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Subject [ANN] Maven Source Control Management Plugin 1.6 for Maven 1.x released
Date Sat, 25 Feb 2006 04:16:56 GMT
We are pleased to announce the Maven Source Control Management Plugin 1.6 

A plugin for SCM tasks. 


Changes in this version include:

  New Features:

o New scm:checkin goal. Fixes MPSCM-47 and MPSCM-54. 
o Add Starteam support, plus scm:add, scm:status, scm:checkin. Fixes 

  Fixed bugs:

o The encoding of the project.xml file is not preserved after doing 
  release:transform. Fixes MPRELEASE-12. Thanks to Dennis Lundberg. 
o Handle poms with a namespace. Fixes MPRELEASE-16. 
o Handle non-jar dependencies. Fixes MPRELEASE-11. 
o When pom.repository.connection ends with '/' checkout fails. Fixes 
  MPSCM-65. Thanks to Phil Steitz. 
o Re-add changes.xml file to display announcements. Fixes MPSCM-57. 


o Update dependencies to match ones in maven 1.1 core and to unify them 
  between plugins. The following dependencies are updated : maven v1.0-rc2 
  -> v1.0.2 dom4j v1.4-dev-8 -> v1.4 commons-jelly v1.0-beta-4 -> 
  v1.0 xml-apis v 1.0.b2 -> xmlParserAPIs v2.6.2 Fixes MAVEN-1712. 
o Make it possible to check changes made by prepare-release before they are 
  checked in and tagged. New property maven.scm.testmode. Fixes MPSCM-77. 
o Update to maven-scm 1.0-beta-2. Fixes MPSCM-68.  


To automatically install the plugin, type the following on a single line:

maven plugin:download

For a manual installation, you can download the plugin here:

Have fun!
-The Maven Source Control Management Plugin development team

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