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From Jitu <>
Subject Re: relative path in output connector
Date Wed, 27 Aug 2014 19:18:23 GMT
Hi Karl,

My requirement is i have to crawl files from google drive and output to 2
different servers. one is my own cloud server to store files and other to
store my file metadata information. Since both are 2 different servers its
difficult to handle if one succeeds and other fails and retries which would
eventually re-upload the same file again. The mandatory condition is if
upload of file fails then i should not upload metadata information and
metadata should not be sent to server before file is uploaded successfully
to my own cloud.

secondly while uploading files to my own cloud i would like to maintain the
relative path of the files even in my own cloud but not the absolute path
like ""
but like this "/Shared%20Documents/TestNewFolder/images%283%29".


On Wed, Aug 27, 2014 at 4:53 PM, Karl Wright <> wrote:

> Hi Jitu,
> The only data that an output connector receives from a repository
> connector is encapsulated entirely in the RepositoryDocument object.
> However, that object is flexible enough so that you can pass pretty near
> anything down from one connector to another, in the form of metadata.
> On a broader note, it is clear to me that you are attempting to use
> ManifoldCF in a manner that is far removed from what it was designed to
> do.  So it seems to me that you have two choices:
> (1) Post your ENTIRE problem statement, so we can recommend an approach
> that might work for you, or
> (2) Hack away at the code yourself, and don't expect much help from us for
> your endeavor.
> Thanks,
> Karl
> On Wed, Aug 27, 2014 at 6:34 AM, Jitu <> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> is there a way to find the relative path of the files crawled by input
>> connector in output connector. for example "
>> is the absolute/complete path but
>> "/Shared%20Documents/TestNewFolder/images%283%29" is relative path from
>> where the documents are crawled from. So i need this info in output
>> connector how can i get it. Please help?
>> The information about relative path is getting stored in "repohistory"
>> table during fetch activity but during ingest activity i am getting
>> complete URI. is there a way to get relative path.
>> Thanks,
>> Jitu

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