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Subject svn commit: r557056 - /maven/plugins/trunk/maven-changelog-plugin/src/site/fml/faq.fml
Date Tue, 17 Jul 2007 21:03:07 GMT
Author: dennisl
Date: Tue Jul 17 14:03:06 2007
New Revision: 557056

[MCHANGELOG-65] documentation samples for working changelog reports for each supported SCM

o Add another piece to the FAQ.


Modified: maven/plugins/trunk/maven-changelog-plugin/src/site/fml/faq.fml
--- maven/plugins/trunk/maven-changelog-plugin/src/site/fml/faq.fml (original)
+++ maven/plugins/trunk/maven-changelog-plugin/src/site/fml/faq.fml Tue Jul 17 14:03:06 2007
@@ -86,6 +86,20 @@
           correct, then you are not getting the data you expected from your SCM
           system. Please check your changelog plugin configuration.
+        <p>
+          If that doesn't help, you can try to run the maven-scm-plugin from
+          the command line. The maven-changelog-plugin uses Maven SCM under the
+          hood and running the maven-scm-plugin is a great way of verifying
+          that the <code>&lt;scm&gt;</code> element in your
+          <code>pom.xml</code> file is correct. Try this on the command line:
+mvn scm:changelog
+          It should show you the latest changes made in your SCM. It uses the
+          default settings, but you can change these by specifying parameters
+          on the command line. Read more about this in
+          <a href="">the
scm-plugin documentation</a>.
+        </p>
     <faq id="Where can I find a working configuration for this plugin">

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