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From Bert van Hoesel <>
Subject next step in implementing manifold: user authentication
Date Mon, 18 Feb 2013 14:03:23 GMT

At the moment for the most part it is clear how to install, configure and populate manifoldcd
and solr with authorized data. Using the added Manifoldcf 'search' url I can see I do not
have access to any 'authorized' documents. Indeed I only see the non authorized documents.

Thus the next step would be an authentication mechanism on top of this. I have been looking
'around' but was not able to find enough pointers on how to accomplish this. Two 'obvious'
paths seem to be available: JAAS or apache mod_authz. But maybe other solutions exists. Most
preferable options are those with minimal (java) programming.

Biggest issue at the moment is that I can not figure out how authentication data is propagated
into ManifoldCF.

Can anybody point me to some howtoo's or documentation of some kind on how to accomplish this
authentication on top of ManifoldCF.

Thanks in advance.



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