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From Frank Brendel <>
Subject SharePoint Connector does not work with SharePoint 2013
Date Tue, 03 Mar 2015 12:34:10 GMT

I've installed ManifoldCF 2.0.1 and the SharePoint 2013 plugin from the 
plugins directory.
Following the documentation I've started a "Quick-start single process" 
from the example directory and configured among others a SharePoint 
repository connector.

All connectors have the status "Connection working" but the crawler job 
doesn't fetch documents.
The account for crawling the site is allowed to see all documents.
The TCP dump shows successful login attempts and I can see some SOAP 
communication with document lists.
No errors or warnings in the log. The log level is DEBUG.

I would expect some files in my file system output connector or do I 
miss something?

Thanks in advance

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