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From "Dreiske, Dale" <>
Subject Solr does not get ows__ModerationStatus
Date Fri, 05 Jun 2015 18:05:07 GMT

Sorry for not updating, I was on vacation
last week.

Maybe I just misunderstand how to get metadata to be sent to Solr. I've created a job that
pulls 5 aspx pages from a Sharepoint instance. The included paths are:

  *   /career/Pages/Job-Opportunities.aspx
  *   /career/fwo/Pages/Telecommute_FAQs.aspx
  *   /career/learninganddevelopment/Pages/DATG-Course-Ratings.aspx
  *   /datgcontent/Pages/12-Habits.aspx

For metadata settings:

  *   /career/Pages/* include all metadata.
  *   /career/learninganddevelopment/Pages/* include all metadata.
  *   /career/fwo/Pages/* include all metadata.
  *   /datgcontent/Pages/*  include with list created by selecting all avalable items in drop
down list.

In the manifoldcf log, the data lines for "SharePoint: getListItems for" include a ows__ModerationStatus
for each of these files.

In the Solr log, only 2 of the five update requests include a value for literal._ModerationStatus.

  *   /career/fwo/Pages/Telecommute_FAQs.aspx
  *   /career/learninganddevelopment/Pages/DATG-Course-Ratings.aspx

How do I get ManifoldCF to send ows__ModerationStatus data for all the pages?
Why does ManifoldCF GUI omit ows__ModerationStatus from the list of metadata available for
most of my Sharepoint's Pages libraries even though it is listed in the log file?

Dale Dreiske

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