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Subject svn commit: r608267 - /maven/site/trunk/src/site/apt/guides/mini/guide-central-repository-upload.apt
Date Wed, 02 Jan 2008 22:33:35 GMT
Author: carlos
Date: Wed Jan  2 14:33:34 2008
New Revision: 608267

Add FAQ/common mistakes sections


Modified: maven/site/trunk/src/site/apt/guides/mini/guide-central-repository-upload.apt
--- maven/site/trunk/src/site/apt/guides/mini/guide-central-repository-upload.apt (original)
+++ maven/site/trunk/src/site/apt/guides/mini/guide-central-repository-upload.apt Wed Jan
 2 14:33:34 2008
@@ -111,11 +111,37 @@
+  <!--
+  <repositories></repositories>
+  <pluginRepositories></pluginRepositories>
+  -->
+FAQ and common mistakes
+ * I have other repositories or pluginRepositories listed in my pom, is that a problem?
+ Yes, the central repo must be self contained, which means that all your dependencies must
be already in the central repository.
+ You need to remove the repositories and pluginRepositories entries and make sure your project
still builds when your local repository cache is empty.
+ The only exception allowed is when a dependency can not be distributed from the central
repository due to the license, in that case only the pom for that
+ dependency is required, listing where the dependency can be downloaded.
+ {{{}See
an example}}.
+ * I have a patched version of the foo project developed at, what groupId should
I use?
+ When you patch / modify a third party project, that patched version becomes your project
and therefore should be distributed under a groupId you control
+ as any project you would have developed, never under See above considerations about
+ * My project is hosted at a project hosting service like SourceForge or, what
should I use as groupId?
+ If your project name is <<<foo>>> at SourceForge, then <<<>>>.
If it's foo at, then <<<>>>
 Sync'ing your own repository to the central repository automatically
@@ -129,7 +155,7 @@
  open an issue under {{{}MAVENUPLOAD}} and attach
the script, and we'll add it to the automatically synced repos.
- Make sure you provide proof of owning the domain that matches the groupId (see groupId considerations
above). Proof means either the server to sync from has a name 
+ Make sure you <<provide proof of owning the domain>> that matches the groupId
(see groupId considerations above). Proof means either the server to sync from has a name

  under that domain, your name shows up in a prominent place in the domain, or you provide
a link to a whois database where your name shows up as the domain owner.
  If you are using ssh in your own server you need to add the {{{}maven
public key}} to the authorized ones to allow us to log
@@ -140,12 +166,26 @@
  <<Important>>: nothing is deleted or changed in the Central Repository after
it is synced (except maven-metadata.xml files)
+Sync FAQ
+ * Can I provide a sync for a groupId of a third party project?
+ If the third party project is not willing to provide a repository to sync from, and you
are a regular user of maven and the third party project, the answer is yes,
+ you can set up a repository as if the project were yours (see instructions above). Please
create a {{{}MAVENUPLOAD}} Jira
+ issue first describing what and why you are trying to do it, and you may be designated the
"unofficial" mantainer of the repository section associated to that project,
+ and you will be responsible of publishing the new releases for that project in your repository
if other users request it. You can opt out at any time.
 Manual upload of artifacts
  Note that this manual process is time consuming and <<will only be accepted for a
limited number of requests>>. If you want to upload frequently read the
  section above about automatic sync.
+ <<Estimated process time is FOUR WEEKS>>. If you want to use the manual process,
that is the estimated time to process <<if no problems are detected>>.
+ It means that for each version you release and want to upload to the central repository
you will have to wait that time. If a problem is detected it will
+ be notified in the Jira issue and <<you will wait again>> until the next time
the issues are processed.
 * Step 1: Create an upload bundle
@@ -163,6 +203,8 @@
  If you want to include a jar with java sources in your upload (recommended, unless your
license doesn't
  allow sources to be redistributed) the command to run is:
+ <<Note>> due to a bug in repository:bundle-create you will need to <<manually
add the javadoc jar>> to the bundle jar, using zip or any other compression program.
  mvn source:jar javadoc:jar repository:bundle-create
@@ -215,10 +257,36 @@
-Wiggle is a fantastic new piece of software for automating the
-clipping of nose hairs. Please upload!
+I'm a developer in wiggle, please upload!
+ or
+I'm a developer in wiggle, and want to use the org.wiggle groupId
+I own domain, you can see my name in
+or you can see the project web page in
+Manual process FAQ and common mistakes
+ * I use parent poms how do I include them in the bundle?
+ You can't. You need to use the automated synchronization process noted above.
+ * I want to get several bundles uploaded, do I need to create a Jira issue for each?
+ No, please ignore the bundle url field and put in only one Jira issue the URLs of all bundles
in the description or comments fields.

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