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From Karl Wright <>
Subject Re: Additional information from external database
Date Wed, 22 Feb 2017 12:15:23 GMT
Hi Wilhelm,

I don't know anything about how datafari uses ManifoldCF to crawl.  All I
can do is describe how ManifoldCF works, and then maybe you can see how it
integrates with datafari.

MCF gets documents from a repository using one of many kinds of repository
connector.  It then can transform the document in many different ways,
before sending the (transformed) document to one of many output
connectors.  I gather that datafari injects documents primarily into Solr.

Each job in MCF has its own "pipeline", which describes the flow of a
document through the system for that job.

The transformations that are available in MCF include:

- ability to extract metadata from the document (using Tika)
- ability to modify or add metadata properties (you specify this in the job
- OpenNLP metadata extraction
- Filter out documents based on characteristics of the document

Writing connectors is relatively straightforward and there are online
materials available to help you do this. I can provide a link, if you need
it.  Without any more information as to what exactly you are using for a
repository connector, and what that connector provides as part of the
document information, I can't really give you the best approach here, but
it may be possible to write a transformation connector that would look up
the information you want to add as metadata from your database and include
that in the document that gets sent to Solr.

Please let us know how we can help.


On Wed, Feb 22, 2017 at 7:01 AM, Wilhelm Eger <>

> Hi!
> I am using a setup of datafari (, which more or less
> combines
> a ManifoldCF file index with SolR as a search engine.
> My setup consists of ~350000 files, which are composed mainly of doc(x),
> xls(x), msg and pdf files. pdf files are ocr'd externally before they are
> added
> to the ManifoldCF index. Only remaining image files (png, jpg) are ocr'd
> on-
> the-fly, when being imported.
> The files are actually part of an external file management system (files
> in the
> literal meaning of files, not files in the meaning of entities saved on
> the hard
> disk), which is not related to ManifoldCF/SolR at all. This system
> unfortunately does not provide a proper full text search, hence I
> implemented
> it as outlined above.
> However, the users are used to certain file numbers provided by this file
> management system. These file numbers are stored in a MSSQL database,
> which is
> accessible from the host my setup is running on. I can easily get the file
> number by sending a respective SQL statement based on the file name (of the
> entity saved on the hard disk) to the SQL Server. Hence, for each file
> name,
> there is a file number stored in the database. I would like to have these
> file
> numbers to be stored in a specific field of the solr index to be shown by
> the
> (tomcat) output, e.g:
> File name: /data/1003234234.docx
> Content: "This is the content. You searched for _text_."
> File name belongs to file number: SUI-G-25-A
> Is there any possibility to achieve that? Did I understand it correctly
> that
> this could happen either in ManifoldCF during indexing or in SolR during
> importing?
> I know that there is a tika plugin to talk to databases, which could be fed
> with a SQL statement. But how to connect it with the data retrieved from
> the
> files crawler?
> Alternatively, I could also call an external script (bash, python) to
> retrieve
> the respective data from the database using bsqldb.
> Any hint in the right direction is very much appreciated.
> Thanks in advance,
> Wilhelm

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