Hi all

When using ManifoldCF, we are facing a strange behavior when disabling authorities for a repository connection. Let me explain the steps:

1. Configure Alfresco repository connection with an authority group using an Alfresco Authority Connection
2. Configure Solr Output Connector
3. Create a job using the repository and authority connections just configured
4. Execute the job to index the content

After that, I can see in Solr the proper documents with the right permissions. After that, I do the following:

1. Remove the authority group for the repository connection (using "None" and saving)
2. Delete the job (documents are deleted)
3. Create another job with the same configuration for repository and output connections
4. Execute the job

After that, I can see again in Solr the documents with the permissions.

After checking the source code of both, Alfresco repository (or any repository connector with permission capabilities) simply creates a RepositoryDocument for each document to process and adds the specific ACLs for the specific permission type (document, share, parent, directory_). The output connector (at least Solr Output Connector) takes the repository document ACLs and builds the specific Solr fields for permissions.

I was expecting that since the base repository connector is the one which manages the authority group for the repository, it (or Manifold framework) should manage that to take the ACLs of the repository document into account or not before being passed to the output connector (or transformation connections if any). I mean I was expecting that if you put none as authority group for a repository connection, then the base repository connection or the framework should skip the ACLs set and put no_security.

Am I missing something or it is a real bug? if it is a bug I could fix it and send a patch, but for that I would like to know what component is the responsible to do that or if the framework should be changed.


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