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From Benjamin Bentmann <>
Subject [ANN] Apache Maven 3.0-alpha-3 Released
Date Fri, 13 Nov 2009 12:35:47 GMT
The Maven team is pleased to announce the release of Apache Maven 

Maven is a project comprehension and build tool, designed to simplify
the process of maintaining a healthy development lifecycle for your
project. You can read more here:

Downloads of source and binary distributions are already available on 
the central Maven repository and various Apache download mirrors and 
will be listed soon in our download section once the updated site gets 
synced to the live server:

A major goal of Maven 3.0 is to be compatible with existing plugins and 
projects designed for Maven 2.x. Users interested in testing this alpha 
release should have a glance at the compatibility notes for known 
differences between Maven 3.0 and Maven 2.x:

As of this writing, we already know about one regression in Maven 
3.0-alpha-3 that prevents the forced update of SNAPSHOT POMs via the 
command line flag -U. If you encounter unexpected problems while using 
Maven 3.0-alpha-3, please feel free to contact us via the Maven 
developer list:

Release Notes - Maven 2 - Version 3.0-alpha-3

** Sub-task
     * [MNG-3013] - The plugin manager incorrectly caches plugin 
versions between embedder calls
     * [MNG-3862] - Remove all plugin configuration manipulation from 
the plugin manager
     * [MNG-3932] - Remove all mirror, authentication, and proxy 
handling out of WagonManager and into a neutral Maven implementation
     * [MNG-4163] - Deprecate all methods in MavenProject that relate to 
     * [MNG-4215] - Review and fix hashCode/equals methods of 
ArtifactRepository implementations

