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From "Stephane Nicoll" <>
Subject [ANN] Maven Release Plugin 2.0-beta-5 Released
Date Fri, 04 May 2007 18:08:17 GMT
The Maven team is pleased to announce the release of the Maven Release Plugin,
version 2.0-beta-5

Release Notes - Maven 2.x Release Plugin - Version 2.0-beta-5

** Bug
   * [MRELEASE-3] - release:prepare should not require multimodule
artifacts to be in the local repository
   * [MRELEASE-6] - Multiproject Release: No check in
   * [MRELEASE-16] - release-pom is changed too much
   * [MRELEASE-35] - release plugin doesn't tag correctly with
svn+ssh when remote and local username don't match
   * [MRELEASE-90] - Exception if version is SNAPSHOT
   * [MRELEASE-91] - Updating of dependencyManagement inconsistent
with updating of dependencies with regard to SNAPSHOTs
   * [MRELEASE-94] - Modified Parent POM is not commited
   * [MRELEASE-107] - scm.url gets translated incorrectly during release
   * [MRELEASE-110] - release:prepare generates tags with dots,
causing problems with CVS
   * [MRELEASE-114] - ${project.artifactId} was replaced with it's
value during release:perform
   * [MRELEASE-115] - Issue URL on pom is incorrect
   * [MRELEASE-116] - Wrong SCM info put by the release plugin for modules
   * [MRELEASE-122] - Versionless Extension causes
NullPointerException in release:prepare
   * [MRELEASE-128] - SCM properties being replaced during release:perform
   * [MRELEASE-131] - release:prepare failed in 'cvs ... commit'
phase for multi-module build
   * [MRELEASE-137] - proposed SCM release tag or label in multiproject
   * [MRELEASE-142] - Batch mode release plugin uses an invalid tag
   * [MRELEASE-144] - Release plugin did not ask for a Subversion tag
   * [MRELEASE-147] - Version number for a dependency with
${pom.groupId} not updated in multi-module.
   * [MRELEASE-151] - All child modules are forced to share the same parent POM
   * [MRELEASE-160] - The next snapshot version is not used un submodules
   * [MRELEASE-168] - All submodule projects must be from the same
subversion repository
   * [MRELEASE-180] - Rewritten  poms loose comments
   * [MRELEASE-190] - scmTagPhase scm comment when creating the
branch/tag directory uses the prefix [maven-scm]
   * [MRELEASE-191] - Certain tests fail when checked-out in 'projects' subdir
   * [MRELEASE-194] - SNAPSHOT as property bypasses dependency snapshot check
   * [MRELEASE-197] - Release plugin documentation on has broken link to release:rollback
   * [MRELEASE-202] - snapshot versions in dependencyManagement are not updated
   * [MRELEASE-209] - Snapshot versions are not restored correctly on
next development version
   * [MRELEASE-219] - Spurious warnings given when a release contains
subversion externals
   * [MRELEASE-221] - XML header missing in modified POM after release:prepare
   * [MRELEASE-222] - Wrong default tag name when used in a reactor environment

** Improvement
   * [MRELEASE-112] - release plugin should have option to ignore
snapshots of the release plugin
   * [MRELEASE-145] - release:prepare requires all modules to be SNAPSHOTS
   * [MRELEASE-183] - should report all unresolved dependencies, not
just the first encountered.
   * [MRELEASE-208] - Support for ClearCase, and other SCMs that do
checkout projects to subdirectories of the checkout directory
   * [MRELEASE-214] - scm:tag with scmCommentPrefix
   * [MRELEASE-220] - Add property to keep released versions for dependencies

** New Feature
   * [MRELEASE-130] - Create a model for a release
   * [MRELEASE-157] - Share version for multi-module releases
   * [MRELEASE-169] - Provide a mechanism to undo the effects of prepare

** Task
   * [MRELEASE-141] - Review Plugin Documentation
   * [MRELEASE-162] - Move all release core code in maven/shared


- The Maven Team

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