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Subject svn commit: r329988 - in /maven/components/trunk/maven-site/src/site: apt/guides/development/guide-helping.apt apt/guides/development/guide-m2-development.apt apt/helping.apt apt/patches.apt site.xml xdoc/developers/code-style.xml
Date Tue, 01 Nov 2005 05:51:30 GMT
Author: brett
Date: Mon Oct 31 21:51:20 2005
New Revision: 329988

removing docs I converted, as I found them in the guides.
add standard commit template to developer guide and fix some links


Modified: maven/components/trunk/maven-site/src/site/apt/guides/development/guide-helping.apt
--- maven/components/trunk/maven-site/src/site/apt/guides/development/guide-helping.apt (original)
+++ maven/components/trunk/maven-site/src/site/apt/guides/development/guide-helping.apt Mon
Oct 31 21:51:20 2005
@@ -43,12 +43,28 @@
  rights and nothing else is frowned upon, as is asking to be made a committer without having
  sufficiently to be invited.
-~~ Resources for committers
-~~<li><a href="">Developer Resources</a></li>
-~~<li><a href="">About the Apache Software Foundation</a></li>
-~~<li><a href="">Committer FAQ</a></li>
-~~<li><a href="">Web
-~~<li><a href="">Apache Wiki</a></li>
+Developers Conventions
+  There are a number of conventions used in the project, which contributors and developers
alike should follow for
+  consistency's sake.
+  * {{{guide-m2-development.html#Maven Code Style} Code Style}}
+  * {{{guide-m2-development.html#Commit Message Template} Commit Message Template}}
+Resources for committers
+  * {{{} Developer Resources}}
+  * {{{} About the Apache Software Foundation}}
+  * {{{} Committer FAQ}}
+  * {{{} Web Stats}}
+  * {{{} Mailing List Stats}}
+  * {{{} Apache Wiki}}

Modified: maven/components/trunk/maven-site/src/site/apt/guides/development/guide-m2-development.apt
--- maven/components/trunk/maven-site/src/site/apt/guides/development/guide-m2-development.apt
+++ maven/components/trunk/maven-site/src/site/apt/guides/development/guide-m2-development.apt
Mon Oct 31 21:51:20 2005
@@ -50,7 +50,7 @@
  When you find a issue you would like to work on add a comment in the issue log so the core
developers and other
  people looking for work know that someone is already working on it.
-* {{Creating and submitting a patch}}
+* {Creating and submitting a patch}
  When you have either completed an issue or just want some feedback on the work you have
done, create a patch
  and attach the patch to the issue in question. We have a couple of guidelines when creating
@@ -206,7 +206,7 @@
  {{{}Committer Subversion Access}}
  document and you must set your svn client with these properties file : {{svn-eol-style.txt}}
-* Maven Code Style
+* {Maven Code Style}
  The following sections show how to set up the code style for Maven in IDEA and Eclipse.
  It is strongly preferred that patches use this style before they are spplied.
@@ -219,10 +219,26 @@
  After this, restart IDEA and open the settings to select the new code style.
-** Eclipse 3.x">
+** Eclipse 3.x
  Download <<<{{{../../maven-eclipse-codestyle.xml}maven-eclipse-codestyle.xml}}>>>.
  After this, select Window \> Preferences, and open up the configuration for Java \>
  Style \> Code Formatter. Click on the button labeled Import... and select the file you
- downloaded. Give the style a name, and click OK.
\ No newline at end of file
+ downloaded. Give the style a name, and click OK.
+* {Commit Message Template}
+  Commits should have a message that follows this template:
+PR: issue1, issue2 (using issue keys from JIRA, not URLs)
+Submitted by: (when it was a patch, put that persons name there)
+<< comment >>
+  <<PR>> can be omitted if there was no relevant JIRA issue, though it is strongly
encouraged to create one for significant
+  changes.
+  <<Submitted by>> only needs to be specified when a patch is being applied for
a non-committer.
\ No newline at end of file

Modified: maven/components/trunk/maven-site/src/site/site.xml
--- maven/components/trunk/maven-site/src/site/site.xml (original)
+++ maven/components/trunk/maven-site/src/site/site.xml Mon Oct 31 21:51:20 2005
@@ -25,10 +25,10 @@
       <item name="Installation Instructions" href="/download.html#installation"/>
       <item name="Getting Started" href="/guides/getting-started/index.html"/>
       <item name="Documentation" href="/guides/index.html"/>
-      <item name="Available Plug-ins" href="/plugins/index.html"/> 
+      <item name="Available Plug-ins" href="/plugins/index.html"/>
       <item name="Plug-in Matrix" href=""/>
       <item name="Where is it?" href="/where-is-it.html"/>
-      <item name="How to Help" href="/helping.html"/>
+      <item name="How to Help" href="/guides/development/guide-helping.html"/>
     <menu name="About Maven 2.0">

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