I am using apache-manifoldcf-2.5. I am trying to get the SharePoint Connector to work against SharePoint 2003.

My SharePoint site URLs are like:

I have set up a Connector with:

Server protocol: http
Server name: somedomain.com
Server port: 80
Site path: /SomeSite

The connection status says, "Connection working".

However, when I go to set up a job, and I click the "Paths" tab, I see the message, "Root site is unreachable, or user has no permissions".

I know I have permissions to that site because I can read/write to its document library through the web interface. So I feel like I may be missing something regarding the correct value for site path.

The docs say, "...type in the portion of the root site URL that includes everything after the server and port, except for the final "aspx" file," which is why I am using "/SomeSite" as the site path.

But another snippet from the docs says this:

"The SharePoint connection type is designed so that one SharePoint repository connection can access all SharePoint sites from a specific root site though its explicit subsites. It is the case that it is desirable in some very large SharePoint installations to access all SharePoint sites using a single connection. But the ManifoldCF SharePoint connection type does not support that model as of yet."

That confused me because it isn't clear if I should be specifying some sort of root site (which I have no idea how to determine the path for) or if creating one connection for each site should work.