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Subject Documentum questions
Date Wed, 08 May 2013 13:35:39 GMT
We would like to utilize the Documentum connector and I have some 
questions about it:
I found in a previous post that ManifoldCF doesn't support connecting to 
multiple Documentum repositories.  Is that still a limitation?  If so 
could I just duplicate the documentum-server-process directory and put 
appropriate file in each directory and run 2 
documentum-server-process processes - one for each repository?
We need to limit (filter) the documents we retrieve from Documentum based 
upon meta data values of the document.  For example for our custom 
Document Types we have custom meta data (status for example) and we only 
what to retrieve documents where the status='Executed'.  So basically I'd 
like to write a DQL where clause to determine which documents to retrieve 
from Documentum.  Is this possible with ManifoldCF?

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