Hi Karl,

I have had everything working when I worked earlier with ManifoldCF 0.5 and Solr 3.6.

I tried to move to the new versions and started configuring ManifoldCF 1.1.1 and Solr 4.1.
Everything worked well and I was able to define all connections in ManifoldCF and ran jobs and the files got indexed into Solr.

But the document-level secure integration with Solr is not working for me. I mean, after modifying the solr schema and configuring the
search component in solrconfig.xml, am not able to see any results in solr.

To confirm if mcf is working properly, I tried the command

curl "http://localhost:8080/mcf-authority-service/UserACLs?username=swapna.vuppala@global.arup.com"

and it gives me


which was not the case earlier.

Can you please tell me under what circumstances I would be getting such thing or what have I missed in configuring mcf?

Thanks and Regards,