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Subject [maven-dist-tool] branch master created (now 947af02)
Date Sun, 29 Oct 2017 16:06:02 GMT
This is an automated email from the ASF dual-hosted git repository.

hboutemy pushed a change to branch master
in repository

      at 947af02  set OK status code when setting non-null document

This branch includes the following new commits:

     new af46abb  Add dist tool plugins WIP
     new ccc9555  jdk7 stream simplification simplify csv parsing add lots of artifacts in
database from maven dist site
     new 5dd71d6  refactoring add a mojo to check site (limited)
     new c37a9c1  add possibility to ask for a list of request goals can report to web edit
pom so dist-tool-plugin report on is on site with mvn clean install site
     new 9154d63  better output on site check + Http status code fluido style start to be
     new e68916e  code formatting
     new 53a2f3e  removed files added by mistake and fixed svn:ignore to avoid it
     new ff7685e  using the plugin during build causes a bootstrapping issue
     new 5847ae3  added a link to the site
     new 5e7d263  don't write for each url, just relative path
     new 25a0a97  simplified LATEST column head
     new 98f3073  separate groupId and artifact columns to improve readability
     new e7e07ef  factored out icon output to use it in check-source-release
     new b3d2f20  added icons
     new 59d87df  added link to central for each interesting artifact entry
     new 0fb3a3c  added link to dist area for each artifact
     new c495e66  more compact display: link version to maven-metadata.xml
     new cbcf858  add todo in site as markdown file, move checker to own package, keep each
checker simple (controlling version) but may be other check based on dom
     new 0f6f3dd  use maven-parent
     new bb0351b  fixed errors reported by Checkstyle
     new 84d238e  added an introduction
     new b03b8c2  improved left menu
     new c7e1252  more ideas :)
     new 831dcb4  try to detect skin ( display html comment where available) refactoring
     new 2b85f43  show some commands but layout not nice.  older check is wrong and need a
better regex
     new 5941814  better pattern some javadoc
     new 84f5ad1  Add screenshot (firefox only) neeeded set screenShot to false reduce verbosity
     new 8ffc0f9  fixed typo
     new 35a95c5  added info in case of IOException when reading url content
     new b8f9da7  Fix typo
     new 7ecd1ef  Prepare project for ITs
     new b341a68  Fix formatting
     new f0403b8  remove ide specific file
     new bb4ad33  Parameter properties are in fact default values (you can't set them like
     new dbeb1c2  Use maven-repository-metadata to build MetaData Add IT for check-source-release,
which still checks actual dist
     new dcc2712  Change default value for screenshot to false, because it has a System requirement
(i.e. FireFox) Add IT for check-site
     new 7476cf6  Be sure driver is closed
     new ccf008a  Add IT for reports, called by maven-site-plugin
     new 4ec88f1  reduce a bit error log remove os specific file :p
     new c70632b  update todo
     new 25bcf1a  reduce duplicate read metadata in AbstractDistCheckMojo and propagate version
to checkArtifact
     new 60c05b7  use effective dist area instead of svnpubsub origin
     new 1a38f34  fixed typo
     new b1a864c  more compact output
     new 1f30897  typo
     new 88271b0  merged dist and older columns for better readability
     new b422d7d  use remove icon for old dist files
     new ac8dc5c  * fix pmd config for jdk 7
     new e1ae6cb  moved message to end of intro
     new b01dec9  improved output
     new b3da768  added enforcer
     new f12d05a  removed -O option to wget
     new 71f8e5a  added intro to file format
     new cd6316a  don't generate wget command if the file isn't available in central repository
     new c6e715b  extracted loadMavenDb() method to improve readability
     new d23e6aa  changed maven DB format to avoid redundant information
     new 9150d34  extractec getVersion() method to ease code reading
     new 8aa59ca  moved attributes used only by check-site to DistCheckSiteMojo
     new ee47446  ant-tasks doesn't contain classic release content
     new 4203ae2  display artifacts grouped by directory/groupId
     new 6a9ae8e  added statistics about central errors
     new 6413cb7  added dist statistics
     new 33cd3e0  added global statistics
     new 38271f2  changed date output format
     new 1d0441c  cleanup
     new 9207757  o "Shell command for cleaning older artifacts" is done: I used it to clean
dist, and it worked like a charm :) o added links to last TODO item
     new 2474f01  Add wishes
     new eecb6a7  updated new wishes
     new 1f4b568  fixed typo
     new 2a429fd  added artifacts forgotten
     new 7bf41f4  fixed little inconsistencies
     new 15e6c8c  added maven-ant-tasks
     new fbc160b  added resources
     new e15c782  all error displayed as ususal for red output in jenkins feed a logs.txt
add dummy report failing build if error.logs present (copy file from skin to have usage of
website event if build fail)
     new 0408906  fix format
     new af9cf3b  Cause of exception is useless user need to go to website to see all reports
     new 4c8cc97  shorten groupId