** Bug
     * [MNG-1943] - MavenProject::getParent() returns a MavenProject 
that is NOT interpolated
     * [MNG-2098] - Artifact resolver incorrectly selects repository 
which doesn't contain the selected version
     * [MNG-2140] - Mojo in forked lifecycle invoked in reactor build 
cannot find reactor dependency
     * [MNG-2174] - <pluginManagement><plugins><plugin><dependencies>
not propogate to child POM plugins (potentially scoped to only affecting 
child POM plugins that live within a <profile>)
     * [MNG-2363] - <profile><activation><file><exists/> does not
in a multi-project build
     * [MNG-2693] - Error executing post-site: 
java.util.MissingResourceException: Can't find bundle for base name 
site-plugin, locale en
     * [MNG-2720] - Multiproject dependencies not accurate for 
project.compileClasspathElements when run from root project
     * [MNG-3018] - pluginManagement configurations are not honoured 
when plugin is silently included
     * [MNG-3043] - Allow 'mvn test' to work with test-jar dependencies 
in a reactor
     * [MNG-3139] - The skin does not exist: Unable to determine the 
release version
     * [MNG-3260] - 2.1: aggregating plugins in submodules of the 
reactor return all projects causing a chicken/egg issue
     * [MNG-3265] - maven-model Extension.equals causes NPE when any 
field is uninitialized
     * [MNG-3281] - Revisit backwards compat of extensions (IT 0114)
     * [MNG-3391] - StackOverflowError in DefaultMavenProjectBuilder
     * [MNG-3401] - Plugin parameters must be specified outside an 
execution block when they are invoked from the command line
     * [MNG-3483] - merging managed dependencies should ONLY work when 
scope == import explicitly
     * [MNG-3543] - readProjectWithDependencies take very long time for 
some projects
     * [MNG-3567] - pluginManagement from parent POM not used in child
     * [MNG-3607] - Class loaders employed by Maven return invalid URLs 
to resources
     * [MNG-3641] - Lack of error checks on profiles
     * [MNG-3683] - [regression] Help plugin does not work
     * [MNG-3732] - [regression] project.getActiveProfiles() has not the 
same behaviour
     * [MNG-3757] - Setting M2_HOME to nothing and running ant delets 
contents of the current folder
     * [MNG-3803] - [regression] System properties not working any more
     * [MNG-3807] - Maven is not interpolatin Properties at plugin 
     * [MNG-3814] - Reactor builds fail due to erroneous cycle in 
project sorting which does not consider versions
     * [MNG-3819] - [regression] Plugins that don't declare dependency 
on plexus-utils no longer get plexus-utils:1.1
     * [MNG-3836] - [regression] Inherited collection from plugin 
configuration is merged with configuration from child whereas child 
config should completely override collection
     * [MNG-3848] - [regression] Inheritance of project/site/scm URLs 
does not take child's relative location to parent into account
     * [MNG-3853] - [regression] Distribution Management injected by 
profile is not reflected by MavenProject
     * [MNG-3872] - Profiles not being activated for relocated POMs
     * [MNG-3877] - Reporting output directory not basedir aligned when 
queried from MavenProject
     * [MNG-3885] - Modules of Maven projects are deployed with 
Timestamp during reactor build when uniqueVersion is set to false in 
parent profile
     * [MNG-3900] - [regression] Properties defined by active profiles 
are not used for POM interpolation
     * [MNG-3918] - NPE in CLIReportingUtils
     * [MNG-3919] - NPE in DefaultLifecycleBindingManager
     * [MNG-3925] - [regression] Wrong order of plugin executions after 
merge with executions inherted from parent
     * [MNG-3927] - [regression] Configuration of custom plugin 
execution using default id pollutes configuration of default plugin 
executions introduced by packaging
     * [MNG-3941] - Execution project is accessible to later mojo executions
     * [MNG-3947] - [regression] Configuration of plugin execution with 
id "default" pollutes configuration of standalone plugin execution from CLI
     * [MNG-3991] - POM validator allows <scope>optional</scope> but it 
is not valid.
     * [MNG-3995] - Configuration Property Lost In Join of 
     * [MNG-4008] - [regression] Build filters are collapsed
     * [MNG-4009] - [regression] Effects of active profiles from parent 
are not inherited by children.
     * [MNG-4027] - [regression] Injection of dependencies from profiles 
crashes project builder
     * [MNG-4034] - [regression] dependency version is not inherited 
from parent dependencyManagement
     * [MNG-4035] - Cannot find setter nor field in 
for 'extractors'
     * [MNG-4036] - [regression] Maven 3.x can't resolve parent POMs 
from repositories defined in settings.xml
     * [MNG-4040] - Tycho build fails with PluginDescriptor for the 
plugin was not found
     * [MNG-4041] - embedder returns stale maven project state
     * [MNG-4050] - Bootstrap fails since the commons-parent pom has 
empty repo URL
     * [MNG-4052] - import scope dependencies prefer to download pom 
rather than find it in the current project
     * [MNG-4053] - [regression] XML attributes in plugin configuration 
get duplicated to other elements in combination with plugin management
     * [MNG-4055] - wrong error on mvn install in folder without pom.xml
     * [MNG-4068] - [regression] Use proper id for mirrored repository
     * [MNG-4070] - [regression] Parent POMs cannot be resolved when 
their id values are surrounded by whitespace
     * [MNG-4072] - [regression] Repositories from inactive profiles are 
used for artifact resolution
     * [MNG-4078] - [regression] Plugin metaversion RELEASE no longer 
     * [MNG-4102] - [regression] Properties used for interpolation of 
inherited properties can't be customized by child
     * [MNG-4106] - [regression] Interpolation does not use properties 
from dominant settings profile if other profile defines same property
     * [MNG-4107] - [regression] User settings can't override properties 
used for POM interpolation
     * [MNG-4109] - When running a plugin, project builder does not pick 
up settings profiles
     * [MNG-4116] - [regression] Effective POM contains invalid URLs 
upon usage of percent-encoded characters
     * [MNG-4129] - Execution's inherited is not working as expected.
     * [MNG-4172] - Project POM artifact returned as dependency if 
project has no dependencies
     * [MNG-4180] - [regression] Dependency exclusions are applied globally
     * [MNG-4187] - dependency:trunk doesn't work with mvn trunk rev 782332
     * [MNG-4190] - same remote repo is referecned multiple times
     * [MNG-4191] - separate plugin and artifact repositories
     * [MNG-4196] - [regression] Exclusions in project-level plugin 
dependencies are ignored
     * [MNG-4197] - relocation doesn't work in trunk (rev 784345)
     * [MNG-4199] - [regression] Dependency resolution for compile and 
runtime scope misses provided&system dependencies
     * [MNG-4201] - Custom packaging break in trunk (rev 784628)
     * [MNG-4203] - [regression] Dependency exclusions are not applied 
     * [MNG-4208] - [regression] CLI properties can't override project 
properties during interpolation
     * [MNG-4214] - [regression] Parent POMs cannot be resolved from 
