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From Karl Wright <>
Subject Re: SharePoint Connector: "Root site is unreachable"
Date Thu, 03 Nov 2016 23:17:35 GMT
Hi Jeff,

SharePoint's site model is as follows:

-- there is a root site, usually with the URL
-- there are "virtual" sites, which are also full-fledge sites, usually
with the URL
-- there are subsites of the root site, usually with URLs like
-- there are subsites of virtual sites, usually with URLs like

Your MCF sharepoint connections should not point to subsites; they should
only point to the root site or a single virtual site.  There is no way to
deal with crawling multiple virtual sites with the same connection, which
is what the documentation is trying to say.

I hope this helps.


On Thu, Nov 3, 2016 at 6:58 PM, Jeff Potts <> wrote:

> I am using apache-manifoldcf-2.5. I am trying to get the SharePoint
> Connector to work against SharePoint 2003.
> My SharePoint site URLs are like:
> I have set up a Connector with:
> Server protocol: http
> Server name:
> Server port: 80
> Site path: /SomeSite
> The connection status says, "Connection working".
> However, when I go to set up a job, and I click the "Paths" tab, I see the
> message, "Root site is unreachable, or user has no permissions".
> I know I have permissions to that site because I can read/write to its
> document library through the web interface. So I feel like I may be missing
> something regarding the correct value for site path.
> The docs say, "...type in the portion of the root site URL that includes
> everything after the server and port, except for the final "aspx" file,"
> which is why I am using "/SomeSite" as the site path.
> But another snippet from the docs says this:
> "The SharePoint connection type is designed so that one SharePoint
> repository connection can access all SharePoint sites from a specific root
> site though its explicit subsites. It is the case that it is desirable in
> some very large SharePoint installations to access *all* SharePoint sites
> using a single connection. But the ManifoldCF SharePoint connection type
> does not support that model as of yet."
> That confused me because it isn't clear if I should be specifying some
> sort of root site (which I have no idea how to determine the path for) or
> if creating one connection for each site should work.
> Jeff

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