MPOM-166] upgraded maven-plugin-plugin from 3.4 to 3.5

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