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From Dmitry Goldenberg <>
Subject Re: Getting a 401 Unauthorized on a SharePoint 2010 crawl request, with MCPermissions.asmx installed
Date Thu, 19 Sep 2013 03:03:47 GMT
Karl and Will, thanks so much for your help on this.  I'm still verifying
but I believe there may have been a snag in our 'alternative access
mappings' where a mapping had a wrong server name. Well, at least, once
I've changed it, I was able to: a) add content to subsites via the
SharePoint GUI and b) more importantly, am now fully able to do a complete
wildcarded crawl!

Karl, just to understand this a bit better, was there any part of
CONNECTORS-772 which represented any legitimate issues you had to fix?  I
thought there were still some snags with paths which you fixed.  How about
CONNECTORS-777?  I'm just trying to see what was a legitimate issue vs. the
fallout of our test env misconfiguration.

Also, a minor thing but I noticed that I've crawled 12 documents total but
the Status of Jobs page shows 37 processed - ? Is it possible some docs got
counted more than once?  I could not tell just by looking at the logs.

Thanks again!
- Dmitry

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