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From Mark Moloney <>
Subject Missing define subdirectory
Date Fri, 22 Apr 2011 02:48:32 GMT
The define subdirectory under dist/web is missing and cannot be found in the
source. Therefore I am also missing the relevant -D switches for Tomcat
installation. I figured I at least needed "-D
org.apache.manifoldcf.configfile" to point to the path of the properties

Perhaps a missing -D switch is the cause of a job getting stuck. I set up
using Postgresql and Tomcat, and ran the various commands to initialize the
database. When I configure a job using the Null output connector and the
File System Repository, the job gets stuck on "Starting up". Attempts to
abort the job then has it stuck on "Aborting". Restarting Tomcat doesn't
make the job unstuck. Attempts to delete the job fail because the job hasn't

I'm testing on a small directory. The same setup worked find using the
example configuration with the built in Jetty and Derby.

Thank you for any assistance.

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