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From Luca Alicata <>
Subject Job with Generic Connector stop to work
Date Fri, 06 May 2016 08:32:26 GMT
i'm using Manifold 2.2 with multi-process configuration in Jboss instance
inside a Windows Server 2012 and i've a set of job that work with
Sharepoint (SP) or Generic Connector (GC), that get file from a db.
With SP i've no problem, while with GC with a lot of document (one with 47k
and another with 60k), the Seed taking process, sometimes, not finish,
because the agents seem to stop (although java process is still alive).
After this, if i try to start any other job, that not start, like the
agents are stopped.

Other times, this jobs work correctly and one time together work correctly,
running in the same moment.

For information:

   - On Jboss there are only Manifold and Generic Repository application.

   - On the same Virtual Server, there is another Jboss istance, with solr
   istance and a web application.

   - I've check if it was a type of memory problem, but it's not the case.

   - GC with almost 23k seed work always, at least in test that i've done.

   - In local instance of Jboss with Manifold and Generic Rpository
   Application, i've not keep this problem.

This is the only recurrent information that i've seen on manifold.log:
Connection<-><ip-address>:<port> shut down
Releasing connection


L. Alicata

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