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From Deepa Thakur <>
Subject Session Based access credentials in Web Connector - Redirect issues
Date Mon, 21 Sep 2015 23:27:21 GMT
I am trying to configure ManicoldCF 2.1 Web Connector tocrawl my intranet site and it uses
OpenAM for authorization. The sequence of stepsinvolved to get to intranet home page is:
1.     Client requests  2.     If no valid authorization token
is presented, client isredirected to     Client
submits two login forms (frm1 and frm2) and expects a valid userid and password.4.     Client
is given 3 cookies and JSESSIONID and thengets redirected back to

  In the Access Credentials tab I am defining the followinglogin sequence:  URL Regular
Expression =  Step 1: Login URL Regular expression =
type = formIdentification regular expression = frm1  In the Override form parameters section:Parameter
regular expression = IDToken1               Value=solruser  Step 2:Login URL
Regular expression = frm1Page type = formIdentification regular expression = frm2  In the
Override form parameters section:Parameter regular expression = IDToken2              
Value=<password>  Step 3:Login URL Regular expression = frm2Page type = formIdentification
regular expression = post  In the Override form parameters section:Parameter regular expression
= Cookie1                 Value=<some value>Parameter regular expression
= Cookie2                 Value=<some value>Parameter regular expression
= Cookie3                 Value=<some value>Parameter regular expression
= JSESSIONID           Value= <some value>  Step 4:Login URL Regular expression
= type = form
 When I run the job, with seed URL, contents of login page (
are indexed into Solr. In Simple History, I see Result code = RESPONSECODENOTINDEXABLEwhen
it processes identifier  Can you please tell me how I can fix the login sequence
sothat, after the cookies are set, connector knows to redirect to seed URL? Also how do I
prevent the login page from getting indexed into Solr.  Thanks,D.T            

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