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Subject svn propchange: r778938 - svn:log
Date Wed, 27 May 2009 00:56:37 GMT
Author: jdcasey
Revision: 778938
Modified property: svn:log

Modified: svn:log at Wed May 27 00:56:37 2009
--- svn:log (original)
+++ svn:log Wed May 27 00:56:37 2009
@@ -1 +1,5 @@
-Fix attribute/mode support for adding archived filesets to other archivers, when the set
being added is a tarball or a zip file. This needs some tests still.
+[MASSEMBLY-238][MASSEMBLY-379][MASSEMBLY-414] Committed the wrong code for that previous
log, so revising the commit message here.
+Adding an integration test to verify that regular expression syntax is supported in include/exclude
patterns for fileSets.
+Also, fixing the handling of file/directory modes (detected, default, and overrides, which
are those specified in the assembly descriptor). This will require a follow-up commit in plexus-archiver
(which is what that last commit log was meant for), and still requires a few tests.

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