mirrored repos
     * [MNG-4217] - trunk create a directory with %20 in name (trunk rev 
     * [MNG-4227] - DefaultArtifactVersion equals implementation does 
not handle null
     * [MNG-4231] - Snapshots are not checked for updates
     * [MNG-4239] - NoSuchMethodError 
     * [MNG-4245] - can't access protected mirrors with latest 
3.0-SNAPSHOT (rev 795227)
     * [MNG-4246] - plugin resolution failures during pom-less execution 
(like archetype:generate)
     * [MNG-4256] - [regression] The gwt-maven-plugin is using 
ActiveProjectArtifact to get hold of sources in the reactor
     * [MNG-4261] - site plugin doesn't generate reports
     * [MNG-4262] - Make-like reactor mode fails to find projects 
selected by relative paths with leading dots
     * [MNG-4266] - Missing method ArtifactUtils.isSnapshot used in the 
release plugin
     * [MNG-4269] - [regression] Invocation of just installed plugin on 
its plugin project can fail with ComponentLookupException for mojo class
     * [MNG-4272] - Error found in code: wrong order of parameters in 
createRepository for repo in a profile in settings.xml
     * [MNG-4273] - [regression] Internal utility classes of core leak 
into plugin realm
     * [MNG-4274] - Plugins with an undeclared but transitive dependency 
on plexus-utils via a core artifact get wrong version of p-u
     * [MNG-4276] - Plugins with indirect dependency on plexus-utils are 
stuck with plexus-utils:1.1
     * [MNG-4280] - [regression] Direct CLI invocation of goal causes 
"default-cli" config to be processed twice, duplicating list values
     * [MNG-4281] - remote snapshots are prefered over locally installed 
snapshots in maven3 svn rev 800808
     * [MNG-4283] - [regression] Parent POM with packaging other than 
"pom" is not rejected
     * [MNG-4291] - [regression] @requiresOnline mojo annotation is ignored
     * [MNG-4304] - [regression] MavenProject.getDependencyArtifacts() 
not set
     * [MNG-4305] - [regression] ${localRepository.basedir} is not a 
proper path
     * [MNG-4312] - Magic expressions injected by 
PluginParameterExpressionEvalutor conflict with expressions used by 
plugins to access system properties
     * [MNG-4313] - Plugin descriptor builder ignores deprecation 
message for mojo
     * [MNG-4314] - [regression] Direct invocation of aggregator plugin 
causes plugin to run on each project
     * [MNG-4317] - [regression] g:a level metadata is not properly 
processed when resolving plugin version
     * [MNG-4318] - MavenProject.executionRoot is not set correctly
     * [MNG-4320] - [regression] Aggregators invoked from CLI no longer 
resolve dependencies for all reactor projects
     * [MNG-4321] - [regression] Plugin-level configuration from plugin 
management is not applied to goals invoked from CLI
     * [MNG-4325] - [regression] Lifecycle overlay configuration of 
aggregator mojos is not properly processed when forking reactor
     * [MNG-4327] - [regression] Forking mojos that are bound to a 
lifecycle phase that gets forked execute multiple times
     * [MNG-4328] - [regression] plugin parameters of primitive types 
can't be populated from expression
     * [MNG-4332] - [regression] Default plugin executions contributed 
by packaging execute after executions from plugin management
     * [MNG-4334] - maven core caches settings.xml
     * [MNG-4335] - [regression] 
<settings><offline>true</offline</settings> is not honored
     * [MNG-4338] - Unexepceted "Unknown packaging: bundle" error for 
plugins with custom lifecycle mapping that defines optional mojos
     * [MNG-4341] - [regression] Plugins are not executed in POM order
     * [MNG-4342] - [regression] Multiple goals within single execution 
with equally named parameter get configured with wrong default values
     * [MNG-4343] - maven always checks missing release artifacts
     * [MNG-4344] - [regression] Managed executions of plugins 
introduced by default lifecycle bindings execute before explicitly 
defined plugins
     * [MNG-4345] - [regression] Plugin executions contributed by 
default lifecycle mapping execute after other plugin executions bound to 
the same phase
     * [MNG-4348] - [regression] Unnecessary remote repo access for POMs 
while execution plugin that does not require dependency resolution
     * [MNG-4349] - [regression] Maven hangs in endless loop if POM of 
relocated artifact is invalid
     * [MNG-4350] - [regression] Multiple goals bound to the same phase 
in a lifecycle mapping get executed out of order
     * [MNG-4353] - [regression] Plugin dependencies are not downloaded 
from repos given in the plugin's POM
     * [MNG-4355] - [regression] Extensions without version in the POM 
are not resolved to the RELEASE artifact
     * [MNG-4356] - [regression] Active component maps with stateful 
per-lookup components broken
     * [MNG-4357] - [regression] Custom packagings from build extensions 
are not reliably loaded during a reactor build
     * [MNG-4359] - [regression] Locally reachable parent POMs outside 
of reactor are not found during dependency resolution
     * [MNG-4360] - [regression] wagon-webdav-jackrabbit doesn't work 
with Maven 3.x
     * [MNG-4363] - [regression] Dependency artifacts injected by 
plugins aren't included in class paths
     * [MNG-4365] - XmlPullParserException while parsing XML with 
encoded entities within attributes
     * [MNG-4378] - Maven wants to create meta data files with invalid 
file names
     * [MNG-4383] - Uninterpolated expressions should cause an error for 
dependency versions
     * [MNG-4385] - [regression] Custom lifecycle mappings from build 
extension leak into other projects in the reactor without extension
     * [MNG-4386] - [regression] Debug logging can't be activated
     * [MNG-4387] - [regression] Quiet logging can't be activated
     * [MNG-4393] - [regression] Parent POMs resolved from repository 
are parsed in strict mode
     * [MNG-4396] - [regression] Ant plugin fails with Maven-3
     * [MNG-4400] - [regression] Repository order from settings.xml is 
not respected during artifact resolution
     * [MNG-4401] - [regression] central repository is tried before 
explicitly declared repositories during parent POM resolution
     * [MNG-4408] - Missing settings.xml is silently ignores
     * [MNG-4409] - NPE when reporting command line error for 
non-existent option
     * [MNG-4410] - [regression] Maven execution does not end after 
showing usage help
     * [MNG-4411] - [regression] Maven execution does not stop after 
showing version
     * [MNG-4413] - [regression] Repositories discovered in dependency 
POMs are not subject to mirroring
     * [MNG-4415] - [regression] Plugins are not properly ordered after 
merging with inherited parent plugins
     * [MNG-4416] - [regression] Plugins are not properly ordered after 
merging with profile plugins
     * [MNG-4426] - Some javac errors not shown in console when error 
stacktraces are turned on
     * [MNG-4427] - Bad error message with duplicate dependencies that 
don't declare a version
     * [MNG-4429] - [regression] jspc plugin works in Maven 2.2.1, fails 
in 3.0
     * [MNG-4430] - [regression] Presence of distribution management 
status in POM of local project does not cause validation error

