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From <>
Subject RE: SharePoint Connector: "Root site is unreachable"
Date Fri, 04 Nov 2016 02:36:26 GMT
Hi Jeff,

Based on my experience with the Sharepoint connector in MCF 2.4, this error may indicate that
the user id you are using to connect to Sharepoint, only has read privilege on the site.

I think you can crawl sharepoint sites without installing the mcf plugin, provided the sharepoint
user id you are using has contributor permissions at a minimum.

Also, in the above case, you need to set up the repo connection as sharepoint 2003/2004 not

At least that's the configuration that worked for us without installing the MCF plugin.

Hope this helps.

From: Karl Wright<>
Sent: 04 November 2016 00:28
Subject: Re: SharePoint Connector: "Root site is unreachable"

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Hi Jeff,

The meaning of that error message is that the data coming back from SharePoint when MCF inquires
as to the subsites, child libraries, etc. is not valid XML.  It is not clear precisely what
is wrong.

I think the best way forward is to turn on wire httpcomponents/httpclient wire debugging in
logging.ini, and see what is going back and forth.  It should be obvious pretty quickly what
is wrong.  FWIW, in a properly deployed SharePoint system, you should see a _vti_bin directory
with a bunch of .asmx files in there for each SharePoint site or subsite.  That is, there
should be:<>_vti_bin/lists.asmx,
etc.  The asmx files I would expect are:


It is possible that you are missing some of these because of how you installed sharepoint
(and because of what you enabled).  Or, you didn't install the MCF SharePoint plugin that
is appropriate for your SharePoint version (which supplies MCPermissions.asmx).  Any missing
files will *also* cause the kind of problem you are seeing.


On Thu, Nov 3, 2016 at 8:01 PM, Jeff Potts <<>>
In my example those are all virtual sites, but for some reason they are not accessible via
/site. Is that an indication that something is misconfigured on the Sharepoint side?

Why would the connector report a working connection but the job be unable to navigate the
path structure?


On Nov 3, 2016, at 6:17 PM, Karl Wright <<>>

Hi Jeff,

SharePoint's site model is as follows:

-- there is a root site, usually with the URL
-- there are "virtual" sites, which are also full-fledge sites, usually with the URL
-- there are subsites of the root site, usually with URLs like
-- there are subsites of virtual sites, usually with URLs like

Your MCF sharepoint connections should not point to subsites; they should only point to the
root site or a single virtual site.  There is no way to deal with crawling multiple virtual
sites with the same connection, which is what the documentation is trying to say.

I hope this helps.


On Thu, Nov 3, 2016 at 6:58 PM, Jeff Potts <<>>
I am using apache-manifoldcf-2.5. I am trying to get the SharePoint Connector to work against
SharePoint 2003.

My SharePoint site URLs are like:

I have set up a Connector with:

Server protocol: http
Server name:<>
Server port: 80
Site path: /SomeSite

The connection status says, "Connection working".

However, when I go to set up a job, and I click the "Paths" tab, I see the message, "Root
site is unreachable, or user has no permissions".

I know I have permissions to that site because I can read/write to its document library through
the web interface. So I feel like I may be missing something regarding the correct value for
site path.

The docs say, "...type in the portion of the root site URL that includes everything after
the server and port, except for the final "aspx" file," which is why I am using "/SomeSite"
as the site path.

But another snippet from the docs says this:

"The SharePoint connection type is designed so that one SharePoint repository connection can
access all SharePoint sites from a specific root site though its explicit subsites. It is
the case that it is desirable in some very large SharePoint installations to access all SharePoint
sites using a single connection. But the ManifoldCF SharePoint connection type does not support
that model as of yet."

That confused me because it isn't clear if I should be specifying some sort of root site (which
I have no idea how to determine the path for) or if creating one connection for each site
should work.


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