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Subject svn commit: r610625 - /maven/site/trunk/src/site/apt/guides/mini/guide-central-repository-upload.apt
Date Thu, 10 Jan 2008 01:15:39 GMT
Author: vsiveton
Date: Wed Jan  9 17:15:11 2008
New Revision: 610625

MNG-2954: Docu incomplete: "Guide to uploading artifacts to the Central Repository": Jira
project not specified, Attachment usage unclear

o fixed as suggested


Modified: maven/site/trunk/src/site/apt/guides/mini/guide-central-repository-upload.apt
--- maven/site/trunk/src/site/apt/guides/mini/guide-central-repository-upload.apt (original)
+++ maven/site/trunk/src/site/apt/guides/mini/guide-central-repository-upload.apt Wed Jan
 9 17:15:11 2008
@@ -43,6 +43,7 @@
  * dependencies
+ []
  <<groupId>>: it will identify your project uniquely across all
  projects, so we need to enforce a naming schema. For projects with artifacts already uploaded
to the Central Repository it can
@@ -57,7 +58,7 @@
  Look at {{{}
  More information about package names}}. Check also the guide about
- {{{guide-naming-conventions.html}Maven naming conventions}}
+ {{{guide-naming-conventions.html}Maven naming conventions}}.
@@ -65,6 +66,7 @@
  * -> net.sf.oness
+ []
 * Explanation
@@ -78,8 +80,6 @@
  its life time and we are trying create tools to help normal people sort out licensing issues.
For example, knowing all the licenses
  for a particular graph of artifacts we could have some strategies that would identify potential
licensing problems.
 * A basic sample:
@@ -116,7 +116,7 @@
@@ -141,7 +141,7 @@
  If your project name is <<<foo>>> at SourceForge, then <<<>>>.
If it's foo at, then <<<>>>
+ []
 Sync'ing your own repository to the central repository automatically
@@ -155,7 +155,7 @@
  open an issue under {{{}MAVENUPLOAD}} and attach
the script, and we'll add it to the automatically synced repos.
- Make sure you <<provide proof of owning the domain>> that matches the groupId
(see groupId considerations above). Proof means either the server to sync from has a name

+ Make sure you <<provide proof of owning the domain>> that matches the groupId
(see groupId considerations above). Proof means either the server to sync from has a name
  under that domain, your name shows up in a prominent place in the domain, or you provide
a link to a whois database where your name shows up as the domain owner.
  If you are using ssh in your own server you need to add the {{{}maven
public key}} to the authorized ones to allow us to log
@@ -175,7 +175,7 @@
  issue first describing what and why you are trying to do it, and you may be designated the
"unofficial" mantainer of the repository section associated to that project,
  and you will be responsible of publishing the new releases for that project in your repository
if other users request it. You can opt out at any time.
+ []
 Manual upload of artifacts
@@ -186,7 +186,6 @@
  It means that for each version you release and want to upload to the central repository
you will have to wait that time. If a problem is detected it will
  be notified in the Jira issue and <<you will wait again>> until the next time
the issues are processed.
 * Step 1: Create an upload bundle
  Use the repository plugin provided with the standard Maven distribution to create an upload
@@ -199,7 +198,7 @@
  The bundle will be created in your <<<target>>> directory with the name:
  If you want to include a jar with java sources in your upload (recommended, unless your
license doesn't
  allow sources to be redistributed) the command to run is:
@@ -236,14 +235,15 @@
 * Step 2: Posting the request
  Post your request to {{{;issuetype=3}JIRA}}.
- In the description you must write the URL of the upload bundle
+ Under this URL, you need to choose that the project is "maven-upload-requests" and issue
type is "wish".
+ In the description, you must write the URL of the upload bundle
  (if you're uploading more than one bundle please add all the urls under the same issue),
  then leave a blank line and provide the following:
  * a url where the project can be found.
  * if you are one of its developers, a url where your name or email can be found inside the
project site.
  This will speed up the uploading process.
@@ -276,8 +276,6 @@
 Manual process FAQ and common mistakes
  * I use parent poms how do I include them in the bundle?
@@ -288,7 +286,7 @@
  No, please ignore the bundle url field and put in only one Jira issue the URLs of all bundles
in the description or comments fields.
+ []
 Maven partners
@@ -304,6 +302,7 @@
  * {{{}OpenSymphony}}
+ []
 For Maven developers
@@ -346,3 +345,4 @@
   * upload requests for popular projects require being extremely careful (javax.* groups,
spring, hibernate,...)
+  []

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