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Subject svn commit: r411222 - /maven/site/trunk/src/site/apt/guides/mini/guide-maven-evangelism.apt
Date Fri, 02 Jun 2006 17:57:38 GMT
Author: carlos
Date: Fri Jun  2 10:57:38 2006
New Revision: 411222

Added notes about missing poms


Modified: maven/site/trunk/src/site/apt/guides/mini/guide-maven-evangelism.apt
--- maven/site/trunk/src/site/apt/guides/mini/guide-maven-evangelism.apt (original)
+++ maven/site/trunk/src/site/apt/guides/mini/guide-maven-evangelism.apt Fri Jun  2 10:57:38
@@ -12,6 +12,8 @@
  (note that this subversion repo has a lot of files and folders)
+ If the poms is not yet in subversion you will have to add it.
  Fix the poms and open an issue at {{{}JIRA}} with
  a patch file from subversion in unified diff format, explaining the reasons why
  it needs to be changed (there were no dependencies, wrong info,...).
@@ -19,6 +21,9 @@
  *Important:* by default assume that we won't trust your changes, so you must provide all
  to the project documentation you can to convince us that your patch is right.
+ There are artifacts in the repository that don't have poms. They come from the Maven 1 repositories
of our
+ partners (Apache Software Foundation, Codehaus,...). We know it but can't do anything unless
you provide
+ a pom for it or you ask the project in question to add the pom when they add the artifacts.
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