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From John Casey <>
Subject [ANN] Maven 2.1.0-M1 Released
Date Fri, 19 Sep 2008 03:33:54 GMT
The Maven team is pleased to announce the release of the Maven 2.1.0-M1.

This release signals the beginning of a new direction in the development 
of Maven. Recently, Maven's development efforts were split into three 
major goals. First, the Maven 2.0.x code line will be minimally 
maintained for regression fixes; the 2.0.x series should be entering 
end-of-life mode soon now that 2.1.0-M1 is out.

Next, the 2.x series aims to accomplish a relatively conservative series 
of new features, improved implementations, and other changes that bring 
with them too much risk to be appropriate for a revision release on the 
2.0.x version series. Each of these releases - 2.1, 2.2, and so on - 
will be preceded by a formal release plan.

Finally, the 3.x series is the home of Maven's more aggressive 
improvements, including wholesale reimplementation of subsystems and the 
introduction of major new features.

This means that all discussions in the past that referred to Maven 2.1 
now apply mainly to Maven 3.x, currently under development. We will 
backport some of the smaller features to the 2.x version series, 
provided we can contain the risk of these features and provide a smooth 
transition from one version to the next for the user.

You can download Maven here:

Release Notes - Maven 2 - Version 2.1.0-M1

** Bug
     * [MNG-2068] - Multiple inheritance fails to find "grand" parent in 
../../pom.xml when the groupIds differ (Test Case Attached)
     * [MNG-2318] - When a project has modules and its parent is not 
preinstalled the build fails
     * [MNG-2695] - -o makes build fail for snapshot plugins
     * [MNG-2739] - Repository entries are not validated and NPE will occur
     * [MNG-2873] - Unable to find transitive dependencies when they 
have been relocated.
     * [MNG-3052] - Transitive Dependency not found when repo is not listed
     * [MNG-3070] - ${x} properties no longer expanded in </version> tag 
after 2.0.3
     * [MNG-3106] - Multiple profile activation conditions broken
     * [MNG-3368] - Printing version (-v argument) should not stop 
lifecycle execution
     * [MNG-3380] - MavenMetadataSource retrieves ResolutionGroup 
without consulting ManagedVersionMap, is problem when relocation
     * [MNG-3475] - Some directories are not basedir aligned
     * [MNG-3482] - merging managed dependencies happens before 
managed-dependency versions are interpolated
     * [MNG-3497] - rar, par and ejb3 archives should not be added to 
     * [MNG-3498] - StringIndexOutOfBounds -1 during path translation 
while reading pom.xml
     * [MNG-3527] - profile deactivation has no affect
     * [MNG-3530] - Regression: Properties get resolved before the 
LifeCycle is Forked.
     * [MNG-3535] - Valid properties which look self referential fail to 
     * [MNG-3536] - REGRESSION: in Maven 
2.0.9: it doesn't work anymore
     * [MNG-3545] - Option -P-profile overridden if profile is 
     * [MNG-3581] - stage:copy ClassCastException with maven 2.0.9
     * [MNG-3584] - possible new memory leak in Maven 2.0.9
     * [MNG-3585] - nonProxyHosts separator is wrong in the default 
     * [MNG-3599] - webdav does not set http-proxy correctly
     * [MNG-3622] - upgrade to wagon 1.0-beta-4
     * [MNG-3639] - Ant 1.7.0 Task not found after upgrading from Maven 
2.0.8 to 2.0.9
     * [MNG-3642] - back-propagation of resources doesn't handle 
multiple resources with the same directory
     * [MNG-3645] - Maven doesn't do strict model validation for POMs in 
the current reactor
     * [MNG-3651] - mvn.bat returns an incorrect error code
     * [MNG-3654] - [regression] unable to build ServiceMix 3 - 
IndexOutOfBoundsException in mergeDeterministicBuildElements
     * [MNG-3667] - Dependencies resolution is wrong in some cases 
(xfire-core:1.2.6 for example)
     * [MNG-3671] - plugin-level dependencies in POMs are not 
interpolated at correct time
     * [MNG-3679] - <execution><id>${some.custom.var}</id> ... broke
     * [MNG-3680] - POM validation fails on projects in central repo 
starting with 2.0.10 RCs
     * [MNG-3684] - Injection of Build instance as report parameter 
results in uninterpolated values for, etc.
     * [MNG-3693] - Updating project POM via project.setFile(..) changes 
project basedir, and project classpath when used as a dependency in a 
     * [MNG-3694] - plugin parameters injecting 
${project.compileSourceRoots} get uninterpolated source directories
     * [MNG-3697] - NPE at DefaultPluginManager line 700 (from Hudson CI)
     * [MNG-3701] - ClassCastException when building settings.xml with 
profiles that have activeByDefault set
     * [MNG-3703] - ExecutionProject contains relative paths in 
     * [MNG-3704] - NPE in DefaultLIfecycleExecutor when run from within 
Hudson builds
     * [MNG-3705] - Expression: ${executedProject} doesn't work in reports
     * [MNG-3710] - ModelUtils.cloneModel() and .cloneBuild() pollute 
existing Plugin instances with merged information
     * [MNG-3716] - Aggregators that fork lifecycles don't have 
execution projects setup for all projects in the reactor.
     * [MNG-3717] - Maven prompts for a password when one is provided 
over SSH in some circumstances
     * [MNG-3718] - Build timestamp interpolator gives hours in AM/PM 
instead of 24-hour time
     * [MNG-3722] - Fail to run CXF code generation with 2.0.10 RC
     * [MNG-3723] - ${project.basedir} is not interpolated
     * [MNG-3724] - ExecutionProject not getting updated 
compile/test-compile/script roots in RC10
     * [MNG-3729] - Maven 2.0.10-RC10 fails with NPE on assembly:assembly
     * [MNG-3740] - Plugin builds that reference earlier versions of 
themselves in the <plugins> section of the POM result in 
StackOverflowError in 2.1.0-M1-RC12
     * [MNG-3741] - CLONE maven-plugin-tools-api requires relative 
script root paths
     * [MNG-3743] - pluginManagement not consulted when building from 
lifecycle forked via javdoc reports
     * [MNG-3746] - POM properties do not override default system 
properties during POM interpolation
     * [MNG-3747] - relative build paths are not path-translated when 
using prefixed expressions (eg. in plugin 
     * [MNG-3748] - settings builder doesn't use strict mode in xml parser

** Improvement
     * [MNG-2609] - Mention 'activeByDefault' in the "Introduction to 
Build Profiles" guide
     * [MNG-3268] - Command line doesn't handle multiple -P correctly
     * [MNG-3478] - Use expression ${} instead of 
hard-coding "target" in super POM
     * [MNG-3509] - Make "mvn -v" output locale/encoding
     * [MNG-3511] - Review fix for MNG-2166
     * [MNG-3520] - Korean message resource
     * [MNG-3571] - Allow use of ! when deactivating profiles
     * [MNG-3652] - set a user agent for Maven HTTP requests
     * [MNG-3673] - Upgrade plugin versions in super-POM where appropriate
     * [MNG-3698] - Improve performance regarding concrete/dynamic build 
transitions surrounding plugin executions and report instantiations
     * [MNG-3709] - Be sure source distro has the same name as the 
binary distro in the repository.

** New Feature
     * [MNG-2562] - expose current time as a property for POM interpolation
     * [MNG-2576] - Make Like Reactor Mode
     * [MNG-3219] - Create a CLIRR/JarDiff setup for 2.0.x and 3.0.x
     * [MNG-3675] - Add accessor for lifecycles list to 


-The Maven team

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