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From lalit jangra <>
Subject MCF clustering behavior?
Date Sun, 31 Aug 2014 16:36:19 GMT

I have configured two MCF instances on two separate tomcats on different
servers with each having three zookeeper instance (total six) having one
common PostgreSQL DB. Its running fine but i could observe that if i start
all three zookeepers on say first node and start MCF using tomcat along
with agent on it, i am not able to access MCF admin UI here. Ideally i
should be able to access admin UI as per Zookeper's 50% rule. Is there
something i am missing?

Secondly i want to confirm once i make whole setup up and running i.e. all
six zookeepers running along with both MCFs on tomcat as well as agent 1 on
node 1 and agent 2 on node 2 and i start to crawl a source say SharePoint,
is that both agents crawl the source parallely (as these are pointing to
same DB instance) and hence i could see double of processing here? Or how
agents behave in this case?

Please suggest.


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