I have downloaded and installed Apache MCF 1.6.1 source locally. I built it using three commands : ant make-core-deps, ant make-deps & ant build.

Everything went smooth. Then i started MCF & created an output connection to Sols and 3 different repository connections to Alfresco using CMIS, Sharepoint and Shared Drive. I have used my custom code placed into repository connectors to get extra fields for solr index.

Then i created three jobs using above three repository connections. First i started Alfresco job, it works fine.

Then i tried with Sharepoint and Shared Drives but these were not returning any results into Solr index. I tried a couple of times then Sharepoint returned results but Shared Drive still did not return any results.

I thought that it may be due to my custom code so i downloaded new source package again and built it using OOTB code and repeated same process.This time also CMIS worked smoothly but rest two jobs were behaving weirdly.

Is anybody else getting similar issues or am i not going right way?

Pleas help.

Lalit Jangra.