     new dc8a009  removed groupId column, replaced by headers for each distribution directory
     new 725ff65  formatted comments
     new a09e9c5  display simplification
     new f917f06  merged columns to improve rendering
     new 8c9c400  tweaked comments rendering
     new 8a60e0e  code simplification and methods renaming to better match intent
     new 6ffe48c  added src+bin format
     new e55c0d6  added options to ignore check failures for configured artifacts
     new 6e525c5  WIP on aggregator site. only a few artifact for plugin code A1  and shared
code A2 configured. Need custom for skins (no release date) asf pom not handler
     new afdb8c4  code simplification
     new e47459c  use ${project.reporting.outputDirectory} instead of hardcoding target/site
     new 1434996  plugin site check test - add new type of line in database for detailed artifact
     new a44cfad  add shared items
     new ce27b9b  don't require clean to check for failures
     new b0f0c3a  add pom items (hardcoded not nice) add skins
     new 2824b7d  edit a bit the site
     new bf1c9f2  maven-idea-plugin and maven-model-converter were released with copy to dist
     new 8080aac  added a note about apache-maven:2.0.11 which is in dist but not in central:
we should probably not cause a failure in this case
     new 701d8e0  maven-one-plugin released, with source release in dist
     new 6073cd2  display failure log content on failure
     new 37a57e4  use local line separator
     new 488a62f  there are 3 reports now :)
     new 50d090a  update maven-release version (which is unfortunately hardcoded)
     new e057e46  reworded "aggregated" to "index page"
     new 4cf73e4  improved output
     new 47779ec  fixed link to index page
     new 3259f54  cache index page instead of fetching content at each component
     new aaa5ad1  fixed report name to match other reports convention
     new 3c63a5c  more consistent filenames
     new c6d20ce  metadata is set, not added
     new 8ea5c1e  Support ranges
     new bea28b7  Improve message
     new bf4d217  update db with restrictions
     new 93ff7c8  verify both Maven 3.0.x and Maven 3.1.x+
     new fcb7d7d  code improvement: introduced IndexPage class to replace Object[]
     new f0c43d1  formatting
     new c668a3e  no need to force (nor restrict) maven-release-plugin version since the probem
with release parrent pom version 3, 4 and 5 don't apply here
     new dca5d12  improved explanations
     new b41e6f8  replaced "three spaces" convention with asterisk
     new 0791526  improve mavendb.txt readability: support empty lines
     new 15d8118  removed old code commented out
     new 77f45f2  replaced hardcoded distribution area url with info from mavendb.txt
     new d66d80d  improved mavendb.txt format to better show that every group is a directory
from distribution area
     new 6ec1510  cache data read from distribution area to avoid reading it multiple times
(a lot)
     new bd1afd6  removed unused import
     new ca4bc9f  o improved message when range restriction defined o changed level from info
to debug this restriction message
     new 5356b2d  renamed mavendb.txt to dist-tool.conf
     new 7d60c3f  maven-doxia-tools replaced by doxia-integration-tools
     new c02125d  added resources artifacts, both released version in old groupId and in target
groupId for future release
     new 1b7efb9  new syntax for parent-pom artifactId, to define this special artifact in
another place
     new 4f85693  removed "IPn" syntax from config file: index page url written once in group
definition is more expressive
     new 52b1c25  improved hack for poms index page
     new 4dcb98b  fail in case of wrong version in index page (but stay tolerant with date)
     new 6463695  added gifs to unpack, since icons are .gif
     new 2217ca4  use released components (no real need of latest and greatest SNAPSHOT)
     new 6b917c8  updated TODO
     new cb9768d  improved handling of artifacts not in distribution area
     new f2a7e7d  trick for Apache and Maven parent poms sites
     new bae48b4  replaced ifs with Map
     new 2aa7408  configure paths and sites in pom instead of hardcoding Map in source
     new 4db8e85  maven-indexer 5.1.1 documentation archived from actual documentation
     new 8ead1a8  configure site for versioned artifact, as useful for Maven 2.0.11 and 2.2.1
     new 260351e  nothing more hardcoded
     new 17517fe  added configuration dump in generated site
     new 41cb766  Use Properties instead of Map, so the key can contain a ':', which would
otherwise be a namespace within the XML configuration.
     new 64fa8b5  display maven distribution area and central urls
     new d629ed2  don't display dist when artifacts are not published
     new 70f705e  switched central and dist area columns: dist area is first priority
     new 370752c  added a link with text to distribution area in headers
     new 766ae06  display source release filename
     new 51dc3bc  added link to groupId in central
     new 033e326  improved output
     new 7412a41  better text for link to site
     new 60f5418  improved maven-metadata.xml vs index page info
     new ca57501  no more "work in progress", but added a link to configuration
     new d582eb2  reworded "release rules well applied" to "release process fully applied"
