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Subject svn commit: r1695688 - /marmotta/reporting/2015-08_BoardReport.txt
Date Thu, 13 Aug 2015 11:59:41 GMT
Author: jakob
Date: Thu Aug 13 11:59:40 2015
New Revision: 1695688

submitted 2015-08 board report

    marmotta/reporting/2015-08_BoardReport.txt   (with props)

Added: marmotta/reporting/2015-08_BoardReport.txt
--- marmotta/reporting/2015-08_BoardReport.txt (added)
+++ marmotta/reporting/2015-08_BoardReport.txt Thu Aug 13 11:59:40 2015
@@ -0,0 +1,40 @@
+Marmotta Board Report for August 2015
+Apache Marmotta, an Open Platform for Linked Data.
+Apache Marmotta was founded in December 2012 and has graduated from the
+Incubator in November 2013.
+The last quarter was again relatively quiet. The frequency on the mailing
+lists increased with questions and queries answered by the core development
+team, but and only small changes to the codebase have been made.
+We are still struggling to grow the community. More than two years passed
+since we welcomed a new committer. The PMC is actively looking for candidates
+to grow the community.
+For the 2015 GSoC we started with two student projects:
+* For "RDF HDT implementation for Sesame RIO" (MARMOTTA-593), the student did
+not pass the midterm review. This was mainly because of the code quality and
+lack of communication.
+* For "Proposal to Implement GeoSPARQL in Marmotta" (MARMOTTA-584), the
+student successfully achieved the milestones for the midterm review, and now
+he is moving towards refining and adding the pending features. If the project
+development continues as expected, by end of summer Marmotta could add
+GeoSPARQL support to the next release.
+Subscribers to the projects mailing list:
+    dev@marmotta.a.o: 86 subscribers (+3 since last report, 2015-05)
+  users@marmotta.a.o: 99 subscribers (+6 since last report, 2015-05)
+  2014-12-05 (3.3.0)
+  2014-05-20 (3.2.1)
+Committers & PMC
+  Peter Ansell (committer&PMC, 2013-06-24)
+  Raffaele Palmieri (committer&PMC, 2013-05-21)
+Issues for the Board
+  There are no Board-level issues at this time.

Propchange: marmotta/reporting/2015-08_BoardReport.txt
    svn:eol-style = native

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