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From Andrew Clegg <>
Subject Diagnosing "REJECTED" documents in job history
Date Mon, 21 Jan 2013 09:52:11 GMT

I'm trying to set up a fairly simple crawl where I pull documents from
Documentum and push them into ElasticSearch, using the 1.0.1 binary
release with all appropriate extras for Documentum added.

The repository connection looks fine -- in the job config I can see
the paths, document types, content types etc. as expected.

Also the ES output connection looks fine, it reports "connection working".

However, when I do a crawl, every document it attempts to ingest shows
this in the job history:

01-18-2013 17:36:24.279 fetch 0902620580069898 REJECTED 6264431

(date, time, activity, identifier, result code, bytes, time)

How can I go about diagnosing what's causing this?

I can't see anything suspect in the ManifoldCF stdout or log, and
there's nothing in the Documentum server process or registry process
output or logs either.

Any ideas how I'd go about diagnosing this?

The Documentum server is on a remote machine administered by a
different team, that I don't have direct access to, so any tips for
things I could try at my end before escalating it to them would be
particularly useful.



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