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From Markus Schuch <>
Subject Deadlock in JDBC ConnectionPool
Date Tue, 23 Jun 2015 16:37:56 GMT

i tested CONNECTORS-1202 (stale connection check) and i encounter a dead lock in the connection
pool when i simulate a database outage. 

I use ManifoldCF 1.7.1 with CONNECOTRS-1202 patch applied an MySQL as Database.

Steps for reproduction :

1. Start ManifoldCF with a limited ConnectionPool Max size of 5
2. When everything is running stop the database
3. Wait for connection exeptions to occur
4. Click around in the ui to start more threads that want to aquire a connection
5. Everything freezes 
6. Start the database
7. Still everything is freezed. no recovery is happening.

As far as i understand the ConnectionPool implementation, the problem is that the activeConnections
counter is not decremented when the DriverManager fails to get a Connection. On every failed
DriverManager.getConnection call the pool gets more and more 'exhausted'. When activeConnections
hits the size limit, threads go to Object.wait(). But notifyAll will never be called because
there is no outstanding connection to return.


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