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Subject svn commit: r393604 - /maven/plugins/trunk/maven-eclipse-plugin/src/site/apt/wtp.apt
Date Wed, 12 Apr 2006 20:44:25 GMT
Author: fgiust
Date: Wed Apr 12 13:44:24 2006
New Revision: 393604

update doc removing outdated info


Modified: maven/plugins/trunk/maven-eclipse-plugin/src/site/apt/wtp.apt
--- maven/plugins/trunk/maven-eclipse-plugin/src/site/apt/wtp.apt (original)
+++ maven/plugins/trunk/maven-eclipse-plugin/src/site/apt/wtp.apt Wed Apr 12 13:44:24 2006
@@ -20,18 +20,18 @@
  <<This means that only project-dependencies (in a multi-module build) will work, but
any other dependency in the POM
  will be ignored when running the web application inside eclipse>>
- Apart from this, WTP 1.0 also has a grave performance regression which makes internal server
pretty unusable, so we suggest
- to avoid using the 1.0 release.
+ This bug has been fixed in release 1.0.1, so if you are still using WTP 1.0 be sure to update
it to the 1.0.1 (or newer)
+ release.
- The bug is now fixed for the 1.0.1 release, expected for February, 2006. You can already
download a working copy of WTP
- from {{{}}}
- ("Released Maintenance" for Eclipse 3.1 or "Integration Build" for Eclipse 3.2)
+ You can download a working copy of WTP from {{{}}}
 * WTP versions
  In order to create a configuration for WTP you <always> need to specify the version
of WTP you are using.
- The plugin actually supports WTP R7 and 1.0 (actually, 1.0 means you need 1.0.1 according
to the above note).
+ The plugin actually supports creating WTP R7 and 1.0 configuration files (and WTP 1.5 builds,
since configuration files
+ are not changed after 1.0)
  Note that R7/1.0 configuration files are totally different, so be sure to check the version
you are using.
  In order to generate WTP configuration files simply run:

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