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From "Vincent Siveton" <>
Subject [ANN] Maven Help Plugin 2.1 Released
Date Thu, 04 Sep 2008 16:05:09 GMT
The Maven team is pleased to announce the release of the Maven Help
Plugin, version 2.1

The Maven Help plugin provides goals aimed at helping to make sense
out of the build environment. It includes the ability to view the
effective POM and settings files, after inheritance and active
profiles have been applied, as well as a describe a particular plugin
goal to give usage information.

You should specify the version in your project's plugin configuration:


Release Notes - Maven 2.x Help Plugin - Version 2.1

** Bug
    * [MPH-42] - Active profiles recursively growing
    * [MPH-49] - help:describe no-arg error doesn't mention "cmd"
    * [MPH-50] - "mvn help:describe -Dcmd=compiler:compile" describes
entire plugin, not the specific mojo
    * [MPH-51] - "help:help -Ddetail" looks better than "help:describe
-Dplugin=help -Dfull"
    * [MPH-52] - help:describe never shows "Default Value"

** Improvement
    * [MPH-15] - help:describe should accept plugin prefix or prefix:goal
    * [MPH-26] - New goal help:help to provide help on how to use
helper plugins in maven
    * [MPH-29] - help:describe should be way more helpful when no
arguments are provided
    * [MPH-32] - "medium" mode should be the default for help:describe
    * [MPH-33] - Help plugin should refer to "goal" not "mojo"
    * [MPH-35] - Make -Dfull more discoverable by suggesting it
    * [MPH-37] - help:effective-pom - sort the properties list
    * [MPH-40] - help:effective-pom emits invalid XML to output file
    * [MPH-44] - Hide passwords for effective-settings
    * [MPH-46] - Improve the output of help:describe
    * [MPH-54] - -Dhelp:describe -Ddetail should not show component requirements

** New Feature
    * [MPH-4] - add mojo to projecthelp to describe supported plugin
parameter expressions
    * [MPH-12] - Create a Mojo to list all Profiles for a Project
(even those loaded from an external profiles.xml)
    * [MPH-28] - New goal to list platform details
    * [MPH-30] - help:describe should accept "cmd" argument
    * [MPH-47] - Add a new goal to evaluate Maven expressions given by a user

** Task
    * [MPH-43] - Create an abstract Help Mojo with output  parameter
    * [MPH-48] - Review dependencies


-The Maven team

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