** Improvement
     * [MNG-2391] - improve validation of POM elements
     * [MNG-3402] - MavenArtifactFilterManager needs to not filtering 
     * [MNG-3631] - Introduce new MavenEmbedder.getPluginConfiguration 
     * [MNG-3714] - Allow specification of the toolchains.xml location 
on the command line
     * [MNG-3834] - Improve error message when dependency with 
classifier is missing version
     * [MNG-3951] - Hide drive-relative paths from plugins
     * [MNG-3969] - replace maven-ant with mercury-ant in the bootstrap
     * [MNG-4005] - Throw Validation Error if pom contains a dependency 
with two different versions.
     * [MNG-4037] - Include Java home in version information
     * [MNG-4048] - Allow to resolve dependencies using version range 
from reactor
     * [MNG-4057] - Propose checking of plugin artifact when plugin 
descriptor cannot be found
     * [MNG-4186] - Provide an exact pointer to documentation specific 
to each known exception that can occur
     * [MNG-4193] - Throw validation error upon multiple repository 
declarations with the same id
     * [MNG-4224] - maven lifecycle participant
     * [MNG-4244] - Allow to select project for make-like reactor by 
artifact id
     * [MNG-4247] - Displaying which artifacts are downloaded and from 
which repo
     * [MNG-4292] - Support Enum-type parameters in mojos
     * [MNG-4293] - Extend Mojo API to allow resolution of both compile 
and runtime dependencies
     * [MNG-4296] - allow core extensions configure new classrealms
     * [MNG-4298] - Build MavenProject instances incrementally
     * [MNG-4368] - DefaultArtifactInstaller should only overwrite files 
if timestamp has changed
     * [MNG-4390] - Make parsing of settings.xml lenient with respect to 
unrecognized tags
     * [MNG-4402] - Improve duplicated modules error
     * [MNG-4404] - Throw validation error upon duplicate profile id
     * [MNG-4405] - Uninterpolated expressions should cause an error for 
plugin versions
     * [MNG-4421] - Warn regarding old-style references when used in a 
project build
     * [MNG-4423] - Allow to query session data via plugin parameter 

