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From John Casey <>
Subject [ANN] Maven Assembly Plugin 2.2 Released
Date Mon, 11 Oct 2010 16:11:32 GMT
The Maven team is pleased to announce the release of the Maven Assembly 
Plugin, version 2.2

This plugin allows the user to create customized archives based on their 
project and its dependencies. For example, the assembly plugin is 
commonly used to create distribution archives for projects.

You should specify the version in your project's plugin configuration:


NOTE: Release Notes are also available at:

Release Notes - Maven 2.x Assembly Plugin - Version 2.2

** Bug
     * [MASSEMBLY-94] - moduleSet/binaries doesn't work with 
assembly:single bound to the build lifecycle
     * [MASSEMBLY-140] - Assembly descriptor docs are incorrect for 
     * [MASSEMBLY-150] - Clarify or fix <file> relative scoping in 
assembly descriptor to be module centric or location of mvn execution
     * [MASSEMBLY-151] - Documentation for the assembly plugin is 
utterly confusing
     * [MASSEMBLY-157] - maven assembly  plugin, includes/excludes in 
     * [MASSEMBLY-167] - Property Expansion/Filtering does not always 
work for
     * [MASSEMBLY-171] - Fix / speedup integration tests
     * [MASSEMBLY-185] - When using different parent and aggregator 
poms, the assembly plugin does not package the ModuleSets of the 
aggregator modules
     * [MASSEMBLY-187] - Incorrect FileSet causes infinite loop
     * [MASSEMBLY-202] - Silent failure: <outputFileNameMapping> 
declared with multiple includes
     * [MASSEMBLY-206] - Filtering does not work when using in fileSet 
inside moduleSet
     * [MASSEMBLY-220] - unpacked assemblies render different results 
when enumerating dependencies vs. using wildcards
     * [MASSEMBLY-228] - UnpackOptions filtered does not work
     * [MASSEMBLY-248] - version was null for junit:junit
     * [MASSEMBLY-289] - Fix bogus warning about attaching non-regular file
     * [MASSEMBLY-299] - assembly does not honnor <dependencyManagement> 
     * [MASSEMBLY-332] - MANIFEST.MF is not used when specified in 
configuration for a WAR format assembly
     * [MASSEMBLY-333] - plugin not correctly interpolating POM 
variables like ${settings.localRepository}
     * [MASSEMBLY-337] - dependencySet with unpack=true cannot be used 
to make file permissions executable
     * [MASSEMBLY-346] - DependencySets Includes/Excludes Do Not Work 
Correctly And Type Is Ignored
     * [MASSEMBLY-360] - When using mulitple Spring dependencies, the 
files from META-INF (from the Spring jars) overwrite each other in an 
executable jar-with-dependencies.
     * [MASSEMBLY-367] - mvn assembly:assembly fails to replace 
     * [MASSEMBLY-378] - Property expansion in assembly/component 
descriptors does not escape &, <, >, ", or '
     * [MASSEMBLY-392] - Big slowdown on Linux when upgrading assembly 
plugin from 2.2-beta-1 to 2.2-beta-3
     * [MASSEMBLY-393] - Cannot Override dependencyManagement
     * [MASSEMBLY-403] - No files is added for fileset
     * [MASSEMBLY-420] - maven fails when packing parent pom
     * [MASSEMBLY-423] - Specified file modes are used for all the 
following fileSets
     * [MASSEMBLY-424] - poor performance of dependencySet in assembly 
descriptor (compared to using maven-dependency-plugin + fileSet)
     * [MASSEMBLY-431] - missing files during installing when using goal 
     * [MASSEMBLY-432] - assembly misapplies depMgt and selects the 
wrong dependency for an archive
     * [MASSEMBLY-435] - DependencySet: outputDirectory expression using 
${artifact.baseVersion} uses equivalent of ${project.baseVersion}
     * [MASSEMBLY-448] - Assembly plugin's dependency resolution for 
dependency sets is not inline with maven dependency resolution
     * [MASSEMBLY-451] - unpackOptions: Documentation on differs from "The definitive Guide", the latter is right
     * [MASSEMBLY-455] - Incorrect documentation for Pre-defined 
Descriptor Files
     * [MASSEMBLY-462] - Assembly contains temporary files ending in 
     * [MASSEMBLY-464] - assembly descriptor id should be mandatory
     * [MASSEMBLY-469] - Version for artifacts in dependencies section 
are resolved wrong
     * [MASSEMBLY-488] - restrict useStrictFiltering option to 
     * [MASSEMBLY-490] - Assembly fails with 'Too many files' error when 
converting line endings.
     * [MASSEMBLY-498] - Unable to get module properties
     * [MASSEMBLY-499] - Poor performance in DirectoryArchiver due to 
unnecessary native calls
     * [MASSEMBLY-507] - 2.2-beta-6-SNAPSHOT component annotations MAY 
not work with Maven 2.x
     * [MASSEMBLY-509] - Hudson unable to build with version 2.2

** Improvement
     * [MASSEMBLY-66] - Ability to index into a nominated dependency JAR 
to identify files to include in the assembly (Im thinking .so/.dll etc)
     * [MASSEMBLY-115] - Should avoid modifying assembly if none of the 
underlying files have changed.
     * [MASSEMBLY-204] - Make a single goal (assembly:assembly) that 
covers all cases of assembly:attached, directory, ...
     * [MASSEMBLY-209] - Service provider configuration files should be 
concatenated instead of overwritten
     * [MASSEMBLY-229] - Documentation of fileMode could be improved to 
avoid user trip hazard
     * [MASSEMBLY-263] - Include component location information
     * [MASSEMBLY-272] - getDescriptor and getDescriptorId should be 
     * [MASSEMBLY-307] - Better Validation of Assembly Descriptors
     * [MASSEMBLY-486] - ComponentDescriptors to support absolute paths
     * [MASSEMBLY-487] - Introduce ${} counterpart 
for ${}

** New Feature
     * [MASSEMBLY-501] - Define a method of using moduleSet/binaries 
from a child project to gain access to all modules in reactor

** Task
     * [MASSEMBLY-502] - Convert to Java 1.5 Syntax / Requirement

** Wish
     * [MASSEMBLY-288] - Support <moduleSets> in component descriptors


-The Maven team

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