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From "Stephane Nicoll" <>
Subject [ANN] Maven War Plugin 2.1-alpha-1 released!
Date Wed, 24 Oct 2007 08:50:41 GMT
The Maven team is pleased to announce the release of the Maven WAR
Plugin, version 2.1 alpha 1.

This release brings a significant refactoring of the packaging
codebase with an improved overlay handling (both zip and war artifacts
are now handled). For more information, check the web site:

Release Notes - Maven 2.x War Plugin - Version 2.1-alpha-1

** Bug
    * [MWAR-66] - No control over war overlay order
    * [MWAR-69] - Secondary artifacts aren't being attached
    * [MWAR-72] - Need ability to protect (or exclude) resource from
being destroyed during war overlay.
    * [MWAR-75] - Documentation bugs on
    * [MWAR-78] - War overlay can overwrite files in dependant war artifact
    * [MWAR-79] - <webResources> copy fails in a multi-project build
    * [MWAR-88] - typos in documentation
    * [MWAR-90] - Documentation has a typo.
    * [MWAR-91] - Dependency as type=test-jar and scope=compile not
included in WEB-INF/lib on packaging.
    * [MWAR-92] - Bad xml in sample documentation on website
    * [MWAR-122] - tests failing in trunk on windows
    * [MWAR-123] - filtering with @ is working randomly

** Improvement
    * [MWAR-104] - handle zip dependencies in war plugin
    * [MWAR-119] - Update plexus-utils to 1.2

** New Feature
    * [MWAR-93] - Add the ability to provide a mapping for libraries
copied in WEB-INF/lib (outputFileNameMapping)
    * [MWAR-97] - War plugin and Overlays handling

** Wish
    * [MWAR-76] - Allow Axis2 archives (.aar files) to be imported
into WEB-INF/services directory

We expect to release other alphas in the coming week so stay tuned.


- The Maven team

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