** New Feature
     * [MNG-553] - Secure Storage of Server Passwords
     * [MNG-3760] - Support property ${baseurl} to get RFC-compliant URL 
of project base directory
     * [MNG-4033] - Introduce password encryption to the trunk
     * [MNG-4331] - Add new mojo annotation 
@requiresDependencyCollection to grab dependency tree without files
     * [MNG-4367] - Consider layout for mirror selection
     * [MNG-4381] - Allow extension plugins to contribute non-core 
components to be reused by other plugins
     * [MNG-4398] - Provide an extension point to track artifact 
additions to the local repository

** Task
     * [MNG-2387] - <active> on <proxy> in settings is misleading
     * [MNG-2765] - Refactor DefaultPluginManager
     * [MNG-2766] - Refactor DefaultLifecycleExecutor
     * [MNG-3850] - Integrate new Profile Activators
     * [MNG-3901] - Merge all project building code into a single component
     * [MNG-3903] - Create a Maven specific abstraction for Artifact use 
within Maven
     * [MNG-3935] - Get the Maven Integration Testing Hudson plugin 
installed on the grid
     * [MNG-4059] - Remove support for non-unique SNAPSHOT deployments
     * [MNG-4060] - Remove support for profiles.xml
     * [MNG-4062] - Evaluate possibility to cache parents during multi 
module build
     * [MNG-4069] - Remove support for plugin metaversion LATEST
     * [MNG-4169] - Remove invocation of 
maven-plugin-plugin:updatePluginRegistry from default lifecycle bindings
     * [MNG-4204] - Remove support for legacy style repositories
     * [MNG-4205] - Remove support for plugin metaversions RELEASE and 
     * [MNG-4206] - Prefer RELEASE over LATEST when resolving plugin 
     * [MNG-4216] - Remove all direct usage of DefaultArtifactRepository
     * [MNG-4221] - Push all repository/artifact related code into a 
legacy module and create a backward compat layer for external consumers
     * [MNG-4259] - Create a new name for the current PluginManager and 
create a backward compatible PluginManager implementation in 
maven-compat which delegates to the new implementation
     * [MNG-4260] - Remove old-school reactor mode
     * [MNG-4277] - Remove core artifacts from ${plugin.artifacts}
     * [MNG-4287] - Make ToolchainManagerPrivate session-aware

** Wish
     * [MNG-4056] - Relax resolution of active project artifacts from 
the reactor with regard to artifact type
     * [MNG-4425] - Restore support for resume-from (-rf flag)


-The Maven team

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