     new 3bd707b  added links to docs
     new 5bd23ae  o added maven-mapping in shared o configured index page for maven-archiver
     new 9e93763  ordered menu like index
     new c89993b  use latest Doxia Markdown module to have title support
     new 9fcd6d2  one more TODO
     new 157fcb1  removed file-management from expected site failures, now that it is imported
     new 1b5c75b  configure dist-area url in a more explicit way than position in the configuration
     new 0a70163  configure index path in dist-tool.conf instead of pom.xml
     new a5942df  configure site url in dist-tool.conf instead of pom.xml
     new 46eb04e  reordered index-path and site configuration near corresponding artifacts
instead of top of the file
     new 99bb9fa  improved parameter format in dist-tool.conf to make it more explicit
     new 2fc893f  we're more at 1.0 than 0.0.1 now :)
     new a993f3a  pom xsd
     new 494d451  use released version
     new ff1d629  version found in dist is not always older than expected: it can be newer
if dist has been updated but not central
     new 4ebe85d  improved TODO item explanations
     new a76b671  new TODO idea
     new cf32604  Maven 1.x & 2.x EOL, Maven 3.1.x available in addition to latest=3.2.x
     new 236c0c9  ASF parent now in dist area
     new 5de7bf3  maven-reactor-plugin is retired
     new 5a80967  tweaked configuration for resources since their dedicated (poor) sites were
     new 8ccc839  maven-parent pom is now in dist
     new 545ee32  updated parent pom
     new 03d6db6  avoid SNAPSHOT parent pom, since it causes build failure on builds.a.o
     new acc2548  simplified configuration
     new 8212798  use m-site-p 3.4 since it has the dependency fixed and other useful fixes
     new 0b17848  Injection via @Parameter instead of @Component
     new fdfbbcf  updated parent pom: required to fix issues reported by rat and checkstyle...
     new 93c9ead  get back to released parent
     new 4912b97  added ASF Jenkins report url
     new 17d6789  Comment out maven-idea-plugin, maven-one-plugin and maven-model-converter.
Mark them as retired.
     new a5c2e94  Add SCM URLs, to make the links to the sources on the site in Jenkins correct.
     new 0389869  - Enhancement of the dist-tool   Creating a report about the prerequisites
+ JDK versions   of maven plugins as they are published at the moment.
     new 5c25384  - Added missing License header.
     new a05a8b0  formatting
     new c99d669  display plugin version
     new 560d9f5  split reports in check-reports and info-reports
     new d14b51e  try another menu organization
     new 389d652  display plugin count for each Maven version prerequisite
     new 64078dd  added plugins provided by pulti-module builds (and protect against plugin-info
grabbing  problems)
     new 477ae9b  display total count of plugins
     new 36e5eb4  force EU site since US site is actually 10 days behind (see INFRA-8491)
     new c8c9bdf  removed extra-/ in calculated url
     new 41e582b  added support for Fluido skin in addition to Stylus
     new a5d90af  renamed classes, plugins, ... to better match the intent
     new 546b1cc  improved display
     new 46e999a  improved failure message
     new 278079c  upgraded maven-reporting-impl to latest
     new 259c8c3  improved name and description
     new 45953e1  added components count
     new 953836e  extract method to compare date from metadata and index page
     new f6ffa93  support a few days difference between info in index page and in artifact
     new cf75462  removed unused import
     new e6e0461  added missing plugin
     new 920c9b3  moved item to right section
     new 2c39c05  stupid typo...
     new f9ee78e  updated parent pom and fixed errors reported by Checkstyle
     new d8160cb  more efficient maven-plugin-plugin configuration
     new 203cc35  ignore Jenkins local repository
     new dbebc7f  use https repository instead of http
     new 2bb9779  add / at the end of versioned url, since it seems to be required now from
     new cfc390f  added maven-jdeps-plugin
     new 2148ea5  updated parent pom
     new b7a554d  removed one warning
     new ef60db0  added anchors
     new c09d20c  added Check Errors report, to focus only on issues
     new a503bc1  removed code duplication made unnecessary since upgrading reporting-impl
to 2.3 in r1632762
     new f154059  Added maven-shared-io.
     new a23ba82  updated retired plugins list
     new 8fc1275  skins were retired
     new c22f7f9  maven-eclipse-plugin is retired
     new ea01a36  refactoring to ease maintenance
     new a5efcc4  doxia-integration-tools is now integrated to Doxia Sitetools (since version
     new ee22a1f  [MANTTASKS-252] Retire this component
     new 8f3f58a  with Maven parent POMs 30, there is no more separate release for each parent
     new 4aa746b  added retry when downloading content from external sources to hopefully
avoid some false positives
     new 3e0b046  added info messages
     new ee2b004  added Maven Artifact Resolver
     new d724f61  support in addition to http://
     new 7b7b680  by default, status = -1 instead of HTTP_OK
     new 947af02  set OK status code when setting non-null document

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